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Sophie Lowe is the Australian actress who portrays Alice on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.


Sophie Lowe was born on June 5, 1990 in Sheffield, Yorkshire[2] to Anne[1] and Ian Lowe.[1] She has one older brother, Sam.[2] She moved with her family to Australia at age ten and first developed an interest in acting after appearing in a grade school musical production at age sixteen. Moreover, Sophie did some modeling in her early teens under Chadwick Models, but eventually stopped to concentrate on dancing instead. From there, she entered the McDonald School of Performing Arts in Sydney and decided to seriously pursue an acting career. She appeared in several short films and television advertisements prior to graduating from college in 2008.[3]

At seventeen,[2] she made her feature-length film debut as the titular main character in Beautiful Kate; her performance was praised by critics and subsequently nominated for an AFI Award for Best Lead Actress.[3] She went on to take film roles in Ana Kokkinos' movie adaptation of the play Who's Afraid of the Working Class? in Blessed and the 2011 thriller flick Blame as Natalie, a vigilante who seeks vengeance for a friend's death by killing a music teacher. In 2011, Sophie starred in ABC television series The Slap, based on Christos Tsiolkas's novel of the same name, portraying seventeen-year-old orphan Connie, who has an affair with a forty-year-old man. Of the controversial nature behind some of the characters she plays, Sophie has stated more unconventional roles are attractive in challenging herself to embody what real people can relate to.[4]

Besides acting, Sophie also writes songs and poetry, and enjoys directing video clips.[2] She has recorded some music under the name Solo.[5]


  • "Alice in Wonderland" was the only book Sophie's mother owned as a child and was allowed to read. Sophie finds it "strange" how now she is playing a character who is a vital part of her own mother's childhood.[6]
  • Has a tattoo in tiny size with the letters "M & D", which stand for "Mom & Dad".[2]



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