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This article focuses on Snow Globes.
For similar items, see Crystal Balls.
And this... An entire village is frozen in there. It hurt so many people.
Henry Mills to Violet Morgan src

Snow Globes are magical and non-magical items featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They first appear in the seventh episode of the fourth season.


After Second Curse

In the pawnshop, Mr. Gold is holding and looking at a snow globe when he hears the chime of the doorbell, signaling someone has entered. He keeps his gaze on the snow globe as he remarks that while he has created many monsters in this town, he is impressed by how she has changed Emma. The person at the door is then revealed to be the Snow Queen, Ingrid, who tells him she is ready to make that deal he suggested. Mr. Gold sets down the globe on top of the glass display table before he turns around to face Ingrid, noting to her that she finally understands what she didn't years ago. The globe remains on the table as Ingrid tries to bargain with Mr. Gold for her ribbons, though Mr. Gold says she has nothing he wants. Ingrid then tells him she knows what he needs for the Sorcerer's Hat to work so he can cleave himself from the dagger and be able to leave Storybrooke without losing his powers or Belle. As Ingrid talks, Mr. Gold walks to behind the display and pulls out a box, opening it to show her the ribbons are inside. The Snow Queen suggests she can give him what he wants, and when Mr. Gold asks why, she touches the globe with her right hand, freezing the orb with her ice magic as she explains he can do what he likes with the outside world but Storybrooke is hers. ("The Snow Queen")

After Third Curse

As a serious-faced Mr. Gold intently watches snowflakes fall to the bottom of a snow globe, Hook enters the pawnshop requesting to speak with him. Mr. Gold sets down the globe and implies he is no longer that man anymore, in reference to how the new Dark One Emma made him into a hero. ("Birth")

Believing magic is a problem that needs to be extinguished before any more people get hurt, Henry is at the pawnshop collecting money from a safe when Violet shows up, having received his earlier text message. He explains to her how problematic magic has been and shows her various items in the shop as proof of the pain it has caused people, with one of the items being a small snow globe that contains a whole frozen village. Violet agrees with his assertion that magic is bad, recalling her own mother died because of it. ("Only You")

After Fifth Curse

Celebrating their reunion as a family now that the Dark Curse has been lifted, Henry blows out cupcakes that his daughter Lucy made for him and his wife Jacinda, but when he opens his eyes after blowing out the candles, he finds them gone. A Wish Realm version of Rumplestiltskin then appears and reveals himself as the culprit for their disappearance and he'll only release them if Henry forfeits Weaver's dagger to him. Instead, Henry journeys through a looking glass with Roni, Weaver, and Rogers to rescue Jacinda and Lucy, who they find entrapped in a snow globe. When Henry refuses Rumplestiltskin's deal, the Dark One gives them limited time by creating a snowstorm inside the globe, telling them they have until midnight before Henry's family dies. Henry retrieves the Author's pen hoping to free them from the globe, but Rumplestiltskin steals it and is aided by the Wish Realm's Sir Henry into eliminating the Guardian's powers in order to ensure the perpetuity of Rumplestiltskin's powers. Then, Rumplestiltskin sends Rogers, Henry, and Weaver into the same globe world that Jacinda and Lucy are trapped in. ("Homecoming")

After being trapped in the snowglobe world, Rogers, Weaver, and Henry seek shelter in a cabin, where they reunite with Jacinda and Lucy. Rogers notices Weaver is feeling the brute of the cold just like he is, which doesn't make sense since he's supposed to be immune. This leads Weaver to realize Rumplestiltskin not only removed the Guardian's magic but made him susceptible to death by stripping him of his immortality and powers. The two men brace the icy weather outside to try to break the glass around the globe but nothing works until they see Maui's Fish Hook fall onto the snow, with the item having been sent to them from the outside world by Tilly, Margot, and Zelena. Using the hook, they smash out of the globe and are transported back into Rumplestiltskin's castle along with Henry and his family. ("Leaving Storybrooke")


On-screen Notes

Production Notes

  • In the episode "Birth", when Hook leaves the pawnshop, he is carrying the snow globe that Mr. Gold was inspecting in the previous scene.[4] A section explaining its meaning was cut from the episode.[5] The snow globe was supposed to be a Dark One detector created by Mr. Gold to try to know when Emma was coming. However, this idea was dropped when the episode was shot.[6]
  • The part with Jacinda and Lucy in the snow globe in "Homecoming" was filmed by having the actors on a green-screen stage and miming that they were inside a glass dome that was much bigger than them. It was shot before the scene with Henry and Roni finding the globe, so they had to make sure the eye lines matched. They shot it in two different ways, with the actors looking both to the right and the left, so that they had options in editing.[7]



  • A snow globe is sitting on Henry's shelf in "Knightfall".[1]


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