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This article focuses on Snow Globes.
For similar items, see Crystal Balls.

And this... An entire village is frozen in there. It hurt so many people.
Henry Mills to Violet Morgan src

Snow Globes are magical and non-magical items featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They first appear in the seventh episode of the fourth season.


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After Second Curse
After Third Curse
After Fifth Curse


On-screen Notes

Production Notes

  • In the episode "Birth", when Hook leaves the pawnshop, he is carrying the snow globe that Mr. Gold was inspecting in the previous scene.[2] A section explaining its meaning was cut from the episode.[3] The snow globe was supposed to be a Dark One detector created by Mr. Gold to try to know when Emma was coming. However, this idea was dropped when the episode was shot.[4]
  • The part with Jacinda and Lucy in the snow globe in "Homecoming" was filmed by having the actors on a green-screen stage and miming that they were inside a glass dome that was much bigger than them. It was shot before the scene with Henry and Roni finding the globe, so they had to make sure the eyelines matched. They shot it in two different ways, with the actors looking both to the right and the left, so that they had options in editing.[5]



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