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This article focuses on the Wish Realm version of William Smee.

Hook: The Jolly Roger is yours, Captain Smee.
Smee: No. W-What? I... I-I'll take good care of her, but she'll always be yours, Captain.

Hook (Wish Realm) and Smee (Wish Realm) src

Captain Smee is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts in the seventh episode of the seventh season. He is portrayed by guest star Christopher Gauthier, and is the Wish Realm version of William Smee.


After Third Curse

In the Wish Realm, Smee lives a similar life to his counterpart up until the point that the Evil Queen fails to cast the Dark Curse, serving as Captain Hook's first mate. As Hook tells Smee and the rest of his crew to prepare the Jolly Roger for the curse, the Evil Queen appears and reveals that her magic was taken by Prince Charming and Snow White so she cannot cast the curse and requests passage on their ship before Snow and Charming come after her. Hook complies, particularly upon learning that the Evil Queen knows of magic in another realm that could help him defeat Rumplestiltskin. Smee accompanies Hook through this realm as they search for a tower and attempt to navigate the area with a map that the Queen provided. When they find the tower, Hook climbs it while Smee waits outside. Hook emerges later and leads Smee to a secret garden to find the flower which can defeat Rumplestiltskin. The captain attempts to use the power of music to find the flower but only succeeds in awakening a monstrous garden gnome, which chases Hook and Smee, attempting to kill them. As Smee is cornered, he begs Hook to try a different song. Hook's second song reveals the flower's location and the gnome crumbles when Hook grabs it, sparing Smee. Smee questions Hook on the song he used and discovers that it was a lullaby sung to him by his mother. They prepare to return to the Jolly Roger but Hook tells Smee to go ahead as he wishes to return to the tower and save its captive first. However, Hook is delayed, so Smee and the rest of his crew are left to entertain an impatient Evil Queen. The next morning, when Hook does finally arrive, he gives command of the ship to Smee and reveals that he will be staying in the realm without pursuing his revenge on Rumplestiltskin. ("Eloise Gardener")

Some years later, Hook returns to the Wish Realm to ask for Rumplestiltskin's help in freeing his daughter, Alice, from the tower she's been locked in. He meets up with Smee at a tavern while searching for Captain Ahab, who is in possession of Maui's fish hook, an item he needs for freeing Alice, and Smee watches as the two pirates place a bet on dice rolls: if Hook wins, he gets the fish hook and if Ahab wins, he gets the Jolly Roger. Fortunately, Hook wins, but Ahab taunts him as he leaves. Later, when Hook challenges Ahab to a duel, Smee attends. Both men are injured, but while Ahab takes the bullet to the chest, Hook is merely scraped along the arm, so Smee congratulates him on his victory, however, Hook realizes he has let his daughter down by caring too much about proving his honor and immediately leaves to return to her. ("Knightfall")

After Fourth Curse
Years later in the Wish Realm, Smee agrees to be part of a ruse set up by Hook, who wishes to give Henry a grand adventure in order to gain the spoils of a rare ring buried at Davy Jones' Locker. Along with Smee, Black Beard and the rest of the crew on the Jolly Roger are also in on the deal, as Hook promises to split the remaining treasure with them three ways. Hook tells Henry that he gave the Jolly Roger to Smee some time ago, but Black Beard has since seized the vessel for himself as its captain. Once the pair has snuck aboard the ship, they confront a nearby deckhand and find he is actually Smee. The man, startled to see them, puts on his red hat as he greets Hook, who shushes him for speaking too loudly before asking how many of the crew are still loyal to him. Smee counts himself, Hudson the Cook, and perhaps One-Eye Jack, which is not very promising since Hook and Henry intend to have a coup to reclaim the ship. They are unable to fulfill this plan as Black Beard and his crew surrounds the three men, restraining them as hostages while the ship sails for Davy Jones' Locker, where a chest found underwater is hauled onto the deck. After Black Beard finds the Star Sapphire of Davy Jones in the chest, Hook frees Henry from his restraints and encourages him to get the ring. Smee joins in on the assault against Black Beard's crew until Henry realizes the whole situation is fake. Later when a fierce storm arises, along with a whirlpool that keeps following the Jolly Roger, Smee is nearby as Henry convinces Hook to steer the ship close to the watery vortex so he can return in the Star Sapphire as he believes Davy Jones wants his ring back. After the mission succeeds, with the storm and whirlpool disappearing afterward, Smee and the crew celebrate having escaped death, thanks to Henry. ("Breadcrumbs")

After Sixth Curse
After the realms become united, Smee attends a coronation at the royal castle, where Regina, having been elected as Queen by the citizens of the United Realms, is crowned "the Good Queen" by Snow White. However, it is unknown if he is Smee from the Wish Realm, or if he is Smee from the main reality. ("Leaving Storybrooke")