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I just need to take what I want... and then I shall be the greatest king in all the realms.
—Sir Kay to King Arthur src

Sir Kay is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts in the first episode of the fifth season and is portrayed by co-star Lee Majdoub and guest star Ehren Kassam.

Sir Kay is based on the character of the same name from the Arthurian Legend and the Disney film, "The Sword in the Stone".


Before First Curse

As a young child, Kay lives in the village of Camelot. One day, he leaves his sword stuck in a pile of stones, and when he sees Arthur near it, he shoves the boy to the ground. Knowing that Arthur believes he has some destiny to fulfill as king one day, Kay sneers at his delusions, stating that no one will respect an orphaned stable boy as their ruler. After retrieving his sword, Kay walks off with his friends, while Guinevere encourages a downtrodden Arthur to not give up hope of finding the sword. ("The Broken Kingdom")

Years later, Kay becomes a knight and sets out to free the legendary Excalibur from its stone in order to become king. As Merlin's prophecy goes, Arthur will be the one to pull out the sword and be king, but Kay refuses to accept this. Arriving to Excalibur's location first, Kay is soon met by Arthur, who cautions him against taking a sword that doesn't belong to him. Kay expresses disapproval about the prophecy's value; refusing to accept Arthur as the future king just because of that. Intending to take the throne for himself, he then uses both hands to grab the sword and attempt to pull it out. Suddenly, the sword's handle gem glows bright, with Kay being pulverized into a pile of ash. ("The Dark Swan")


Costume Notes

  • In Arthurian heraldry, Sir Kay's coat of arms is blue (azure), with two silver (argent) keys placed back to back. On Once Upon a Time, his coat of arms is similar to that of Sir Safir, another Knight of the Round Table. Safir's crest is vair (a set of patterns which represents a kind of fur common in the Middle Ages) blue and silver, and checky (divided into several rows of squares of two alternating tinctures)[1] green and yellow (vert and or).[2] However, the show's version is all vair, and the colors are green and silver.[3] ("The Dark Swan")
  • Interestingly, a black and white version of Kay's actual coat of arms from the legend, is hanging on one of the seats around the Round Table; however, the two keys are upside-down.[4] ("The Price")



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