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He never felt at home in Camelot, you know? He... he always said he was glad that I was born there because being a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court is no great shakes.
Violet to Henry about her father src

Sir Hank Morgan[1] is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the fifth episode of the fifth season and is portrayed by guest star Ryan Robbins.

Sir Hank Morgan is based on the character of the same name from Mark Twain's novel A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.


Before First Curse

Hank Morgan originates from Connecticut in the Land Without Magic, where he was an engineer who kept a notebook of his own inventions. He had the book up to 1887, but two years later,[4] he is suddenly and mysteriously transported across realms to Camelot, while the book is left behind.[1] During his time in Camelot, he earns the title of Sir by becoming one of King Arthur's knights and and marries a woman who later gives birth to their daughter, Violet. When Violet is still a young child, Morgan's wife passes away because of magic. ("Only You", "An Untold Story")

Before Third Curse

After Violet befriends a newcomer in Camelot named Henry, Sir Morgan ends up walking into the stables to see the boy, who has just fallen from a clumsy attempt at wielding a sword. Morgan is unimpressed by Henry's skills and scoffs upon learning he is not a squire but a simple writer. He declares the boy incapable of protecting Violet from ogres with a pen and he then proclaims that his daughter deserves to be with someone who will be both a knight and hero. Not believing Henry possesses these attributes, Morgan tells him to leave before he causes too much damage. ("Dreamcatcher")

After Third Curse

Some days after Sir Morgan and some of the Camelot natives are transported to Storybrooke by Emma's curse, with their memories of the last six weeks erased, Violet's horse Nicodemus goes missing. Morgan attempts to bait Nicodemus with pumpkin, his favorite treat, to no avail. That night, he takes Violet to a party in town, and though she is still upset about her horse's disappearance, he encourages her to have fun. Suddenly, Henry arrives with Nicodemus, causing Violet's mood to brighten up immediately. Morgan praises him for helping, stating that Henry will surely make a good knight one day, before he leaves to take Nicodemus to the stables, leaving the two youngsters alone. ("Dreamcatcher")

Sir Morgan remains in Storybrooke with the rest of the Camelot natives, including his daughter. However, when Zelena uses the Sorcerer's Wand to open a portal back to the Enchanted Forest, Morgan decides to stay in the Land Without Magic with his daughter, as it was his original home. ("An Untold Story")

After Fourth Curse

At some point, Hank becomes a repairman in Storybrooke and uses the carriage house at the back of his property to earn money by fixing electronics and small machinery. One morning during his daughter Violet's junior year in high school, he makes breakfast for her before she prepares to go to New York City for an overnight school trip with her classmates, including her now steady boyfriend, Henry. Violet senses her father is sad she is leaving, but that his overall sadness in the past three years in Storybrooke is due to no longer fitting in with the modern world and its technological changes, which has evolved in the last hundred years since he left and returned to it. She decides her father's lost notebook, which she intends to buy back from an antiquities shop in New York, is just the thing he needs to regain his inspiration to create new inventions like he used to.[1] Hank drives his daughter to school to drop her off for the trip, telling her to call him when she is on her way home.[5] Violet, with Henry, sneak away during their time in New York to find the book, but unbeknownst to them, Hank already paid an art dealer named Basil Knaggs to get it from the shopkeeper and mail it to him.[6] Henry's mother, Emma, intercepts the teens after they run off, however, she persuades one of the chaperones, Mr. Blankenship, to allow a few hours for the youngsters to continue with their excursion.[7] This requires Emma to call Violet's father to get permission, which Hank consents to, though he has no idea about what his daughter is really up to since Emma makes no mention of it to him. Later on, Hank receives his purchase in the mail on the same day his daughter is still away in New York and later texts her a photo of the notebook. Violet, who was heartbroken to learn from Mr. Knaggs that the book already went to another private buyer, is humored and elated by her father's unexpected news.[8]


Production Notes

  • His casting call name was "Sir Lionel".[9]
  • His casting call describes him as "a distinguished knight who sits at King Arthur's Round Table and is a single father to his 13-year-old daughter, Violet".[9]


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