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Once belonging to the three fates, these shears can sever the ties to your own destiny.

Jafar to Aladdin src

The Shears of Destiny are a magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They first appear in the fifth episode of the sixth season.

The Shears of Destiny are based on the Fates' shears from Greek mythology and the Disney film Hercules.


Before First Curse

The shears are stored in a secret vault used by the Fairies. After one fairy named Fiona discovers that she and her infant son, the Savior, are destined to battle and kill each other, the child's fairy godmother Tiger Lily offers the shears to Fiona, suggesting that she cut her own power away and prevent herself from becoming the great evil her son must defeat. However, Fiona believes her power is necessary to protect her child and instead decides to cut away his Savior powers so that he will not have to die. As punishment, the Blue Fairy banishes her to the Dark Realm. ("The Black Fairy")

Later, the shears somehow end up in the possession of Jafar, who offers them to Aladdin after informing him that, because of his role as the Savior, he is destined to be killed. He explains that using the shears will cut away the fate and power of the Savior, and allow him to live happily. Though Aladdin initially decides against using the shears, Jafar later teleports them to the boy, suggesting that he save them for a rainy day. Eventually, Aladdin becomes afraid and succumbs to the temptation of using the shears before fleeing to the Enchanted Forest. ("Street Rats")

After Third Curse

Because he was in the Enchanted Forest, Aladdin is carried over by one of the curses to Storybrooke, and the shears are brought along with him. He somehow learns that Jasmine, who came from the Land of Untold Stories to Storybrooke, is searching for him with the help of many Storybrooke residents, including fellow Savior Emma Swan. Too ashamed to face Jasmine, he hides inside of a secret crypt and plants the golden scarab that Jasmine gifted him onto a skeleton, as false proof of his own death. When Jasmine and the others track him to the crypt with a locator spell, Jasmine believes the skeleton belongs to Aladdin. Having held hope that Aladdin still being alive could mean she could escape her fate, Emma asks for time alone to process this, though her son, Henry, returns. Henry holds himself responsible for Emma's fate since he forced her to become the Savior, but Emma insists that everything is worth it because she got to be his mother. Overhearing all of this, Aladdin reveals himself and admits that he used the shears, and out of shame of his own decision, he did not intend on revealing himself, but couldn't keep the shears to himself after hearing Emma and Henry's conversation. Emma takes the shears, but decides against using them, as she vows to search for a way to save herself without losing her powers, or if there is no other choice, accept her own death. She trusts Hook to throw the shears into the docks' waters so that there will be no temptation for her, but Hook does not, and instead, hides them in his jacket. ("Street Rats")

After Hook hides the shears in a toolbox in the garage at Emma's house, the Evil Queen reveals this to Henry, as a way to cause a rift between Henry and Hook. Henry takes the shears and heads to the docks to throw them into the water like Emma previously requested. Hook attempts to stop him and explain his actions, but then, they are taken captive by the crew of the Nautilus. Meanwhile, Mr. Gold visits the Queen at Zelena's farmhouse, asking her to give him the shears as he wants to use them on Belle's son once he is born, in order to change the future of his family. However, the Queen explains that the shears are "long gone". Hook and Henry use the shears to find a way to escape the Nautilus, and after Henry rescues Hook from Liam, the pirate agrees to get rid of the shears for good. They put them inside of a treasure chest and drop them out of the submarine's exit. Later, when admitting the whole truth to Emma, Hook admits he was selfish for keeping the shears to save her, even if she hated him for making the decision for her. Fortunately, Emma is not angry, as she would have done the same thing. Unbeknownst to everyone, the Queen sends a sea creature to fetch the shears, and then gives them to Mr. Gold in exchange for his help with getting Snow White's heart. At some point after regaining the shears, the Queen buries them in the graveyard ("Dark Waters", "Heartless", "Page 23")

When Belle learns from Zelena about Mr. Gold's plans for her son once he is born, she vows to her husband that she will never let him use the shears. She accosts him for once again making the wrong decision by attempting to force his son to love him, rather than being worthy enough of his love by earning it. ("Heartless")

With Robin's help, the Queen uncovers the buried shears and later uses them to separate herself and Regina for good so she can finally kill Regina. ("Page 23")


On-Screen Notes

Production Notes

  • A broken set of the shears were made for "Page 23" but were never used on-screen.[2]


  • The shears' name is reminiscent of the Holy Lance's alternative name, the Spear of Destiny. Like the shears, the Spear of Destiny is closely connected to the Savior, as it is said to be the weapon used to pierce Jesus Christ's side as he hung on the cross.