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This article focuses on the species.
For Peter Pan's shadow, see Pan's Shadow.
Do you know what he does to people who lie to him? He rips your shadow right from your body. R-r-r-r-rip.
Felix to Hook src

Shadows are a humanoid species featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They are native to Neverland, and first appear in the twenty-first episode of the second season.

Shadows are based on Peter Pan's Shadow from the Peter Pan novel.


As the name implies, they are living shadows that emulate the human bodies to which they belong. They can be removed by its owner; or by other shadows by ripping from the body, leaving a lifeless body behind. If a person removes their shadow voluntarily, their shadow can travel across realms. They can also transport people and bring objects with them. The original Shadow of Neverland can also do this. Unlike other shadows, it is a separate entity with no host whatsoever and has the ability to speak. This shadow also has the ability to shapeshift into another person. ("The Heart of the Truest Believer", "Lost Girl", "Ariel", "Think Lovely Thoughts", "Going Home", "Awake", et al.)


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Before First Curse
Before Pan's Shadow became tethered to Peter Pan, it was it's own being that was the sole inhabitant of Neverland. He makes a deal with Malcolm in which his son leaves the island in exchange for his youth. Afterward, the Shadow becomes the shadow of Malcolm, who now goes by Peter Pan, in reference to the name of his son's doll. ("Think Lovely Thoughts")

After First Curse

Known Shadows


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