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Had an awesome time working on this! Honoured to have been able to work with director @LanaParrilla - See it this Friday the 13th!
—Seth Isaac Johnson src

Seth Isaac Johnson is the Canadian actor who portrays Young Hansel on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Seth Isaac Johnson (born July 10, 2000) started acting when he followed the footsteps of his older brother in playing Tiny Tim in an adaptation of A Christmas Carol at the Citadel Theatre. He was the youngest child actor ever cast in the part at the Citadel. Johnson's big break came with his first major role in AMC's award-winning The Killing, where he played Denny Larsen, a role for which he received a Young Artist Award nomination and praise from director Patty Jenkins, who directed both The Killing's pilot and season finale episodes. Johnson appeared in 26 episodes in season 1 and 2. He is also notable for his guest star comedic role as Langley in Disney XD's Mech-X4.

In film Johnson has been cast in heavily contrasting dramatic and comedic leads including Danny in Nickelodeon's Splitting Adam, and Arden Lowe in V.C Andrew's My Sweet Audrina. In his later teens he began appearing in lead roles in coming of age teen "dramedy"s such as Young and Reckless as Bryce and a feature role as Drew Kell in the drama Color of Rain. Johnson also played other roles, such as a transgender teen in Dangers of Online Dating, and the traumatized bloodied teen Shawn Raider in the thirteenth season of the fantasy horror television Supernatural.



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