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I'm like you, but you're braver than I could ever be. I hid who I was because I was afraid they would've come for me.

—Seraphina to Gothel src

Seraphina is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts in the tenth episode of the seventh season and is portrayed by guest star Naika Toussaint.


Before First Curse

In the Land Without Magic before it lost its magic, Seraphina somehow comes to possess magic powers. Afraid of what might be done to her if she uses her abilities, she hides them and eventually becomes friends with Isla, a girl who despises magic. One day, while Isla, Seraphina, and their house sisters are trying on dresses, Gothel, a curious tree nymph, sneaks into the home to feel the fabric of the unworn dresses. Seeing a small bud on one of the dresses, she uses her own magic to cause it to bloom, unaware that the girls have entered the room. When Isla makes herself known, Gothel begins to panic and begs her not to tell anyone that she can do magic, but Isla lies that she is fine with her having magic and wants to learn it, declaring Gothel a sister and inviting her to join them at Lord Adriel's ball that night. Secretly, Isla plots to humiliate Gothel, as she considers her a monster. At the ball, Isla asks Gothel to go ahead and start teaching them magic, but Seraphina attempts to protect Gothel by reminding Isla that she can't do it in public. Instead, Isla takes Gothel, Seraphina, and the others to an abandoned building. Despite Seraphina encouraging her not to do it if she doesn't want to, Gothel demonstrates her magic by reviving a flower. Showing her true colors, Isla smashes the flower, then has some of her friends pin Gothel in place as she dumps mud on her head, mocking her for trying to be human although her magic cannot hide what she really is. Seraphina, meanwhile, can only watch with horrified shock as Gothel is tormented. Isla also steals the key Gothel wears around her neck and then leaves with the other girls, except for Seraphina who pauses and stares at Gothel regretfully before Isla prompts her to follow. Unknown to Seraphina, everyone else goes to the tree nymphs' home using Gothel's key, where they kill them all with fire and axes. ("Flower Child")

After seeing the destruction that befell her home, Gothel returns to the ball, seeking vengeance. Isla attempts to have the guards strike her down, but Gothel uses her magic to impale them with tree roots. As the attendees of the ball panic, Seraphina watches as Gothel wraps Isla with another tree root and snaps her neck. When Isla hits the ground, Seraphina runs to her friend's still body. Believing she took part in betraying her alongside Isla, Gothel attacks Seraphina, forcing her to use magic to defend herself. Gothel, surprised to see she has magic, ceases her attack when Seraphina reveals that she had been keeping it a secret to protect herself as she feared being targeted too. Gothel encourages her to join her so that she can finally be herself without fear of repercussions and Seraphina agrees. Realizing more guards are arriving, Seraphina suggests that they flee, but Gothel's rage has not yet died down and she brings plants through the fireplace to expel poisonous spores into the building, killing all the remaining humans in the room. ("Flower Child")

Later, seeing the remnants of Gothel's destroyed home, Seraphina regretfully apologizes for what happened and Gothel states that as the tree nymphs are now dead, the humans have created the first land without magic in existence. However, Gothel knows that humanity will find a way to bounce back eventually, and when that happens, she swears to exact revenge upon them. Gothel then finds a magic bean among the rubble and uses it to open a portal to a new land, where she and Seraphina can cultivate magic. Seraphina follows her into this other world and the two eventually reach the New Enchanted Forest. ("Flower Child")

After Fourth Curse
After arriving in the New Enchanted Forest, Gothel forms the Coven of the Eight, making Seraphina her first recruit. As a member of the coven, Seraphina is considered to be one of "the worst of the worst" witches of her time. Under the leadership of Gothel, Seraphina and the other members of the coven appear at Tiana's palace during Lucy's birthday party. Then, they combine their magic to free Drizella, who had been turned into a statue via blood magic eight years before, before disappearing with her. Later, after Henry has been captured by the coven, Seraphina and the rest of the group appear at their lair, where they wait for Regina and her allies to come to her son's rescue. When Drizella reveals that the witches poisoned Henry's heart, Regina is forced to help the coven to cast the curse, by adding her blood as the final ingredient, with Seraphina and the other coven witches' already using their blood as the other seven ingredients. Then, everyone present at the coven's lair is taken to Hyperion Heights, where they start assuming new cursed identities. ("The Eighth Witch")

During Fifth Curse

Gothel, now known as Eloise Gardener, uses magic to persuade the desk sergeant Samuel into assisting her in waking up the rest of the Coven of the Eight, including Seraphina. Once awakened, Seraphina joins Gothel at the movie theater, which is located over the old entrance of the grove where Gothel once lived thousands of years ago. They are pursued by Detective Rogers and Tilly, the latter being the daughter of Eloise and Rogers, but Gothel knew they were coming and has the coven members take both of them to lower level of the theater. She explains to Tilly that, as the daughter of a human and a tree nymph, she is a bridge between worlds and must choose who to side with, however, should she refuse to assist in casting Gothel's spell, the coven members will kill Rogers. Seraphina steps forward to encourage Tilly, insisting that Gothel will give her the freedom to be herself. Refusing to have Rogers' blood on her hands, Tilly agrees to help Gothel. Using the blood of Rogers, Tilly's father and "old love"; the blood of Margot, Tilly's "new love" whom she wishes to spend the rest of her life with; and the key to the grove as "love betrayed", Gothel starts the spell as the eight witches stand around the coven's symbol. A pillar of fire emerges from the center as the spell begins. ("Flower Child")

The spell causes an apocalyptic lightning storm to appear over the Land Without Magic, which will eventually wipe out humans in a way that they will be unable to evolve from, unlike Gothel's previous attack. While Eloise leaves to wander the streets of Seattle, Seraphina and the other Coven members remain underground, apparently in a trance, while Rogers and Samuel watch. To cast the spell, all seven of the witches must give Gothel their full power, before being "rewarded" by turning into trees, allowing them to live in Gothel's new world. When this happens to one of the witches, Samuel explains this to Rogers. Rogers soon escapes and brings Weaver and Margot back to help Tilly snap out of her trance, but Tilly uses her magic to shrink them. As they try to get to her anyway, Seraphina also turns into a tree, followed shortly by five of the other witches. ("Is This Henry Mills?")

After Fifth Curse

When Henry gives Roni true love's kiss and breaks the Dark Curse, Tilly is snapped out of her trance and the spell is stopped. Despite Gothel's failure to eradicate humanity, Seraphina and the other witches still remain as trees. ("Is This Henry Mills?")

Magical Abilities

  • Protection Spells - Ability to magically protect a location, an item or a person through various ways.
  • Telekinesis - Ability to control the movement of the environment.
  • Teleportation - Ability to magically teleport oneself and/or others from one location to another.


Character Notes

  • Seraphina can actually be one of the oldest people who have ever lived. ("Flower Child")
  • Seraphina is the earliest known human who wielded magic in the show. ("Flower Child")



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