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This article focuses on the second Once Upon a Time Book.
For the first book, see Henry's Once Upon a Time Book.

Henry: It may be the realm's only hope of defeating the darkness.
Lucy: I will guard it with my life.
Henry and Lucy src

The Second Storybook,[1][2] also known as Book Two,[2] is a book featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the twenty-first episode of the sixth season.


After Fourth Curse
In order to protect her from Gothel's coven, Lucy is taken to Tiger Lily's hideout, where she falls asleep, but by nightfall, Henry arrives to frantically wake her up because Gothel's minions have found them. Lucy is frightened by his urgency, but Henry tells her to take the storybook and keep it safe. She swears to protect it with her life but is assured that it will not come to that. Later, Lucy, still protecting the book, returns to the ruins of the shack and searches for her father but cannot find him. Tiger Lily comes to console her, telling her that Lucy did the right thing as the book is very important and she must share the stories inside of it. Lucy doesn't think anyone will believe her, but Tiger Lily promises someone will. She then tells Lucy to go bring the book to her mother. With Tiger Lily by her side, Lucy runs back to Tiana's Palace to alert her mother that Henry was taken by the witches. ("The Final Battle Part 1", "The Final Battle Part 2", "The Eighth Witch")

During Fifth Curse

After ballet lessons, Lucy finds her step-grandmother Victoria waiting for her in the hallway. She tries to brush the woman off but becomes enticed when Victoria shows her the storybook and allows her to look through it. From reading the book, Lucy learns Victoria is Rapunzel and that she poisoned Cinderella's mother. Victoria brings Lucy to the Hyperion Heights Hospital to see a comatose Anastasia. She attempts to open Lucy's eyes to the reality of this fairytale, as she once sacrificed everything for her family and did not get a happy ending, but Lucy insists people can if they work for it and stubbornly believes she and her parents will get that in the end. Victoria shatters these hopes by playing a video of Lucy's mother Jacinda and Nick kissing to prove Henry means nothing to her mother, especially since Henry has already left town and that no matter how hard Lucy believes, her dream of a reunited family won't happen. As Lucy sheds tears of grief and lets go of her belief, one of her tears fall onto the storybook, which Victoria collects and drips onto Anastasia's body, resurrecting her, while elsewhere in Hyperion Heights, Lucy collapses in Jacinda's arms. ("One Little Tear")

While Lucy is reading in bed, her closet door mysteriously creaks open, causing her to investigate but she finds nothing inside. However, when she hops back onto her bed, a folded up storybook page slips out from the book. She learns from reading it that if true love's kiss ever breaks the dark curse, Henry will die. Shocked, she hurries into the living room, stopping Jacinda and Henry as they were just about to kiss, insisting she can't sleep after having a nightmare and now wants to finish another game with them. ("A Taste of the Heights")

In her room, Lucy is lost in thought as she thinks about Henry's fate if the curse breaks. She scrambles to hide the storybook page and starts pretending to do her homework when her mother comes in. That night, Lucy stops by the bar to inform Roni about the storybook page that explains Henry will die if the curse is broken. Roni reveals to Lucy that, unlike last time they spoke about the curse, she is now awake and remembers her time as the Evil Queen, whose story in the book she lived through. ("Knightfall")

After Henry's heart is cured and he shares a kiss with Jacinda that does not cause the curse to break, Roni realizes it is because her son's belief is waning. As Emma gained belief and remembered her lost memories from touching the storybook, she hopes to replicate the effect with Henry so his belief will be restored. Lucy doesn't know where the book went after Victoria showed it to her in the past, but Roni has a strong suspicion that the woman had it interred with herself in death. Roni digs up Victoria's grave to unearth the book, which she and Lucy persuade Henry to touch to see if he can remember anything from his old life. Henry gives it a try, and as he suspected, nothing happens, leading him to conclude that they have gone too far with their fairytale nonsense. ("Is This Henry Mills?")


On-Screen Notes

Unseen Stories

  • Prop photographs from an online auction offer glimpses of additional, unseen stories from the scene where Victoria Belfrey shows Lucy the storybook in "One Little Tear" (in the actual episode, several illustrations are seen, but not the stories):[4]

Rapunzel exited the Woodcutter's Cottage. She carried
with her a tray of glasses, each filled with lavender
lemonade – her special poisoned one marked with by an extra
long lavender stem. Crossing the winding path that lead
to the distant manor, she wondered still if she could really
do this. Could she poison Cecilia [sic]? Rapunzel knew it
wouldn't hurt her, it would just make her go away… at
least that's what The Witch had promised.
Entering the party, everyone seemed so happy.
There were violinists and cellists. They played an upbeat
joyous ditty. Rapunzel's eyes couldn't find Cecilia [sic] among
the crowd, but…
"There you are," Cecilia [sic] said. As she grabbed a
lemonade from the tray. Oh no! It wasn't the one Ra[obscured]
zel intended for her. "I'm so glad you ca[obscured]
Cecilia [sic] continued. "I don't want [obscured]
anything to hurt you. I'[obscured]
get along… for[obscured]
And without even a second thought, Cecilia [sic] swal-
lowed back her favorite drink. "Wow. This one's even
tastier than the last," she exclaimed!
Rapunzel looked away, shaking her head at how
trusting this dumb woman was. She thought to herself,
reassuring: Yes, it'll all be great again, just as The
Witch promised… Step-mother entered her life [obscured]
is a story for another chapter…

For a time, young Ell[obscured]
[image begins]
man that made her feel safe and filled her with laughter.
Although Ella was skeptical of Marcus at first, she came
to see what a warm heart he had – and grew to learn
that his heart was big enough, to not just love her
mother, but herself as well. Since her own father had long
been out of the picture, she [obscured]

Marcus stared at the locket, longing for Cecilia [sic]. He
hoped it would have lit up by now. But the locket [obscured]
lit, and never would.
He turned hi[obscured]
  • In addition, an unseen illustration shows the infinite maze and what appears to be Marcus' arm.

Ella thanked him, went to her
mother's grave, and planted
the branch
neither clothes nor shoes [obscured]



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