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|season = 7
|theme=A New Book Opens.
|name = Season Seven
|airdates = October 6, 2017 - May 18, 2018<ref name="futon"/>
|premiere = [[Hyperion Heights]]
|finale = [[Leaving Storybrooke]]<ref name="title22"/>
|episodes = 22<ref></ref>
|previous = [[Season Six]]
'''Season Seven''' is the seventh and final<ref name="cancel"/> season of [[ABC]]'s ''[[Once Upon a Time]]''. It was announced on May 11, 2017.<ref></ref> Filming began on July 6, 2017 and is scheduled to end on April 4, 2018.<ref><br></ref>
Season Seven premiered on October 6, 2017 with "[[Hyperion Heights]]", and will end with "[[Leaving Storybrooke]]" on May 18, 2018.<ref name="futon"/><ref name="title22"/>
On February 6, 2018, it was announced that Season Seven would be the final season of the series.<ref name="cancel"></ref>
==Storyline Information==
The following '''will''' be addressed/featured:
*More references to literature, including ''[[One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest]]''.<ref name="Dead1"></ref>
*Why [[Mary Margaret Blanchard|Snow]] and [[David Nolan|David]] are absent.<ref><br></ref>
*More information about [[Emma Swan|Emma]]'s absence.<ref><br></ref>
*Different [[Authors]] and different [[Authors' Books|books]] with their own mythologies.<ref></ref>
*If [[Mr. Gold]]/[[Weaver]] will be reunited with [[Belle French|Belle]] after death, and the identity of his Guardian.<ref name="rumbelle"></ref>
*More about the "other places" [[Alice (Hyperion Heights)|Alice]] visited.<ref name="hotseat"/>
*More about the [[Coven of the Eight]]:
**The identities of its members.<ref name="coven"></ref><ref></ref>
**Their motives and the identity of its main target.<ref name="coven"/>
*If [[Drizella]]/[[Ivy Belfrey]] can be redeemed and her quest for revenge.<ref name="coven"/>
*Another threat complicating the situation for the heroes and the Coven in [[Seattle|Hyperion Heights]].<ref name="tvguide"></ref>
**The threat is "an awake fairy tale character that is out for revenge and starts to exact it in [[Seattle]] against people who have no idea what they're up against".<ref></ref>
**The introduction of a character who hunts witches.<ref name="variety"></ref>
*What is [[Zelena]]'s happy ending and what she will do about her wedding and her [[Chad|fiancé]].<ref name="tvguide"/>
*If [[Anastasia (The Garden of Forking Paths)|Anastasia]] is really the Guardian or not.<ref name="tvguide"/>
*The return of "familiar faces" in the second half of the season.<ref name="variety"/><ref></ref>
*The death of a "familiar face",<ref name="hotseat"></ref> as well as other characters meeting their demise.<ref name="variety"/>
==New Characters==
*[[Alice (Hyperion Heights)|Alice]]/[[Tilly]] {{Ep|Hyperion Heights}}
*[[Cinderella (Hyperion Heights)|Cinderella]]/[[Jacinda Vidrio]] {{Ep3|Hyperion Heights}}
*[[Desk Sergeant]] {{Ep3|Hyperion Heights}}
*[[Drizella]]/[[Ivy Belfrey]] {{Ep3|Hyperion Heights}}
*[[Rapunzel Tremaine]]/[[Victoria Belfrey]] {{Ep3|Hyperion Heights}}
*[[Louie]] {{Ep3|Hyperion Heights}}
*[[Prince (Hyperion Heights)|Prince]] {{Ep3|Hyperion Heights}}
*[[Roni]] {{Ep3|Hyperion Heights}}
*[[Rogers]] {{Ep3|Hyperion Heights}}
*[[Tiana]]/[[Sabine]] {{Ep3|Hyperion Heights}}
*[[Troll (Hyperion Heights)|Troll]] {{Ep3|Hyperion Heights}}
*[[Weaver]] {{Ep3|Hyperion Heights}}
*[[Remy]] {{Ep|A Pirate's Life}}
*[[Anastasia (The Garden of Forking Paths)|Anastasia]] {{Ep|The Garden of Forking Paths}}
*[[Michael Griffiths]] {{Ep3|The Garden of Forking Paths}}
*[[Eloise Gardener (Character)|Eloise Gardener]] {{Ep3|The Garden of Forking Paths}}
*[[Dr. Facilier]] {{Ep|Greenbacks}}
*[[Eudora]] {{Ep3|Greenbacks}}
*[[Perp]] {{Ep3|Greenbacks}}
*[[Robert (Greenbacks)|Robert]] {{Ep3|Greenbacks}}
*[[Evil Queen (Wish Realm)]] {{Ep2|Eloise Gardener (Episode)|Eloise Gardener}}
*[[Smee (Wish Realm)]] {{Ep3|Eloise Gardener}}
*[[Gothel]] {{Ep3|Eloise Gardener}}
*[[Jack (Pretty in Blue)|Jack]]/[[Nick Branson]] {{Ep|Pretty in Blue}}
*[[Cecelia]] {{Ep|One Little Tear}}
*[[Marcus Tremaine]] {{Ep3|One Little Tear}}
*[[Hilda Braeburn|Blind Witch/Hilda Braeburn]] {{Ep|The Eighth Witch}}
*[[Doctor Sage]] {{Ep3|The Eighth Witch}}
*[[Kelly]] {{Ep3|The Eighth Witch}}
*[[Madame Leota]] {{Ep3|The Eighth Witch}}
*[[Mr. Samdi]] {{Ep|A Taste of the Heights}}
*[[Naveen]]/[[Drew]] {{Ep3|A Taste of the Heights}}
*[[Captain Ahab]] {{Ep|Knightfall}}
*[[Margot]] {{Ep|The Girl in the Tower}}
*[[Chad]]<ref name="fiancé"></ref> {{Ep|Chosen}}
{{S|(Bold characters have been further confirmed by news articles/photos)}}
===Returning Cast Members===
*[[Lana Parrilla]] as [[Regina Mills]]/[[Roni]]/[[Evil Queen (Wish Realm)]]
*[[Colin O'Donoghue]] as [[Hook]]/[[Hook (Wish Realm)]]/[[Rogers]]
*[[Andrew J. West]] as [[Henry Mills]]
*[[Alison Fernandez]] as [[Lucy]]
*[[Robert Carlyle]] as [[Rumplestiltskin]]/[[Mr. Gold]]/[[Weaver]]/[[Rumplestiltskin (Wish Realm)]]
====Special Guest Starring====
*[[Jennifer Morrison]] as [[Emma Swan]]
====Guest Starring====
*[[Jared S. Gilmore]] as Young [[Henry Mills|Henry]]
*[[Emilie de Ravin]] as [[Belle French]]
*[[Giles Matthey]] as [[Gideon]]
*[[Anton Starkman]] as Young Gideon
*[[Christopher Gauthier]] as [[Smee (Wish Realm)]]
*[[Rebecca Mader]] as [[Zelena]]/[[Kelly]]
*[[Sara Tomko]] as [[Tiger Lily]]
*[[Charles Mesure]] as '''[[Black Beard]]'''<ref> (the shirt under his jacket has never been used for a Black Beard's outfit so far, confirming it is new)</ref>
*[[Beverley Elliott]] as [[Granny (Enchanted Forest)|Granny]]/[[Granny (Storybrooke)|Granny]]<ref name="returning"></ref>
*[[Victoria Smurfit]] as '''[[Cruella De Vil]]'''<ref name="returning" />
*[[JoAnna Garcia Swisher]] as '''[[Ariel (Character)|Ariel]]'''<ref name="returning"/>
*[[Tony Amendola]] as [[Geppetto]]/[[Marco]]<ref name="returning"/>
*[[Keegan Connor Tracy]] as [[Blue Fairy]]/[[Mother Superior]]<ref></ref>
*[[Lee Arenberg]] as [[Grumpy]]/[[Leroy]]<ref name="returning"/>
*[[Robbie Kay]] as '''[[Peter Pan]]'''<ref name="returning"/>
*[[Sean Maguire]] as [[Robin Hood (Lacey)|Robin Hood]]/[[Robin of Locksley (Wish Realm)]]<ref name="returning"/>
*[[Ginnifer Goodwin]] as [[Snow White]]/[[Mary Margaret Blanchard]]<ref name="gosh"></ref>
*[[Josh Dallas]] as [[Prince Charming]]/[[David Nolan]]<ref name="gosh"/>
===New Cast Members===
*[[Dania Ramirez]] as [[Cinderella (Hyperion Heights)|Cinderella]]/[[Jacinda Vidrio]] {{Ep|Hyperion Heights}}
*[[Gabrielle Anwar]] as [[Rapunzel Tremaine]]/[[Victoria Belfrey]] {{Ep3|Hyperion Heights}}
*[[Mekia Cox]] as [[Tiana]]/[[Sabine]] {{Ep3|Hyperion Heights}}
====Guest Starring====
*[[Adelaide Kane]] as [[Drizella]]/[[Ivy Belfrey]] {{Ep|Hyperion Heights}}
*[[Rose Reynolds]] as [[Alice (Hyperion Heights)|Alice]]/[[Tilly]] {{Ep3|Hyperion Heights}}
*[[Emma Booth]] as [[Gothel]]/[[Eloise Gardener (Character)|Eloise Gardener]] {{Ep|The Garden of Forking Paths}}
*[[Daniel Francis]] as [[Dr. Facilier]]/[[Mr. Samdi]] {{Ep|Greenbacks}}
*[[Robin Givens]] as [[Eudora]] {{Ep3|Greenbacks}}
*[[Kevin Ryan]] as [[Robert (Greenbacks)|Robert]] {{Ep3|Greenbacks}}
*[[Meegan Warner]] as [[Rapunzel Tremaine|Rapunzel]] {{Ep2|Eloise Gardener (Episode)|Eloise Gardener}}
*[[Nathan Parsons]] as [[Jack (Pretty in Blue)|Jack]]/[[Nick Branson]] {{Ep|Pretty in Blue}}
*[[Matty Finochio]] as [[Marcus Tremaine]] {{Ep|One Little Tear}}
*Cindy Luna as [[Cecelia]] {{Ep3|One Little Tear}}
*Yael Yurman as [[Anastasia (The Garden of Forking Paths)|Anastasia]] {{Ep3|One Little Tear}}
*[[Tiera Skovbye]] as [[Robin Hood (Birth)|Robin Hood]]/[[Margot]] {{Ep|The Eighth Witch}}
*[[Jeff Pierre]] as [[Naveen]]/[[Drew]] {{Ep|A Taste of the Heights}}
*[[Chad Rook]] as [[Captain Ahab]] {{Ep|Knightfall}}
*[[Kip Pardue]] as '''[[Chad]]'''<ref name="fiancé"/> {{Ep|Chosen}}
===Lineup Changes===
*[[Ginnifer Goodwin]] is no longer billed as "starring".
*[[Josh Dallas]] is no longer billed as "starring".
*[[Andrew J. West]] is now billed as "starring".
*[[Alison Fernandez]] is now billed as "starring".
*[[Mekia Cox]] is billed as "starring" starting with "[[Greenbacks]]".
*[[Jennifer Morrison]] is now billed as "special guest starring".
*[[Emilie de Ravin]] is now billed as "guest starring".
*[[Jared S. Gilmore]] is now billed as "guest starring".
*[[Rebecca Mader]] is now billed as "guest starring".
*[[Gabrielle Anwar]] is billed as "starring" until "[[Secret Garden]]".
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ABC "A New Book Opens" Promo
==Air Dates==
*'''United States:''' October 6, 2017 - TBA
*'''Brazil:''' January 16, 2018 - TBA<ref></ref>
*'''Italy:''' October 18, 2017 - TBA
*Unlike the past six seasons, Season Seven airs on Fridays at 8:00 PM, rather than Sundays at 8:00 PM.<ref></ref>
*The writing team considers this season to be a "requel" because it is "part reboot, part sequel".<ref><br></ref>
**According to [[Edward Kitsis]], the "requel" has been planned since [[Season Four]].<ref></ref>
*The song featured on the [[wikipedia:San Diego Comic-Con|San Diego Comic-Con]] trailer is Boy Epic's "Scars". It is also used for promo videos of the season.
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[[Category:Season Seven]]

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