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Scott Michael Foster is the American actor who portrays Kristoff on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Scott Michael Foster was born on March 4, 1985[1] in Winfield, Illinois and was raised in the suburbs of Chicago.[2] Growing up, he was homeschooled and had a growing interest in singing and acting.[3] At age five, Scott and his family moved to Indiana where they lived on a farm.[2] They relocated to Dallas, Texas when Scott was twelve years old[1] where he was enrolled in Highland Village's Briarhill Middle School. After seeing his sisters try out theater, he signed up for an acting elective class.[3] By the time Scott was in Marcus High School, he joined a freshman acting class and was later cast in various musicals such as 42nd Street and Funny Girl.[3] Graduating a year early, Scott moved onto studying in the Quad C Theater program at Collin Community College in Plano, Texas.[1] However, he dropped out, wishing to try out real acting, and moved to southern California. With more acting classes and an agent, he found success in commercial work and independent films, which led to his first television role as Cappie on the ABC Family show Greek.[3]

His other television guest starring roles have been on Chasing Life, Californication and Zero Hour. Scott's film credits include Teenage Dirtbag, Ashley's Ashes and The Horrible Flowers.



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