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Holy cow, did you hear? Sandy Robson is everywhere this fall!!! Keep your eyes open for him on Van Helsing, Once Upon a Time, Travelers, Netflix, and Hallmark....this ginger is killing it....
—Sandy Robson src

Sandy Robson is the Canadian actor who portrays the Perp on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Sandy Wayne Robson grew up in Toronto, Canada.[2] His breakthrough role was in the 2003 Canadian TV film Crazy Canucks,[2] where he played the former former alpine ski racer Jim Hunter.[3]

Robson is best known for playing the role of Dude in the comedy series About a Girl,[2] a Canadian TV series which ran for one season from 2007 to 2008. Other roles of notes includes the demon Redd on the Supernatural episode "The Man Who Would Be King", the prop master Fitz on the iZombie episode "Method Head", and Mike Rainey on the Frequency episodes "Pilot" and "Signal and Noise".[1] He also wrote and directed the feature film Skyquake, which premiered at the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival in February 2016.[4]



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    Note that the source, and a few other websites, claim that Robson hosted a game show called Trash to Treasure and has starred in many theatrical productions, including a one man theatrical production known as Full Committed, in which he played 40 characters. However, further investigation into these matters turns up nothing.

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