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This article focuses on the Enchanted Forest character.
For the Seattle character with the same name, see Desk Sergeant.

[Samuel] was a mercenary. He came here to seize your dagger so he could control you with it. He and his men intended to use you to plunder the Enchanted Forest.
Belle to Rumplestiltskin src

Samuel is a character featured in the extended universe of ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the graphic fiction novel, Out of the Past.


Before First Curse

Growing up, Samuel is friends with Belle. After she voluntarily sacrifices herself to be Rumplestiltskin's maid to keep her family and friends safe from ogres, he gains intel about a dagger that can control the Dark One, and notes the information in his book. In a plan devised with other men, Samuel decides to seize the dagger so he can make Rumplestiltskin do his bidding and plunder the Enchanted Forest. Giving himself a wound from an enchanted weapon, Samuel is paraded on a cart during an excursion to camp, as a means to make Belle believe he has been injured during a battle with the ogres. Taking pity on him, Belle brings him to the Dark One's castle, convincing Rumplestiltskin not to kill her friend, as she tries to heal him. As he is resting, Belle finds out his motives for Rumplestilskin, after reading his book notes, although she pretends otherwise. After he is healed, Samuel states he came to rescue her on her father's request by trapping Rumplestiltskin in Pandora's Box. Instead, she leads Samuel out of the castle, hoping to make him go so he can't carry out his actual plan to take the dagger. While Samuel is outside the door, Rumplestilskin takes the box, and without Belle's knowledge, he imprisons him in a swamp. ("Out of the Past")


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