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Everything I need is in the Sacred Fairy Vault, and you can get me in. Do this with me, so no mother will ever be ripped from her child.
Fiona to Tiger Lily src

The Sacred Fairy Vault is a Fairy Tale Land location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the nineteenth episode of the sixth season.


Before First Curse
After failing to find the child who will become the great evil that her son is prophesied to die fighting against, Fiona persuades her son's fairy godmother, Tiger Lily, to let her into the sacred fairy vault, where she wishes to get ingredients for two spells. Tiger Lily refuses at first because creating a new spell is forbidden, but she agrees after Fiona insists helping her can prevent the great evil from possibly separating other children from their mothers. However, she becomes suspicious when Fiona asks her for wolfsbane, a dangerous ingredient, before realizing she actually intends to cast the Dark Curse, which will banish all children to a Land Without Magic. Tiger Lily tries to stop her, but Fiona rips out her heart, declaring she means to do anything to protect her son. As Fiona begins to crush Tiger Lily's heart, this act of darkness causes her physical transformation into the Black Fairy. A crescent-shaped mark appears on Fiona's wrist, which is the sign of the great evil, as both women realize she is the one her son will kill. The Blue Fairy arrives to return Tiger Lily's heart, and Tiger Lily tries to convince Fiona to use the Shears of Destiny to cut away her own power to alter her own fate. Fiona refuses, insisting she needs her magic to keep her son safe and instead uses the shears to sever her son's Savior ties. As punishment, the Blue Fairy confiscates Fiona's wand before banishing her to the Dark Realm, but as Fiona is forced away into the portal, she vows to do everything in her power to return to her son one day. ("The Black Fairy")

After Third Curse
In an attempt to find out from Gideon about where the Black Fairy hid his heart, Mr. Gold takes his son to the Dream World, in addition to bringing Emma there as well to prevent her from killing the Black Fairy until he can locate Gideon's heart. However, they end up in Mr. Gold's dreamworld instead, and Gideon encourages him to learn the truth about what the Black Fairy fears most: why she abandoned him. Using his baby blanket, Mr. Gold transports himself, Emma, and Gideon into a memory, where they witness a confrontation between the Black Fairy and Tiger Lily in the sacred fairy vault and discover Mr. Gold was destined to be a Savior who would kill his own mother, who became the great evil he was prophesied to fight against. Later, the Black Fairy shows her son the portion of the memory in the fairy vault that he didn't get to see, in which she kept her powers out of the belief she needed them to protect him and used the shears to sever his Savior ties. ("The Black Fairy")


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