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This article focuses on the Wish Realm version of Rumplestiltskin's Farm.

This is my old home. Or at least this realm's version of it. I never wanted to see this place again.
Weaver to Rogers src

Rumplestiltskin's Farm is a Wish Realm location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the twenty-first episode of the seventh season and is the Wish Realm version of Rumplestiltskin's Farm.


After Third Curse

After the Evil Queen wishes for Emma Swan to have never been the savior, a recreation of the Enchanted Forest, known as the Wish Realm, comes into existence. A copy of the Rumplestiltskin's farm resides in the Wish Realm. Wish Rumplestiltskin lived here during the Ogre Wars. ("Wish You Were Here", "Homecoming")

After Fifth Curse

At some point, Wish Rumplestiltskin learns of Weaver's goal to destroy the darkness. In order to control where Henry, Rogers, Roni and Weaver end up in the Wish Realm, Rumplestiltskin cracks Tilly's looking glass, causing Rogers and Weaver to end up at the replica of Rumplestiltskin's farm. After failing to locate Henry and Roni, Weaver is reminded of his cowardice in maiming his leg during the Ogre Wars after seeing a copy of the tool he used. Together, Rogers and Weaver leave the farm to procure squid ink from a mermaid in a bid to stop Rumplestiltskin. After acquiring the squid ink, Weaver returns to the farm and waits for the arrival of his double. He appears and taunts Weaver's decision to relinquish the powers of the Dark One, comparing his choice to an act of cowardice. Unknown to Rumplestiltskin, Weaver coats the Dark One Dagger in squid ink, resulting in his immobilization. As Weaver prepares to stab him, Roni opens the door, causing a distraction. Once the ink's effect wears off, Rumplestiltskin knocks Roni out before overpowering Weaver and teleporting away. ("Homecoming")


Filming Locations



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    Tumblr Tales of the Sea — Here's the details for what I saw filming today (Mon Mar 18) for 7x21 on Tumblr  (March 20, 2018). "They had two locations set up in a park - one was an Enchanted Forest hovel/peasant cottage (pics in my post here) where they filmed in the little yard area. Both were dressed in their normal Rogers and Weaver costumes, not EF gear. I could not hear the dialogue, so I have no idea what they said. Now, on the set tour on Saturday, we saw the inside of an EF peasant hovel that was all set up and one thing I noticed specifically was that it had a cradle in it, which I thought might be important." (screenshot)
    Tumblr Tales of the Sea — This is the set Colin and Bobby were filming on in the park earlier this morning, Mon Mar 19 - but they were in Weaver and Rogers costumes. Too far away to hear any dialogue. on Tumblr  (March 19, 2018) (screenshot)

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