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Snow White: Where do I meet you?
Evil Queen: Where it all began.
Snow White and the Evil Queen src

Henry's Estate, also known as the Royal Manor,[6] is an Enchanted Forest location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the eighteenth episode of the first season.


Before First Curse

As a young child, Regina is raised in this manor by her parents, Cora and Henry. She seeks attention, as her mother is always busy, and one day, when Cora is unable to play with her, she opens the usually locked drawer where Cora keeps a wand and attempts to use the wand to bring her doll to life as a sister. This backfires, knocking Regina unconscious. Cora realizes the only way she can be healed is by the magic of a relative, but she herself cannot do it since it was her magic that harmed her. She goes to find Regina's half-sister Zelena, who lives in Oz, and brings her back to the manor to awaken Regina. However, Regina and Zelena are unaware of their true relationship until Zelena accidentally opens the now-empty box that used to contain the wand, which was sealed with blood magic. Although they desire to stay together, as they both have sought companionship throughout their lives, Cora drags Zelena back to Oz and uses water from the River of Forgetfulness to make them forget they ever met. ("Sisters")

Years later, when Regina has grown into a young woman, she develops a love for horseback riding and often spends her time at the stables. Without her parents' knowledge, she and the stableboy, Daniel, fall in love. However, her mother, Cora, has bigger plans for Regina. Wishing for King Leopold to marry her daughter, she decides to set up a situation in which Regina will rescue his daughter, Snow White, and earn his attention. That afternoon, Regina rides her horse as a demonstration for her father, who cheers her on. However, Cora criticizes her "unladylike" performance and suggests using a saddle. When offered a saddle by Daniel, Regina angrily snaps that she is done riding and walks away, but Cora magically levitates her into the air. Terrified, Regina promises to be good, to which Cora lets her go. Running to the stables, Regina apologizes to Daniel for how she treated him earlier, and the two make up with a kiss. Later, Daniel suggests they have a romantic outing at Firefly Hill, but she cannot since her mother is expecting her for tea. He expresses confusion over why their relationship must remain secret, so Regina explains Cora's desire for her to marry well. While they are engrossed in conversation, Cora startles Snow White's horse, and Regina quickly pulls the girl to safety. ("The Stable Boy", "The Queen Is Dead")

In the house dining room, Cora gives Regina a dress to wear since King Leopold will be coming shortly to meet her. Upon arrival, King Leopold reminisces about losing his wife years ago, and since then, he's been looking for someone worthy enough to be a mother to his daughter. He proposes, which shocks Regina. She looks to her father for help, but then Cora accepts the marriage for her. Horrified, Regina begs Daniel to run away with he, and he agrees by giving her a ring, but Snow White walks in on them kissing and runs away. Regina catches up with her to explain she and Daniel are in love. Since Cora will never allow them to be together, Regina asks her to keep it a secret, which she does. Later in the house, Snow White listens to Cora talk about how distant Regina has become from her, and her desire to make her daughter happy. Believing Cora means well, Snow White tells her about Regina and Daniel's relationship. That night, Cora stops the couple from leaving, and after feigning understanding of their love, she crushes Daniel's heart; killing him. Regina is heartbroken, though her mother insists her happy ending is to have power by being queen. While being fitted for her wedding gown, Regina learns from Snow White how Cora knew about Daniel. Although devastated, she composes herself in front of the princess and fakes a story about Daniel running away. After Snow White is gone, Regina suspiciously asks Cora if she set up the runaway horse rescue, but her mother denies it. Regina then walks away murmuring angrily that she should have let Snow White die on that horse. ("The Stable Boy")

Seizing control of her life, Regina banishes her mother to another realm with Rumplestiltskin's help. Discovering her own attraction to magic, she begins learning the craft from Rumplestiltskin. However, when he teaches her how to rip out a heart as Cora used to do, Regina can only recall losing Daniel in the same manner. Stuck in the past, she desires a way to magical solution to revive her deceased lover. Magic cannot bring back the dead, but in order to force her to change, Rumplestiltskin strikes a deal with a scientist, Dr. Frankenstein, to fake a failed resurrection. During examination of Daniel's preserved body, the doctor remarks his condition is ideal and he proclaims that the chances of revival are fairly good. Since he needs a strong heart, Regina allows him to pick one from her mother's vault collection of hearts. ("The Doctor")

Years later, since murdering her husband, King Leopold, Regina reigns as the Evil Queen while seeking revenge against Snow White for causing Daniel's death. After capturing Snow White's true love, Prince Charming, Regina sets up a parley with the princess at "where it all began"; the stables. There, Regina sadly glances at the spot where her lover died when Snow White arrives, and the two walk up a hill to a grave belonging to Daniel. Finally, Regina reveals to Snow White how Daniel died, and she openly blames her former stepdaughter for not keeping her secret from Cora. Seeing as Regina, too, has caused her pain by killing King Leopold, Snow White believes each of them have suffered enough and should move on, but the vengeful Queen refuses to let things settle. Regina offers Snow White a poisoned apple to put her under an eternal sleep, and since it must be taken willingly to work, she threatens to harm Prince Charming if not. Tearfully, Snow White bites into the apple and collapses unconscious. Much later, Snow White's worried friends, the dwarves, Granny and Red Riding Hood, find her body and assume she has died. ("An Apple Red as Blood")



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