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If my transgression protects the ones that I care about then it's all worth it.
—Roderick to Gideon src

Roderick is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts in the eleventh episode of the sixth season and is portrayed by guest star Grayson Gabriel and co-star Mason McKenzie.


After Third Curse

Roderick is among the many children captured by the Black Fairy and taken to her realm. While living in a cell across from Gideon, Roderick is entertained as Gideon reads to him from a book he stole from the Black Fairy. As the Black Fairy approaches, Roderick warns Gideon to hide the book, but Gideon assures him that he is not afraid of the Black Fairy and will protect him from her. When the Black Fairy arrives, Gideon stuffs the book in his bed, but she easily finds it as she already knew he took it. After Gideon insists that he can be a hero like his namesake, the main character of the book, the Black Fairy announces that she will prove him wrong and goes to Roderick's cell, dragging him away by the arm. Roderick begs for Gideon's help, but even though his cell is open, Gideon is too afraid to come to his friend's aid. The Black Fairy taunts Gideon before taking Roderick away, where she whips him, with Gideon hearing Roderick's cries of pain. ("Ill-Boding Patterns", "Mother's Little Helper")

Years later, Roderick stumbles upon the key that the Black Fairy uses to access her vault, where she hides her dark Fairy Dust. Knowing that she previously used the dust to create the Dark Curse and fearing what she will do with it now, Roderick steals the key. Gideon is sent to the mines by the Black Fairy to find the culprit, though Roderick does not step forward at first. However, when Gideon threatens an innocent miner as an example, Roderick admits his crime. Before Gideon can use the Black Fairy's dust on him, Roderick reminds him of who he is. Though Gideon insists he had no choice but to abandon him when they were younger, Roderick believes that Gideon wants to be a hero and make it up to his friend, and Gideon reluctantly agrees. As they avoid the watchful eye of the Black Fairy, Roderick tells Gideon of a Savior in another realm who could defeat the Black Fairy and suggests using a crystal ball to communicate with her. The boys are successful in their endeavor, but the ball shatters before they can use it and the Black Fairy arrives, revealing that she led Roderick to take the key and the Crystal Ball to test Gideon. She expresses disappointment in Gideon and, in order to make him suffer without physically harming him, uses her fairy dust to transform Roderick into a beetle and then crushes him, killing him. ("Mother's Little Helper")


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