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This page focuses on the Arendelle Rock Trolls.
For the Enchanted Forest trolls, see, Bridge Trolls.
For the New Enchanted Forest character, see Troll.
For the Enchanted Forest location, see Troll Bridge.
Acording to this book, there are creatures that can restore memories that have been lost.
Belle to Maurice about the Rock Trolls. src

Rock Trolls are a humanoid creature species featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They are native to Arendelle, and first appear in the first episode of the fourth season.

Rock Trolls are based on the species of the same name from the Disney film, Frozen.

Biology and Culture

Rock trolls are humanoid, small creatures with stone skin, black eyes and large ears and noses. They do not have hair, but have green grass instead of scalp hair and eyebrows. When they sleep, they curl into a moss rock. According to Oaken, they are "quite nice" creatures.

Some Rock Trolls are able to use a special type of magic in relation to memories. ("A Tale of Two Sisters", "Family Business", "The Snow Queen")


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Before First Curse

Known Rock Trolls


On-Screen Notes

  • When Belle is looking up information on how to retrieve lost memories, she is reading a page about rock trolls. It says:[1]

Trolls are creatures who are said to be formidable
telepaths and are said to ably employ subtle acts
of persuasion to bend others to their will.

Some earlier scolars [sic] even went so far as to
say that they have the ability to restore
that have been lost.

The Talismanic Adornments of
the Rock Troll

ᛏᚱᚩᛚᛚ ᚾᛖᚳᚳᛚᚪᚳᛖ*

Trolls can cast powerful enchantments – in particular spells used
to wrest someone's heart or mind.

They do this by the emanation of a magical frequency generated
through the crystals they wear about their body. The power of
this working is increased by their entire number acting
in unison.

The crystals made of andradite and peridot are worn by the
trolls also as protection and defense from the evil around
them including the machinations of men.

*Anglo-Saxon runes, which transliterate as "troll necclace [sic]
("Family Business")

Props Notes

It was cold, Alice thought to herself. Really cold.
Alice hadn't seen her breath like that since last winter in
Hyperion Heights. She watched as the breath floated off
into the starry night. A moment ago she had thought
she saw the light of a city in the distance, but as her
eyes adjusted she came to realize it was simply the moon
reflected off the frozen tundra that stretched away to
forever. Alice wasn't just cold, she was alone. Alice
slumped on a rock, hugging herself, trying to keep warm.
She wondered if she would survive the night. And more
than that, she wondered if she would ever see her father,
or Robin, again. She had spent so much of her life alone,
now it looked like that's how she would end her life.
Only just then, the rock beneath her bum began to
quake. Startled, Alice sprung to her feet, but the rock
rolled toward her as if in pursuit! She turned to fee, but
another rock from nearby her side rolled her way. And
another from behind her. And a dozen more, from all
directions. They circled, herding Alice through an obvi-
ous attack pattern! Alice readied herself. For what, she
did not know when -- The rocks unfurled themselves, as
rocks almost never do. Arms and legs formed on each as
one after the other they revealed themselves to be little

stone men. None were taller than Alice's knee, but
together they made an intimating force. Alice knew
exactly what they were: Trolls. She had experience with
trolls, but she didn't know what to make of this little
army that surrounded her now. She was scared --


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