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|name = Robin Hood
|name = Robin Hood
|image = 714TormentingVillages.png
|image = 714TormentingVillages.png
|counterpart = [[Margot]]
|gender = Female
|gender = Female
|status = Cursed
|status = Cursed
|counterpart= [[Margot]]
|home = [[Emerald Acres Farm]]<br>[[Zelena's Farmhouse]] ''(formerly)''<br>[[Mills House]] ''(briefly)''<br>[[Convent of the Sisters of Saint Meissa]] ''(formerly)''
|home =[[Emerald Acres Farm]]<br>[[Zelena's Farmhouse]] ''(formerly)''<br>[[Mills House]] ''(briefly)''<br>[[Convent of the Sisters of Saint Meissa]] ''(formerly)''
|relatives = seefamily
|relatives = seefamily
|species = Human
|species = Human
|haircolor = Blonde
|haircolor = Blonde
|eyecolor = Blue
|eyecolor = Green
|portrayedby = [[Tiera Skovbye]] ''(Adult)''
|portrayedby = [[Tiera Skovbye]] ''(Adult)''
|firstmention = [[Mother]]
|firstmention = [[Mother]]

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This article focuses on the Storybrooke character.
For her Seattle counterpart, see Margot.
For her father, see Robin Hood (Lacey).
For her father's Wish Realm counterpart, see Robin of Locksley (Wish Realm).

Though I may just be a middling witch, I seem to have a knack for this archery thing.
—Robin to Gothel src

Robin Hood, formerly known as Baby Hood, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts in the eighth episode of the fifth season. She is portrayed by guest star Tiera Skovbye, and is the original counterpart of Margot.

Robin Hood is based on the titular character from the Robin Hood ballad.


After Second Curse
In the ultimate act of revenge against her sister Regina, Zelena becomes pregnant with Robin Hood's child after pretending to be his wife Marian. Bound to his honor code, Robin can't bring himself to leave Zelena since she is expecting his child, despite her heinous trickery. Regina brings her sister back with them to Storybrooke, where she intends to lock her up until the baby is born. ("Mother")

Before Third Curse
Seeing her unborn child as her only chance at unconditional love, Zelena eventually escapes her cell to take Robin Hood hostage. To save him, Regina forfeits the Apprentice's wand to her, giving Zelena the power to harness it and open a portal to Oz. Zelena's hopes rest on going back to Oz and building a life with her child, however, the wand drains her energy, leaving her vulnerable to Regina, who disables her magic with the cuff. After Regina changes the portal's destination to the Enchanted Forest to track down Emma, a still pregnant Zelena is taken along for the trip. While in Camelot, Regina vows to love and care for Zelena's child once it's born, but she makes no such promises for Zelena herself. ("The Dark Swan", "Siege Perilous")

After Third Curse

Sometime after coming back to Storybrooke, Emma tempts Zelena into indulging on onion rings, which she secretly enchants to speed up Zelena's pregnancy. In a plan to remove both her and Hook's darknesses, Emma wants to put all of it in Zelena and then kill her once the child is born, as she doesn't wish to hurt an innocent life. When Zelena gives birth to a baby girl, Robin cradles his new daughter, while Regina tries to be supportive, despite Zelena sniping at her that her sister can never give Robin a child as she has. Through research, Belle comes to believe Emma needs the baby for a spell to extinguish all light magic, but instead, Emma proves them wrong by taking Zelena instead. After getting Hook's help to escape Emma's grasp, Zelena storms the hospital to retrieve her daughter, only to find she is gone. Having come to a prior agreement with Robin about Zelena's maternal rights, Regina leads her sister to the loft, where the baby is. Despite knowing what Zelena is capable of, she holds out hope that Zelena can change out of love for her own child. Robin agrees to let Zelena have visitation rights, and he then lets her hold their daughter. However, Zelena finds a loophole in the new arrangement when she learns Regina and Robin's souls are bound for the Underworld, and she decides to grant herself sole custody of her little girl once the two of them are gone. Not wanting Robin to lose his daughter, Regina banishes Zelena to Oz. When Robin and Regina head to the Underworld, the baby is left in the nuns' care. ("The Bear and the Bow", "Birth", "Broken Heart", "Swan Song")

In the convent's nursery room, Baby Hood and baby Neal are kept together in individual cribs. After returning to Storybrooke from Oz, Zelena disguises herself as Mother Superior and enters the babies' room, where Belle is visiting the children. Belle senses something is off with the head nun, and Zelena assures her everything is fine, but her cover is blown once the real Mother Superior arrives. Reverting to herself, Zelena tries to take away her daughter, while Belle attempts to stop her. From the Underworld, Hades makes Mr. Gold open a portal to Storybrooke, intending to get Zelena's child. Back in Storybrooke, Mother Superior prepares to stop Zelena with magic, but before she can, an earthquake gives way to a portal. Belle grabs the baby and falls into the portal, with Zelena diving in to follow them, and all three land in the Underworld. Not trusting Zelena with the baby, Belle flees to the library, where she reunites with Mr. Gold. Zelena joins Regina and Robin in looking for Belle, who they later run into. When Baby Hood gets fussy, Zelena suggests that she can feed her with the formula bottle. Robin relents, only because Zelena's magic isn't working, but when Zelena regains her powers, she douses the trio with a blast before running off with her daughter. However, after realizing her magic injured her child, she forfeits her to Robin, knowing she can't protect their child from Hades. On return to the apartment, Regina plays with the baby, fondly noting that her eyes resemble Robin's. For the time being, Robin decides to not name his daughter, in fear Hades will have power over her because of it. He also makes plans to take her to the forest to hide her from Hades. Later, Hades reveals to Zelena that he never wanted her child for a time spell, and he only wanted to get the child away from the heroes for her sake. Robin later goes to the forest with his daughter to hide her from Hades. ("Our Decay", "Her Handsome Hero")

While Robin continues to stay in the forest with his baby girl, David gets supplies for the infant. On his way back to the apartment, he runs into his twin brother, James, who knocks him out and takes his place. With the bag of supplies, James meets up with Emma, and they head out to find Robin in the forest. Once Robin shows up, with his daughter in a baby carrier, James slaps an enchanted cuff on Emma, disabling her magic, before drawing a loaded gun. Cruella joins James, revealing to Emma and Robin that she is kidnapping the baby to force Hades into reviving her. Robin tries to resist by shooting an arrow into James' chest, but it has no effect on him. Later, the baby is left in Cruella's car as James and Cruella prepare to throw Emma and Robin into the River of Lost Souls. After David knocks James away with a punch, Robin and Emma break free. While Emma goes to Hook, Robin rushes to retrieve his daughter. ("Sisters")

With his daughter, Robin enters the Underbrooke library, finding Regina with not only her allies but also Zelena and Hades. He is alarmed by this, but Regina insists the two can be trusted. As everyone waits on Emma and Hook to finish finding ambrosia, the portal to return home has finally opened, so Regina suggests Zelena, the baby, and Hades wait by the portal first. She asks Robin to give the baby to Zelena, and although he still mistrusts her sister, he agrees to trust Regina's judgment. After regaining her child, Zelena hugs Regina and thanks her, before leaving with Hades to wait at the portal. When Regina and her friends fail to show up later, Hades persuades Zelena to trust that the heroes can make it in time, without her knowing he is purposely holding them back. Zelena relents, but eventually uses the portal with her baby. Then, Hades follows them. ("Firebird")

Zelena, Hades, and the baby reach Storybrooke safely, but Hades refuses to go back into town since Snow White is present and is unaware that he supposedly changed. Zelena leaves her baby with Hades, telling him to take the child to the mayor's office, as she heads off to assure Snow that he is a good person now. After killing King Arthur, Hades goes to the office, where the baby remains in her cradle as Regina and Robin attempt to break in to take her away. However, Hades catches the pair and uses his Olympian Crystal to kill Robin. After Zelena uses the crystal to kill Hades, she takes the child to her father's funeral, where Regina laments that he never got to name his own child. Zelena notes that only one name, Robin, seems appropriate, and Regina agrees with the suggestion. ("Last Rites")

That night, at the diner during Robin's wake, Zelena holds her daughter as she keeps Regina company. The next day, Granny is taking care of baby Robin as Zelena opens a portal to allow Merida, the Merry Men and the Camelot natives to return home. Zelena promises Roland that she will visit him soon, and will bring his baby sister, Robin, along too. Granny brings Robin towards Roland, who says goodbye by kissing the baby on her forehead. When Zelena has trouble closing the portal, Granny moves further back to keep the baby safe. In the next instant, Zelena, Snow, David and Hook are sucked into the portal and taken to another land. ("Only You")

After Zelena escapes the other land and returns to Storybrooke, Regina invites her and baby Robin to move in with her. Zelena is busy caring for her child while unpacking her belongings when Regina comes home. When Regina tells her about their present crisis now that Hyde is in town, Zelena places baby Robin in her crib, lovingly telling her daughter to have a nap while she helps defeat Hyde. After having a big fight with Regina, Zelena takes baby Robin with her when she moves back into the farmhouse, where she finds the Evil Queen waiting for her inside. ("The Savior")

During one night, Zelena gets up to check on baby Robin, after hearing her crying. She finds her daughter missing from her crib, but upon stepping further into the room, she sees the Queen cradling and calming the baby with a rattle. The Queen talks to baby Robin, noting that she likes the rattle, an item that Cora once soothed her with when she herself was an infant. When Zelena questions her about the rattle, the Queen gives it to her as a gift and then sets down Robin in her crib. ("A Bitter Draught")

Fearing the Evil Queen may have gotten to Zelena, Regina grills her sister about whether the Queen came to her or not. Zelena shushes her and tells her to be quiet or she'll wake up Robin, who is sleeping. As Robin gurgles quietly in her bed, Regina sees a familiar looking rattle in the baby's crib and realizes the Queen did come to Zelena. ("The Other Shoe")

After holding Archie hostage on the Queen's orders, Zelena eventually unbinds him to let him tend to baby Robin, and she instructs him to keep her daughter happy by bouncing her and making funny faces at her. The Queen persuades Zelena to leave with her for a girls' day out, and she threatens to kill Archie if he doesn't take good care of the baby while they are gone. As an extra measure to ensure Archie stays where he is, Zelena enacts a barrier spell on the house. During a day at the spa, the Queen encourages Zelena to once again embrace her wicked side, and this time, to allow her daughter a chance to learn to accept the real her. Upon returning home, she goes through with this plan by transforming Archie into a cricket in front of baby Robin. ("Street Rats")

As Regina keeps the Queen and Zelena distracted outside, Snow and David sneak into Zelena's house to free cricket Archie as baby Robin is in her crib. After Archie flies away, Robin begins to cry, alerting Zelena to the intruders. Snow protests that they weren't going to hurt the baby, though Zelena still takes Robin out of her crib and looks to the Queen for protection. ("Dark Waters")

At home, Zelena sits at the table, where she is feeding her daughter with a bottle when the Queen returns. ("Heartless")

While Robin is being held by her mother, the Queen comes to visit with ominous news for Zelena. She mentions that it relates to Mr. Gold, and then suggests putting the baby down. Realizing the Queen means to kill her, Zelena sets down her daughter in the crib and tells her that she loves her, before turning to face her sister. ("Changelings")

Fearing Robin's return means he'll take her baby away, Zelena warns Regina of her intentions to hurt Robin if he dares to come near her daughter. On another day, Zelena carries her daughter as she comes home while singing to her a variation of "This Little Piggy" nursery rhyme, substituting the word "pig" for "munchkin". With baby Robin still in her arms, Zelena walks in and senses the other Robin is in the house. She goes to annihilate him with a fireball as her rage grows, but Robin admits he doesn't want her daughter, whom he calls a "brat", and instead desires Zelena's help to craft magic to remove the town's protective barrier so he can leave Storybrooke forever. Out of her own wish to leave as well, Zelena aids him by making a potion. Zelena, her daughter, the caged serpent and Robin gather at the town line, in preparation to go once the barrier is down, but Regina teleports in to stop them. In the end, the potion has no effect on the barrier, which puts a damper on Zelena's plans of a fresh start with her daughter in New York City. ("Murder Most Foul", "Ill-Boding Patterns")

In her nursery room, Robin begins crying, which Zelena hears on the baby monitor in the kitchen as she is preparing Robin's milk bottle. Unknown to Zelena, the Black Fairy has picked up Robin and taken her out of the nursery. Zelena comes in to find her daughter is gone from her crib, only to see Robin in the arms of the Black Fairy, to which she quickly takes the infant back and refuses the fairy's parenting advice. The Black Fairy offers to side with Zelena in the upcoming final battle but Zelena refuses, claiming that she is not afraid. Still angry with her even after she leaves, Zelena takes Robin to the sheriff's department and asks Regina, Snow, David, and Emma to watch Robin while she handles the wicked fairy. Regina tells her to wait until they develop a plan, though Zelena impatiently ignores this order and instead goes to Belle and asks her to watch Robin. Belle agrees, unaware that Zelena plans on going to face the Black Fairy. Not long after when Regina stops by Mr. Gold's pawn shop, she sees Robin and immediately deduces that Zelena has disobeyed her. After Regina becomes fed up with Zelena ruining everything and tells her to go back to Oz, Zelena brings Robin with her as she goes outside her house to summon a cyclone but ultimately changes her mind about leaving. Later, as Zelena prepares to destroy her own magic to hinder the Black Fairy's plans, she asks for Regina to take care of Robin should something go wrong. Though Regina assures her nothing will happen, Zelena insists, and Emma assures her that Robin will be well-cared for as she is one of them. ("Where Bluebirds Fly")

In Regina's house, Robin sits comfortably in a nearby baby carrier while her mother struggles to put together a crib by hand. ("The Black Fairy")

During Emma and Hook's wedding, Zelena attends the ceremony with Robin. Shortly after, as the Black Fairy's curse approaches, Zelena holds Robin close to her as the cloud of magic engulfs everyone. ("The Song in Your Heart")

During Fourth Curse

After being engulfed by the Black Fairy's Dark Curse, Robin ends up with her mother Zelena in Oz, where Zelena finds one of the Mad Hatter's hats. Upon realizing Oz is fading away, Zelena escapes by using the hat to bring herself, her daughter, and several munchkins to the Enchanted Forest. They arrive to the Regina's palace, with one of the munchkins walking in with a bundled up Robin, as Zelena shows the hat to Snow White, Prince Charming, Regina, and Hook. ("The Final Battle Part 1")

When Regina fails to revigorate a magic bean to allow everyone to return to Storybrooke as the Enchanted Forest begins to collapse because of Emma's loss of belief, Zelena clings onto her daughter and Regina as she prepares to be wiped out of existence, only for the calamity to stop when Emma regains some of her belief. ("The Final Battle Part 2")

After Fourth Curse

Shortly after Mr. Gold kills the Black Fairy, the Dark Curse is lifted and those trapped in the Enchanted Forest, such as baby Robin, are teleported back to Storybrooke. ("The Final Battle Part 2")

Sometime following the final battle, Zelena brings Robin to Granny's for supper with some of the heroes. ("The Final Battle Part 2")

At eighteen years old, Robin rebels against her mother and becomes determined to harness her magical potential. Before her aunt Regina goes off to the New Enchanted Forest to rescue her son Henry, she gives Robin an old spell book that once belonged to her and Zelena's mother Cora. Robin later meets up with two of her friends in Regina's vault, where she begins chanting a spell to summon Mother Nature and filling a vial with liquid from a cauldron, but as her voice steadily gains momentum, an incoming ringtone breaks the tense atmosphere. One of the girls apologizes and answers her phone, stating that she has to leave for dinner at Granny's, even though Robin insists she stay long and let her finish the incantation. Robin's friend refuses, remarking upon how many hours Robin has been attempting the spell and that her magic skills can't match up to her mother's reputation as the Wicked Witch. Robin decides to continue the spell on her own, however, Zelena shoos her daughter's friends out of the vault before trying to persuade Robin to return home with her. Zelena takes away the spell book and cautions her on the dangers of magic, while Robin simply thinks her mother is being too uptight and controlling. After being forced to relinquish her phone to Zelena, Robin storms out with the assertion that she is going home alone as she has had enough mothering for a lifetime. Outside, she notices something wrong with the vial's contents and drops it, causing the liquid to vaporize into smoke and transport her to Memento Mori, where she meets Mother Nature, a woman named Gothel, and her magical teacher, Madame Leota, whose spirit is in a crystal ball. ("Secret Garden")

Much later, Robin stops Madame Leota from hurting Hook, who accompanied Zelena, believing Gothel kidnapped her. Robin insists she came out of her own volition and that Zelena keeps refusing to let her be who she wants to be. When Gothel gives Robin the freedom to decide if she wishes to stay and learn magic or go with her mother, the girl chooses Gothel by magicking the door exit for Zelena and Hook. After the pair is gone, Robin has a look around Memento Mori and is shown a magic bow and arrow that is supposedly enchanted to always hit its mark. Gothel encourages Robin to step into a ritual circle and tricks her into believing she will be learning a resurrection spell to revive Leota. Instead, the witch uses a amulet to begin absorbing Robin's life energy into it. Zelena returns to save her daughter by taking her place as the sacrifice, which shocks Robin, who is remorseful about the consequences of her grave mistake. Desperate to stop the ritual, Robin grabs the bow and on her first shot, the arrow knocks the amulet out of Gothel's grasp. Robin asserts that, whether because of the enchantment or her natural knack for archery, she dares Gothel to stay and find out, but the witch teleports away while Leota follows suit by disappearing from the crystal ball. Afterward, Robin makes up with her mother, apologizing for doubting her, as Zelena apologizes for not being supportive and agrees she will now no matter what path she takes in life. Zelena gives her the amulet to reabsorb the magic that Gothel took from her, but Robin realizes she never wanted magic and was only trying to be live up to Zelena's reputation as a powerful witch. Deciding her talent is in archery like her father Robin Hood, Robin encourages her mother to use the amulet instead, and Zelena complies, regaining magic she hasn't had in years. ("Secret Garden")

At some point after this, Zelena moves to the New Enchanted Forest, where time runs differently, taking Robin with her and raising her at Emerald Acres Farm. By the time Robin is twenty-five years old, she meets and falls in love with Alice, and they eventually start dating. ("Beauty", "The Eighth Witch")

Upon spotting an unfamiliar woman approaching the farm entrance, Robin looses a few warning shots onto the gate, but when the woman turns around, she recognizes her as her aunt Regina, her mother's younger sister. Robin goes to greet her with a hug, apologizing for mistaking her for a stranger, before Zelena comes out from the farm. Regina warns them about Drizella, whom she and the heroes had frozen eight years earlier, is now free and working with Gothel and some unknown entities to enact the Dark Curse. Zelena reveals those entities are actually witches who are part of a coven that she herself was invited to join. Robin becomes worried for Alice because the witches are around, but her mother reassures her that they will let everyone know about the danger soon. While Regina persuades Zelena to team up with her to fight Drizella, Hook receives a white elephant charm from Rumplestiltskin to keep his familial ties to Alice intact even after the curse is cast. Alice, staying by Rumplestiltskin's side for an unexplained reason, asks Hook to deliver a letter to Robin. Later, when Regina is forced by Drizella to cast the curse in order to save a poisoned Henry, Robin meets up with Alice after reading her note. The couple reunite with a passionate kiss before Robin sadly states that she just wanted to see her face one last time, though Alice insists they've always known each other even when they don't. Robin and Alice embrace each other as they look to the sky and notice the curse cloud approaching them. ("The Eighth Witch")

Magical Abilities

Former Magical Abilities


Adoptive Mother
Adoptive Father
Robin Hood
ZelenaEvil Queen/Regina Mills
RolandRobin Hood


  • Solid lines denote blood parent-child relationships
  • Dashed lines denote marriage, adoption relationships, and relationships that result in offspring
  • denotes the deceased
  • Jonathan and Cora were never married
  • Robin Hood and Zelena were never married



Character Notes

Production Notes

  • 50-pound baby dolls were used to portray Robin in some scenes of Season Five and Six.[1]
    • According to Rebecca Mader, it was really hard to hold a doll with one hand, while doing something else with the other hand. When she was shooting long scenes, she ended up loosing the feeling in the shoulder holding the doll.[1]
    • Because of that, Rebecca Mader always jokingly asked Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis why they can't just magic her age up to 21 years old, so that she would not have the trouble of holding the dolls.[1] Eventually, in Season Seven, Robin is aged up to 25 years old.
  • The casting call for her adult self describes her as "a strong-willed good girl turned rebel who is struggling to define her identity. As the daughter of powerful parents, she can never seem to escape their shadows, which drives her crazy. Tired of towing the line, Robin is ready to break out into the world and find her own adventure".[2]
  • Rebecca Mader describes Robin's adult self as a "new female re-imagined Robin Hood".[1]

Props Notes


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.


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