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This article focuses on the New Enchanted Forest character.
For the Enchanted Forest character, see Robert (Murder Most Foul).

Because I'm not a prince. I'm just a commoner. He took my true love captive. He separated us in the cruelest of ways. I'm a man, and... my love is a frog.
—Robert to Tiana src

Robert, briefly known as Prince Marias, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the fifth episode of the seventh season and is portrayed by guest star Kevin Ryan.

Robert is based on the titular character from the fairytale "The Frog Prince".


After Fourth Curse

When Robert and his frog lover, who is taken captive by Dr. Facilier, are separated, Robert is turned from a frog into a human and forced to masquerade as a prince named Marias in order to fool Princess Tiana and obtain her Firefly Ruby. He encounters her at a tavern known as the Crimson Crow, saving her from a thug who tries to rob her. They spend the day together, ending up back at her castle, where Tiana tells him the story of how her father earned the medallion that has the Firefly Ruby on it. Unbeknownst to her, Robert takes the medallion before he leaves, but she notices that it is missing before he gets out of the room and pins him to the wall. He tells her a partial truth, that Dr. Facilier has his lover, though he misleads her to believe he is a poor villager and his lover was turned into a frog. Too upset over being duped by him, she refuses to help him and sends him away, telling him that she never wants to see his face again. Robert obeys her order, but later, he meets up with Tiana at a swamp, where she presents him with his frog lover, whom she rescued from Dr. Facilier. She reveals that she worked up the courage to start a Resistance against the royal family to save the poor people throughout the kingdom and invites him and his lady friend to join her. However, Robert admits that he misled her and hands her his lover before thanking her one last time and giving the frog true love's kiss, which breaks the curse on himself and turns him into a frog, revealing to a surprised Tiana that both Robert is actually a frog and not a human. Reunited, the two frogs hop into the swamp as Tiana watches them with a smile. ("Greenbacks")



  • The name "Robert" is phonetically similar to the word "ribbit", which is the onomatopoeic sound made by a frog.

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