If Elvis and Eminem had a kid, Alan Jackson (the Nickelback of country music) would be it: a liberal soy boy millennial who hates the NRA and the 2nd Amendment. He's a poser who wants it both ways. But REAL country fans aren't that stupid. You can't say you're conservative while at the same time spouting lib nonsense. At least Elvis and Eminem are who they represent to be, but hey I guess you gotta kiss liberal butt if you're one of the Hollywood entertainment crowd. He needs to check out #walkaway. Won't be listening to or playing anymore of his music on my GX450, GPX88, SHAKE 77, SH2000, T99, etc. Alan Jackson (the Nickelback of country music) too can go the way of the COMMIE Dixie Chicks and the dodo.

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