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This is the Resurrection Amulet. With it, one can resurrect a soul that has not yet fully surrendered to the other side.
Gothel to Robin src

The Resurrection Amulet is a magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the eleventh episode of the seventh season.


After Fourth Curse

The Resurrection Amulet is in Gothel's possession when she decides to sacrifice Zelena's daughter Robin in exchange for the revival of Madame Leota. Despite Zelena and Hook's attempts to save Robin, the girl chooses to stay with Gothel at Memento Mori, believing the witch can teach her magic. Gothel deceives Robin into stepping into a ritual circle and shows her the resurrection amulet, telling her it has the power to bring back a soul that has not yet surrendered to the other side. Robin is excited at the prospect of being part of a resurrection spell, but she realizes all is not right when Gothel uses the amulet to begin draining her life force. In the nick of time, Zelena returns and agrees to be the sacrifice in place of her own daughter. Robin stops the ritual by grabbing a bow and loosening an arrow at the amulet, which is knocked out of Gothel's hand, before being grabbed by Hook. After getting out of Memento Mori, Zelena hands the amulet to her daughter and persuades her to reabsorb the magic that Gothel took from her earlier. Robin decides not to as she has realized she doesn't truly want magic and was only trying to live up to Zelena's reputation as a powerful witch. She then encourages her mother to use the amulet instead, and Zelena complies by touching the center of the stone, triggering the flow of magic into her body. With the amulet now empty of magic, Zelena decides to store it somewhere safe so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. ("Secret Garden")

During Fifth Curse

In Hyperion Heights, Kelly and Roni run a bar together. On the stained glass signage for their bar, above the words "Kelly & Roni's Pub", the Resurrection Amulet is embedded as a decorative stone. When Kelly leaves Hyperion Heights for San Fransisco, Roni takes down the sign and puts into storage. ("Secret Garden")

After both Kelly and Roni regain their precursed memories, Kelly is approached by Gothel with a deal: give her the resurrection amulet and she will use it to revive a comatose Lucy. The sisters decide to look for the amulet, with plans of getting it first and figuring out a way to use it without paying the price of its magic. Roni brings Kelly to the bar to search for it and considers the possibility that the reason Victoria had been trying to buy the bar was to obtain the amulet and resurrect her daughter Anastasia. In the storage room, Kelly and Roni find the old bar sign and talk about using it again if Kelly decides to stay in Hyperion Heights. Kelly then smashes the sign into pieces, which shocks Roni until she sees Kelly pick through the debris to retrieve a circular red stone that is actually the resurrection amulet. Intimidating the sisters with a gun, Victoria forces them to give it to her so Gothel can bring back Lucy. Victoria delivers the amulet to Gothel, who notices that the stone is now an empty vessel without magic and thus cannot work. Gothel then coaxes Anastasia into touching the center of the gem in order to imbue her magic into it. Anastasia, drained by the experience, is magicked by Gothel into leaving afterward. Suddenly, Gothel summons Victoria's other daughter Ivy into the ritual circle, and only then, Victoria realizes with a shocking clarity that the amulet requires sacrificing a life for a life. As Gothel begins absorbing Ivy's life into the amulet, Victoria tries to get her to stop, but when the witch doesn't, she pushes Ivy away so she herself becomes the sacrifice instead. Gothel complies with the change and drains her instead, and as Victoria's life ebbs away, she makes her last amends with Ivy. ("Secret Garden")


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