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This article focuses on the group of characters.
For the New Enchanted Forest location, see Resistance Camp.

I'm the leader of the Resistance that was formed to overthrow your stepmother... and the royal family.
Tiana to Cinderella src

The Resistance, also known as the Rebellion,[1] is a group of characters featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the first episode of the seventh season.


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After Fourth Curse
The Resistance is started to fight against the tyranny of Lady Tremaine and the royal family. Tiana founded the group after she saw how people in the New Enchanted Forest were suffering under the King's greed. Jeremiah, a former cobbler, joins and becomes a member who has a lot of faith in the cause. ("The Garden of Forking Paths")

As a member, Tiana attends a ball to spy on the Prince and Lady Tremaine. She sees Lady Tremaine kill the Prince and frame Cinderella and follows her away from the ball, revealing herself to stop a guard from harming her. She then tells her about the Resistance and asks her to join and Cinderella, with some initial reluctance, agrees to, though she leaves her glass slipper behind as a sign for a friend. At the Resistance camp, Cinderella dons new clothes and Jeremiah makes boots for her. Tiana tells Cinderella that Lady Tremaine has been receiving deliveries of magic and weapons, as if she's preparing for a war, as well as a mysterious box. Tiana asks if Cinderella recognizes it and, even though she does, she lies that she does not. Soon, Henry, the friend Cinderella left the slipper for, arrives with Regina and Hook. Hoping to assist Cinderella, Henry offers their services to the Resistance. Tiana wants to raid Tremaine Manor and begins planning with Cinderella, Henry, Regina, and Hook to that end. That night, Cinderella sneaks out to her home, learning that her stepmother wants her to rip out Henry's heart to use to revive Anastasia. Cinderella can't go through with it and instead tries to take Jeremiah's heart but is stopped by Regina. The next morning, she attempts to flee out of remorse but is once again stopped by Regina, who encourages her to forgive herself. Regina and Cinderella, now going by Ella, inform the rest of the Resistance that Lady Tremaine is expecting them and they cannot invade her manor. Tiana heads off to come up with a new plan. ("The Garden of Forking Paths")

On one day, Henry talks to Regina about a mission he and Ella are doing for the Resistance. He invites her to come with them, but Regina declines. ("Wake Up Call")

In the woods, Henry and Ella test their sword abilities on each other. Ella mockingly jokes that Henry can't keep up with her despite being taught by a pirate, and then reminds him that when he fights against the King's men, they will definitely resort to playing dirty to win. ("Pretty in Blue")

At one point a few years later, after Lady Tremaine is defeated, Tiana takes on the title of queen. ("A Taste of the Heights")

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