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Rena Sofer is the American actress who portrays Eva on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Rena S. Sofer was born on December 2, 1968 in Arcadia, California as the daughter of psychology professor Susan Franzblau[2] and Orthodox Jewish rabbi Martin Sofer.[1] She was two years old, and her brother David, aged four, when their mother found life as a rabbi's wife unfulfilling, and went to pursue a college degree. Their mother kept regular contact and frequent visits throughout the years while Rena and David were raised primarily by their father. Today, her father presides at Temple Beth El in North Bergen, New Jersey while her mother teaches developmental psychology at the University of North Carolina in Fayetteville.

At fifteen, she took a trip to Israel that changed her life—but not in the usual way. Rena was hanging out in New York City's Greenwich Village with friends she made on the American Zionist Youth Foundation summer trip[3] when a scout for the Elite Petites modeling agency approached her. She went out on auditions for three weeks, but quit and found more appeal in drama class during her senior year at North Bergen High School and then, after less than a semester at Montclair State College, took acting lessons in New York.[4]

Rena wound up with stints on the soap dramas Another World, Loving, and General Hospital. She's since appeared on Seinfeld, Friends, Spin City, 24, NCIS, House and Heroes with recurring roles on Melrose Place and Ed. She won a daytime Emmy for her General Hospital work.[3] As of 2013, Rena currently stars on the CBS television soap drama The Bold and the Beautiful as Quinn Fuller.

During her appearance on General Hospital, she worked closely with co-star Wallace Kurth as their on-screen counterparts were love interests. There were sparks off-camera as well, and the working relationship turned into a love connection.[4] They married on March 31, 1995, and have one daughter, Rosabel Rosalind Kurth. Following their divorce in 1997, Rena met director Sanford Bookstaver on the set of 2001 science-fiction series The Chronicle. The couple married on May 18, 2003[4] with the wedding ceremony conducted by Rena's father. In August 2005, she gave birth to second daughter Avalon Leone Bookstaver.[5]


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