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  • Cora's death

    129 messages
    • Applegirl wrote:DarKingdomHearts wrote:It was a good decision to kill off Cora. She was a great character and antoganist. When she got her hea...
    • wrote:I expected Cora to die but not by Mary Marergt tricking Regina.  Sorta strange episode.  I could see this happening f...
  • Seven deadly sins and OUAT villains

    21 messages
    • I like Isaac for Sloth. Wrath - Regina Gluttony - Rumple Greed - Peter Pan Envy - Zelena Sloth - Isaac Heller Lust - Cruella & Hook (w...
    • Wrath- Hook. Lust- Arthur (Lusting after Excalibur).  Envy- Zelena. Greed- Nimue. Gluttony- Blind Witch. Sloth- Issac. Pride- Cora.
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