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This article focuses on the lasagna made by Regina Mills.
For the one made by Granny, see Granny's Lasagna.

Leroy: What's the secret ingredient? Poison?

Regina: Red pepper flakes. Gives it some kick.

Leroy to Regina src

Regina's Lasagna is a dish featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the twentieth episode of the first season.


During First Curse

In Storybrooke, Regina invites Kurt and Owen for dinner at her house. Though Kurt says the lasagna is delicious, his son doesn't enjoy it that much and Regina admits to not being a great cook. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

Years later, while trying to seduce David, Regina asks him to stay over for dinner. After finishing the meal, David compliments Regina for the delicious lasagna and offers to do the dishes. ("The Stranger")

After First Curse
To celebrate the success of Operation Scorpion, the townspeople gather at the diner to welcome Mary Margaret and Emma home. Regina joins them and brings her homemade lasagna. While she serves Henry some of the lasagna, Leroy ironically insinuates that it might be poisoned. Regina reassures him that the secret ingredient is red pepper flakes, leading Leroy and Doc to try some. ("The Cricket Game")

After Third Curse
One day, while Mr. Hyde is locked up in the asylum, Nurse Ratched receives orders from Regina to serve him a lasagna made by the mayor herself. The nurse hands the dish to Regina, who takes it to Hyde, planning to bribe him for information about how to kill the Evil Queen. Much to her surprise, her evil self already paid a visit to the prisoner earlier on and gifted him with a sumptuous meal. ("The Other Shoe")

After Fourth Curse
After the Final Battle is won, the heroes gather at Granny's Diner to celebrate. Among the dishes served, there are two of Regina's[1] lasagnas. The scene with Emma, Hook, Henry, Regina, Mr. Gold, Belle, Gideon, Snow, David, Neal, Zelena, Robin and Granny at the table is later pictured as an illustration in Henry's novel. ("The Final Battle Part 2")


Production Notes

  • Benjamin Stockham, who portrays Owen, stated that Regina's lasagna in "Welcome to Storybrooke" actually tasted good. He also revealed that, in the actual script, Owen suggested that Regina added red pepper flakes to the recipe. That part of the dialogue was cut from the episode.[2]
  • Behind-the-scenes and promotional pictures from "The Final Battle Part 2" show some of the lasagna on Emma's and Hook's plates. However, in the final cut of the episode, they are not shown to have served themselves of it.[3]
  • Fittingly enough for Regina's reputation of making a good lasagna, that dish is among those supposed to be served at Roni's.[4]

Props Notes


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.


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