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Then if I am to marry you, we must do this properly.
Daniel presenting the ring to Regina src

Regina's Engagement Ring is a magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the eighteenth episode of the first season.


Before First Curse

In the Enchanted Forest, a woman named Regina is in love with Daniel, a man who works as stable boy for her father's horse stables. Regina knows her mother, Cora, will never approve of her marrying someone who is not of noble birth. Cora forces her to accept a marriage proposal and marry a king. Regina and Daniel decide to run away together, and he proposes to her with an engagement ring. She happily accepts, and the ring becomes a symbol of their future together, which Regina wears on a necklace. However, Cora discovers their plan and kills Daniel. ("The Stable Boy", "The Queen Is Dead")

In King Leopold's castle, Regina is adorning Snow White's hair with flowers. The girl admires her look and then finds a necklace with the ring on it in the jewelry box. When Snow White asks about its origin, Regina states that Daniel had given it to her. Snow White asks whether or not Daniel was the stable boy who had left her. Regina corrects her, saying he didn't leave, but was killed because of Snow White's inability to keep her secret. As a scared Snow White takes this in, Regina begins choking her to death with the necklace while telling that her mother corrupts young souls. As Snow White suffocates, suddenly, the scene shifts to show the young girl, unharmed, happily wearing the necklace. Nearby, Regina comes out of a stupor; having imagined the entire scenario of killing Snow White. ("We Are Both")

Years after Daniel's death, Regina, now going by the title "Evil Queen", returns to the stables for a parley with Snow White. Walking to the exact spot Daniel died, her expression becomes saddened as she holds the ring. ("An Apple Red as Blood")

During First Curse

In present day Storybrooke, Regina reminisces near a window thinking of her deceased true love, Daniel, and kisses the ring with longing. ("The Stable Boy")

As Regina's curse in Storybrooke gradually weakens, she realizes Emma, the prophesied savior destined to shatter it, is to blame. However, because Emma's death will result in the curse breaking, Regina decides to put her under a Sleeping Curse instead. With the help of Jefferson, she sacrifices her engagement ring into his magic hat, which opens a tear into the past Enchanted Forest. Regina reaches in and retrieves a poisoned apple infused with the Sleeping Curse. ("An Apple Red as Blood")



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