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This is vintage Curse-Era Classic.
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Regina Mills' Car is a vehicle featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the fifth episode of the first season.


During First Curse

When the old mines in Storybrooke collapse, the mayor Regina drives to the area and gets out of her car to tell the citizens gathered there to step back. As the crowd disperses after the mayor assures them that the mines will be bulldozed and paved over, Henry sees his mother pick up a piece of glass and put it in her pocket. He tries to draw Emma's attention, but Regina comes over to instruct him to wait in her car. Henry does as he is told, though he later sneaks out to talk to Emma and Archie about Operation Cobra and his belief that something related to the curse is hidden in the mines. Regina, noticing her son disobeyed her, stops the conversation and sends him to the car again. ("That Still Small Voice")

On the night Emma has to drive Ava and her brother Nicholas to separate foster homes in Boston, Regina stands near her own car with Henry to watch them preparing to leave. ("True North")

As a mutual attraction between Mary Margaret and David blooms, Regina witnesses them kissing outside Granny's Diner as she is seated in her car across the street. ("7:15 A.M.")

One morning when Henry has a scheduled session with his therapist Archie, Regina drives to a playground and finds him there with Emma before telling him to go in the car. Regina suggests the playground is unsafe for her son and that Emma is being reckless in order to find ways around her so she can secretly spend time with Henry. Before turning to go back to her car, she advises Emma to be more responsible now that she is the town sheriff. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree")

As Regina pulls up her car into the parking space outside the sheriff's department, she steps out and smiles as she notices the parking slot for Emma's car is vacant. ("Hat Trick")

After Mary Margaret is exonerated from murder charges, Regina has the front hood of her car propped open as she looks at the motor as she bumps her head on the lid. David, in the midst of leaving work at the pet shelter, sees the trouble Regina is having and walks over to help her. Regina tells him about being stuck with a car full of groceries in addition to having a bad day overall. After a brief check, David determines the car battery is dead and offers her a lift home in his truck. Regina doesn't want to impose on him, but David insists and jokes that she might have a car full of melted rocky road ice cream if she doesn't accept his help. ("The Stranger")

After First Curse

Upon abruptly leaving her therapy session with Archie, Regina is caught in a rainstorm while driving on the road, during which she sees what appears to be an apparition of her dead lover Daniel. However, she looks away for a second and then sees he is no longer there. Upon discovering Daniel has been resurrected by Dr. Whale, Regina is at first happy to be reunited with him, only to have to kill him after Daniel proves to have murderous tendencies because of the heart he was revived with. Afterward, Regina drives off and parks her car near a busy street, while fighting back tears. ("The Doctor")

After Emma accuses her of murdering Archie, which she believes to be true from seeing proof of this in a dreamcatcher, Regina disappears and later watches from her car's side mirror as Emma reveals to Henry that his mother was involved in Archie's death. Regina then breaks down in tears over this as she knows she didn't kill Archie. ("The Cricket Game")

Learning her own mother, Cora, framed her for Archie's death, Regina insists she reveal the truth to Emma and her family and clear her name. On the drive there, Cora comments on the strange nature of Regina's vehicle, which she calls a "carriage" before pulling a ceramic handprint that Henry once made for his mother. Regina questions her on when she was in her house, even though Cora pretends otherwise. Cora admits Regina may win some points with the heroes by proving she didn't murder Archie, but she's been bad for too long that there's no way Emma and her family will trust her with Henry. She also correctly guesses that Regina obviously doesn't want the love of the heroes and asks what she desires. Slowing her car to halt in front of The Rabbit Hole, Regina admits she wants her son back. Cora states she wants Regina back and wants to make up for her past mistakes by helping her regain Henry. Regina accepts by seeking comfort in her mother's arms before asking how they will do it. Cora assures her that she has a few ideas. ("In the Name of the Brother")

While in her car, Regina receives a call from a stranger, Greg, who notifies her about seeing her son walking alone in the woods. Regina tells him she is on his way, and then hangs up the phone to begin driving off. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

Believing Emma is hiding something from her that is related to Henry, Regina uses magic to track where David's truck has been during the day. In her own car, she follows the trail until it stops at an unmarked field. Regina steps out and is briefly confused, but then disenchants a barrier around it to reveal there are rows and rows of magic beans growing there. ("Lacey")

After Second Curse

At the town line, Regina's car is parked several feet away as she and her allies discuss their plan for dealing with a spell that the Snow Queen will be casting soon. ("Fall")

As Regina sits in her car, which is parked some distance away from the town line, she observes Robin Hood saying his goodbyes to Will as Marian and Roland stand beside him. Mr. Gold gets into the passenger seat of Regina's car and tells her of his plans to leave Storybrooke for a trip with Belle. Regina reminds him of the restriction on the town line as people who leave can never come back, which Mr. Gold explains is why he has come to bid her farewell. Mr. Gold expresses knowledge of Henry's attempts to snoop around his shop and wonders if she can tell him what he was looking for. Regina explains Henry was hoping to find a clue about the Author's identity in the hopes he could rewrite her story. Mr. Gold admits he has no idea who the Author is, and Regina muses that villains don't get happy endings. Regina asks how Mr. Gold got his happy ending with Belle, and the latter tells her that he simply took it and advises her to do the same by letting Marian die instead of allowing Robin to leave town with her. However, Regina states she won't as she has changed from her old ways. When Mr. Gold says being good doesn't mean good things will happen, Regina remarks how Rumplestiltskin-like he sounds even though he changed. Mr. Gold corrects her, stating he actually evolved since he learned much after coming back from the dead and being enslaved by the Wicked Witch. He further says he is dictating his own fate and no Author or storybook will do it for him, and despite being a villain for so long, he is finally getting everything he wants. Grasping Regina's hand, he insists that he wants the same for her. After Mr. Gold exits the car, Regina gets out to go say goodbye to Robin. ("Heroes and Villains")

Learning her sister Zelena has been masquerading as Marian this whole time, Regina prepares her car for the journey to New York to rescue Robin from her. Emma wants to go with her, but after Regina declines, she gives her a gun for her own protection. Regina's plans to head for New York are then put on hold when she and Emma find out Cruella De Vil is holding Henry as her hostage. ("Sympathy for the De Vil")

After Third Curse

Upon returning to Storybrooke after getting rid of her darker self, Regina stands near her car as she and Henry talk about what happened. ("An Untold Story")

Outside the town hall building, Regina and her allies assume their positions in their plan to capture Mr. Hyde. Regina uses Dr. Jekyll as bait to goad Hyde out of the building before Emma fires a taser to shock Hyde, who crashes onto Regina's car. David and Hook then haul Hyde up and drag him away. ("The Savior")

During Fourth Curse
As the Dark Curse is active in Storybrooke, Fiona takes Regina's place as the town mayor, in addition to now owning Regina's car. She gets out of the car to enter the pawnshop to pay a visit to Mr. Gold and his son Gideon. Later when Mr. Gold comes to her asking her to reopen the case regarding Belle's disappearance from Storybrooke, Fiona lets him into her car, where she shows him photographic evidence of Belle traveling around the world as proof she willingly abandoned him and Gideon. She insists he couldn't be the man Belle wanted but he can still be the man that his son needs by accepting the truth and moving on from the past. Mr. Gold thanks her for the advice and leaves the car, while Fiona watches him walk off as she smiles triumphantly. ("The Final Battle Part 1")

After Fourth Curse
On the first day of Henry's senior year of high school, Regina gifts him a car key to her car, which she believes he'll need for next year when he goes to Storybrooke College. However, Henry admits that might not be for him and he is considering schools outside of Storybrooke. He then heads to the car, telling his mother that he'll bring it back without a scratch. Later, Granny lends Henry some tools so she can work on the car motor engine. After Granny leaves to get lunch for him, Henry confesses to Regina that he hit a curb and dinged the passenger side door. Regina assures him it's fine as she has had similar experiences while driving and then gives him applications from other schools. ("Is This Henry Mills?")

After Fifth Curse
After the realms have become united, Zelena drives her sister's car and takes Regina along for the ride to a special destination. During the drive, they notice Maleficent flying overhead in her dragon form. Zelena comments on the fact Maleficent didn't RVSP to the event they are headed for, to which Regina asks where exactly they are going. ("Leaving Storybrooke")


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