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The tree and I share something in common. Neither of us can leave the palace and neither of us truly belongs.
—The Evil Queen to the Genie of Agrabah src

Regina's Apple Tree is a plant featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the first episode of the first season.


Before First Curse

Growing up in her father's estate in the Enchanted Forest, a young Regina often meets her lover, the stable boy Daniel, by the apple tree. ("Mother")

Years later, Regina is living at the palace with her husband, King Leopold, when he returns one day with the Genie. After finding her by the apple tree, which she brought over from her father's estate, the Genie has an emotional discussion with Regina, who he begins feeling sorry for as she is so emotionally neglected by the king. King Leopold learns from Regina's diary she is having an affair with another man, and as punishment, locks her up. Regina's father, fearing his daughter's fate, meets with the Genie under the apple tree and gives him a box. He claims the item in the box will free Regina, which turns out to be a poisonous viper. Regina attempts to kill herself by allowing the vipers to bite her, but the Genie uses them to murder King Leopold instead. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree")

At Daniel's grave, Regina finds a yellow rose left by none other than Cora. Her mother regrets killing Regina's lover and desires to help her find love again since hearing about a fairy who located her soul mate who bears a lion tattoo. Regina doesn't believe her until Cora sets her up with the man with the lion tattoo. After casual conversation with the man under the apple tree; Regina, however, uses magic to take off the fake tattoo and coerces him into confessing that Cora set her up so she could bear a child. ("Mother")

Some time later, after the Evil Queen has successfully put Snow White under a Sleeping Curse, she is tending to her apple tree one day when a knight approaches carrying the Magic Mirror, who has bad news for her. When he shows Prince Charming awakening Snow White from the Sleeping Curse with true love's kiss, the Queen is furious. Upon hearing Snow White state she would like to take back the kingdom, the Queen makes immediate plans to stop her. ("Lost Girl")

During First Curse

When the Dark Curse is cast by none other than the Queen, her apple tree goes with it and manifests near the Storybrooke Town Hall.

After Storybrooke mayor Regina realizes Henry's birth mother Emma still has not left town, she offers her some apples; explaining that she picked them from her honey crisp tree and provides some background history on the tree. Henry warns Emma not to eat apples from Regina's tree and throws it away.

Later, Regina is tending her apple tree outside of her work office when Sidney Glass brings her a copy of the latest edition of the Daily Mirror, which shows a mugshot photo of Emma.

Frustrated with Regina's attempts to scare her out of town, Emma takes a chainsaw to the tree and begins cutting off the branches. Regina sees her through the window and comes out, demanding to know what Emma is doing. After arresting Emma at the mayor's urging, Sheriff Graham goes to talk to Regina and, once again, finds her in the yard tending to her damaged tree. Sheriff Graham is convinced Emma was set up by Regina, and the charges pending against her for stealing Henry's psychiatric file from his therapist, Dr. Archie Hopper, are untrue. Regina grows agitated the sheriff is doubting her, and switches up the conversation to how Graham's crush on Emma is clouding his judgement as sheriff, and that as mayor she could easily take away his job for good. ("The Thing You Love Most")

Regina has a nightmare in which the townspeople remember their lives from the Enchanted Forest, and seek her out for vengeance. They tie to her apple tree in the town center, with the putrefied apples so rotten that they turn into a black ooze when squished in Emma's hand. After Regina wakes from this nightmare, she notices that her apple tree is actually rotting and confronts Mr. Gold about it being a sign that the curse is breaking. He feigns disinterest and remarks perhaps it is her fertilizer. ("An Apple Red as Blood")

After First Curse
After the breaking of the curse, Regina becomes frustrated with her difficulty in using magic. Reclaiming her mother's old spell book from Mr. Gold's pawnshop, she then sits on a bench in the apple tree courtyard of her mayoral office. Upon opening the book to a tree rejuvenation spell, she inhales the magical vapors of the book; restoring her magic and replenishing the dying apple tree. ("We Are Both")

Before Second Curse

During Second Curse
At New York City's Central Park, Henry sees a certain apple tree that looks identical to Regina's tree. However, because of his erased memories, he does not recognize it. ("A Curious Thing")

After Second Curse
Since regaining his memories from touching the storybook, Henry reunites with his adoptive mother, Regina, who gives him a kiss of true love, which breaks the curse. As the two catch up on lost time, he discusses his time in New York City during the missing year. Henry recalls seeing an apple tree in Central Park that looked identical to hers. ("A Curious Thing")


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  • In "The Thing You Love Most", Regina claims to Emma that her apples are from a Honeycrisp tree. However, the apples in the basket, on the tree and everywhere else that apples are used in the set dressing are Red Delicious, which have a totally different shape and color from Honeycrisp apples. Honeycrisp apples were not commercially available until 1991, and must be specifically bred.


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