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I might not know where the Queen stashed something important, but I do know where Anastasia might.
Will Scarlet to Alice and the White Rabbit src

The Red Wagon is a Wonderland location on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It first appears in the fifth episode.


Before First Curse

Will Scarlet and Anastasia travel to Wonderland by stepping though a looking glass. The lovers end up living in a wagon and scrounging for food. While looking for berries, Will finds a magic mushroom and breaks off a piece, intending to use it for stew, but Anastasia stops him, saying that these are the mushrooms that makes one grow big and they can barely fit in the wagon as it is. He asks if the wagon is too small for her, but she assures him that it isn't. ("Heart of Stone")

Having accepted a marriage proposal from the Red King, Anastasia meets Will, who has sneaked into the king's castle. Will hopes her decision to marry the Red King is nothing but a con to steal the throne and riches before they leave for home. She claims to be doing the best thing for herself as well as him, but is clearly moved when he reminisces about all the good times they had together. As the guards burst in to apprehend him, Will, before disappearing down the balcony, requests that she meet him at their old wagon so they can run away together. The next morning, instead of Anastasia, the Queen of Hearts shows up at the wagon early to inform him that his former flame will not be arriving. Crushed, Will asks her to take out his heart, desperate to alleviate the heartache, even though he won't ever be able to love again. After the request is fulfilled, he leaves the wagon with his belongings as she pockets his heart.

Deciding the marriage to the king is a mistake, Anastasia packs up her things and tries to leave the castle just as the Queen of Hearts shows up. Using magic, the older woman shows her the wagon's location, where Will is not there. Anastasia, who doesn't know that the Queen of Hearts tricked Will, believes that he didn't show up, especially when the Queen of Hearts implies he stood her up and suggests this part of her life is over since Will will likely never trust or love her again. ("Heart of the Matter")

After First Curse

The Red Queen kidnaps and withholds the White Rabbit's wife and two children in the old wagon, in order to force the White Rabbit to follow her absolute orders or else harm will come to them. Inside the wagon, the wife and children make some semblance of a home under a cloth covered table.

The Red Queen is told by Tweedledum that Cyrus has been captured in the forest and travels on a carriage to force Cyrus to come along with her. The queen makes a stop at the abandoned wagon. Making Cyrus wait outside, she throws the wagon door open with magic. Inside, an old pink dress, from her first days in Wonderland, is hanging. She gazes it at longingly, and then moves on to a case, where she has hidden Cyrus' genie bottle. She extracts it and leaves for outside.

Will and Alice both sympathize with the White Rabbit's plight and decide to rescue his family. Will has an idea of where the Red Queen might have taken them, and they arrive at the abandoned wagon which he and Anastasia once lived in. Inside, he finds an empty box that once contained Cyrus' genie bottle and comes out with the White Rabbit's wife and two children. ("Home")

In Storybrooke, Cyrus and Alice enter Will's home in search of his missing heart. Alice thinks that Will has many nice things and states that it is a step up from his old wagon. Meanwhile, Will and the Red Queen are both trapped in Jafar's dungeon. When the queen states that she still loves him, Will refuses to believe her, saying that if she loved him, she would have shown up at the wagon. ("Heart of the Matter")


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  1. The back of the red wagon:
    External screenshot from "Heart of the Matter"
    The back of Myrna and Martin's wagon:
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