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This article focuses on the first iteration of the Tower.
For the second iteration, see Gothel's Tower.

Before I could return home, a witch appeared, her face hidden under a cloak. She attacked me, chased me into this tower.
Rapunzel to Prince Charming src

Rapunzel's Tower is an Enchanted Forest location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the fourteenth episode of the third season.

Rapunzel's Tower is based on a location of the same name from the fairytale, "Rapunzel".


Before First Curse

After her elder brother's death, Princess Rapunzel becomes the next-in-line to inherit her parents' kingdom. Unsure of her leadership skills, she tries to get rid of these worries by venturing to Sherwood Forest and ingesting night root, a plant that can remove one's fears. Instead, Rapunzel faces an unexpected consequence when her fear takes a physical form as her cloaked doppelganger, who chases her up a tower, although the princess mistakes the stranger for a witch instead. Her further attempts to escape are stopped by the witch, and thus, Rapunzel remains stuck in the tower for years as her appearance remains unchanged, but her braided hair grows to an extensive length. When the first curse is cast, Sherwood Forest is one of the areas, while protected by Cora's magic, that are unaffected. Even after the curse is broken, Rapunzel is still not able to find a way to leave the tower. ("The Tower")

Before Second Curse

Prince Charming, soon to be a father for the second time, fears being a bad parent after recently losing his first child. Prompted by Robin Hood's advice, he heads to Sherwood Forest to dig up night root and eliminate his inner turmoil by magical means. From her tower window, Rapunzel sees him and shouts for help. Using her hair as a rope of sorts, Prince Charming climbs up. After Rapunzel tells him the story of how she became trapped in the tower, he promises to lead her out, but they are confronted by the cloaked witch. When the witch reveals herself to be a manifestation of Rapunzel's fears, Prince Charming convinces the princess that the only way to save herself is to fight against it. As the doppelganger climbs up the tower to Rapunzel, she severs her hair, which sends her fear apparent pummeling to its death. Finally free, the princess leaves the tower with Prince Charming and journeys home to her parents. ("The Tower")


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