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Because I know how to recognize a child of the moon.
—Quinn to Red Riding Hood src

Quinn is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the seventh episode of the second season and is portrayed by guest star Ben Hollingsworth.


Before First Curse

Quinn is a member of Anita's wolf pack. One night, he secretly follows Red Riding Hood and Snow White through the forest when they are being chased by the Queen's men. While Red Riding Hood is at a stream, he runs and steals her red cloak. She chases and finds him about to burn the item. She begs him not to, and he reveals that he knows what she truly is and he can help her. He leads her underground to a secret room and introduces her to Anita, her mother.

Some time later, Snow White is captured and brought into the wolf den after wandering around the area looking for her missing friend. Red Riding Hood convinces the pack Snow White is not dangerous. She confesses to Snow White she is going to stay with her family, the rest of the wolves. As they are saying goodbye, the Evil Queen's men burst into the den and try to force their way to Snow White. While the wolves are fighting them, Quinn is killed by an arrow to the heart. Anita blames Snow White for Quinn's sudden death, and attempts to kill her as well. In the midst of Red Riding Hood protecting Snow White, Anita becomes impaled and dies. ("Child of the Moon")

Magical Ability


Production Notes

  • The original casting call described him as, "Quinn, 25-30, who was disowned by his parents when they discovered he was a warlock. He discovered a group of people who share his belief that magical abilities are good rather than bad."[1]

Costume Notes



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