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Did I hear that right?
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SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Emma Swan enters Granny's Diner. Granny opens the door.

Granny: If you want privacy, talk fast. We open in twenty and no one gets between Leroy and his bacon.
Hook: Is there any sign of our quarry?
Emma: I went all over that farm house and the land around it. Nothing.
David Nolan: Well, now that the sun's up, we should hit every place Gold might go. His house, shop, his cabin.
Emma: 'Cause dead men love vacation homes. Can someone explain to me how this is even possible? We all saw Gold, he...
Mary Margaret: Disappeared into nothingness, I know.
Hook: I might have an inkling. When we went back to the Enchanted Forest, Neal was talking about the possibility of getting his father back.
David: What? How?
Hook: He didn't know how. He just... He missed his family. He was desperate to find a way to return to this world. He believed that bringing his father back was the key.
Emma: Well, if that was his plan, then obviously something went wrong. Because, while Gold might be alive and kicking, Neal is... He is... We don't know what he is. We don't even know, if he made it back to Storybrooke. No one's seen him since this new curse.
David: He's out there somewhere.
Regina Mills: With all due respect, we have bigger issues right now, than who brought Gold back. The fact that he was in the Wicked Witch's basement for one. I wanna know what the hell she was cooking up with him.
Mary Margaret: Well, the best way to find that out, would be to ask Gold, right?
David: He tells who the witch is, maybe how to track her down.
Regina: I'm gonna head back to that farmhouse. It's possible this witch left behind some trace of potion or special ingredient.
Emma: Try about it. Just be careful.
Regina: Well, she's the one who needs to be careful. She invaded my space. When I return the favor, I'm not pulling any punches.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Holding the Dark One’s Dagger in one hand Zelena stands in the woods.

Zelena: I summon the Dark One. (Nothing happens. Frowning, Zelena tries again.) Rumplestiltskin! (sighs) It's not working. The Dark One's broken free and he knows far too much. (A flying monkey approaches Zelena) Find him, beautiful one. Find him, now. (Shrieking, the monkey takes wing.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Mr. Gold can be seen running through the woods.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Mr. Gold Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer.

Belle: So,... So, Rumple is alive? I mean, how is that even possible?
Emma: We were hoping you might be able to tell us that. You know him and the shop better than anyone. If he's in Storybrooke, there has to be a clue in here about how he got back and how we can find him, now that he is.
Belle: Yeah, I'll... I'll start looking right away.
David: Keep your eyes out for him, too. If he comes into town,...
Belle: He'll come to me. Yeah, I know.
Hook: I will stay here with you. I'm surprisingly good at research.
Belle: (faces Hook) You will stay with me?
Emma: He'll protect you, if the witch comes.
Belle: You do know he'd tried to kill me?
Hook: Well, there were extenuating circumstances.
Belle: Twice.
Hook: Sorry.
Emma: You really know how to charm a girl, don't you?
Hook: This will be my way of making it up to you.
Belle: Fine.
Emma: All right, we should really get out into the woods.
David: Hey, maybe you should stay home.
Mary Margaret: Me? I'm the best tracker here.
David: I know, but we'll manage. Remember, what Zelena said you need your rest.
Emma (approaches Belle) Belle, thank you for your help. Don't worry, we’re gonna find him.
Belle: Okay. Thank you.

SCENE: Enchanted Forest. Past, one year ago. The Dark castle.

Belle: If there's anyone who can defeat that witch and get you back to your family, it's the Dark One. The way to resurrect him has to be here.
Neal: You really believe in him, don't you?
Belle: I love him. All of him. Even... Even the parts that belong to the darkness.
Neal: Yeah, it took me a while to see past all that... to the good man trying to get out.
Belle: He did get out.
Neal: Yeah, he did. Irony is, now I need the dark part. In order to get to the ones I care about. (Belle notices Neal taking a closer look at the swan keychain)
Belle: What is that?
Neal: A necklace. It was Emma's. It was supposed to represent our life together. I don't know how it survived the trip.
Belle: Because, it was born out of true love. Now, come with me. I think I know where we can find what we need. (Belle leads Neal to the castle’s library.)
Neal: You think there's magic in here?
Belle: No, something better than magic. Books. Books on history. Witchcraft. And hopefully, some on the Dark One, too.
Neal: Where do we start?
Belle: (lights the Lumiere) One shelf at a time.
Lumiere: Hello there.
Belle: (to Neal) Did you... Did you say something?
Lumiere: Over here. (Belle and Neal turn around) Allow me to introduce myself.
Neal: What the hell?
Lumiere: No need to be frightened. I am but a humble servant of this castle. My name is Lumiere.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Mr. Gold Pawnbroker and Antiquities Dealer. Belle hands Hook a book.

Belle: Uh, watch the cover of that one.
Hook: I'm dealing with a hook here. (A noise can be heard coming from the door of the shop. Someone is trying to get in. Hurriedly, Belle scrambles down from the ladder and enters the shop.)
Belle: It's him. It's Rumple. (Pushing harder Neal Cassidy finally succeeds entering the shop. Then, he collapses on the shop’s floor. Belle crouches down beside him.) Neal? Neal?

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Blanchard Apartment. Henry Mills is doing his homework. Emma enters.

Emma: Henry. (She places a cocao and a paper bag in front of him.)
Henry: Mom. Were you out all night? I never heard you come in.
Emma: I was working. But I got you breakfast because I'm supermom. Some cocoa and sesame bagel.
Henry: (Opening the bag and looking inside) That's a bagel?
Emma: Sorry, kid, we’re not in Manhattan anymore. (Emma prepares to leave)
Henry: Are you going back out?
Emma: I got to, yeah. You remember Leroy, right? He's going fishing with some buddies today. You want to go?
Henry: (nods) Yeah, I'll go. Because I love fishing. Not, because I believe you.
Emma: What?
Henry: You know you're not fooling me, right? Something's up.
Emma: I'm working a case. You know how I get focused.
Henry: No, it's more than that. It's this town. All these old friends you've never mentioned and people whispering around me all the time. There's something that you're not telling me.
Emma: It's a dirty business being a bail bonds person. I don't want to soil your sweet head.
Henry: You're not getting off that easy. If you can't tell me the truth, then I wanna to go home. Back to New York. (Emma’s cell phone rings.)
Emma: (to Henry) Sorry. (answers the call) Hello. What? I'll be right there. (Emma ends the call.) I got to go, Henry.
Henry: Mom, really, what's going on?
Emma: (sighs) You got me, okay? Something is up. And it just got even more complicated. So, for now, can you just trust me that I'm doing what's best and I'll fill you in later?
Henry: (nods) I trust you. (Emma gives Henry a smile)
Emma: Thanks, Henry. Love you. (Emma exits.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Storybrooke General Hospital. David Nolan and Emma Swan enter Neal's room. Hook and Belle are present.

Emma: Neal. You're here. What happened?
Neal: I... I don't know. I remember seeing the yellow bug cross the town line and next thing I know, I'm running around a forest back in Storybrooke, where, apparently, has been a whole lot going on.
Hook: Are you gonna tell him or shall I?
Neal: Tell me what?
David: Neal, we think your dad's back.
Neal: (in disbelief) Back? I just watched him die. What do you mean he's back.
Emma: Take it easy. (Emma takes a closer look at Neal’s palm. Scars form a triangle. Beneath base and both sides of the triangle there’s an additional wave shaped scare) What the hell is that? (David takes a picture.)
Neal: No idea. It was there when I woke up.
Emma: (turns to Belle) Belle, can you do some more research?
Belle: Yeah, sure. Absolutely.
Emma: I'll send you the picture.
Belle: Okay.
Neal: Guys, can we have a minute?
David: Yeah, of course. (Hook, David and Belle leave the room. Emma sits down on Neal’s bed.)
Neal: It's good to see you. And even better to have you remember me.
Emma: It's good to see you, too.
Neal: Has it really been a year?
Emma: (nods) Yeah.
Neal: When can I see Henry?
Emma: Neal, I don't...
Neal: (interrupts Emma) I know, okay? I can't just come barging back into your life, but...
Emma: (interrupts him) No, it's not that. My memories came back, but his... he doesn't remember anything. The curse. His old life.
Neal: Me.
Emma: You.
Neal: What does he know about his father?
Emma: What I knew until about a week ago, which was that you let me go to jail and never came back for us.
Neal: But I didn't have a choice. You know that.
Emma: Yeah, I do know that, now, but I didn't during that whole year.
Neal: So, my son has no clue who I really am? He just thinks I'm the jerk that abandoned him? We have to get his memories back. We have to fix this. There has to be somebody who can. The Blue Fairy or my father that...
Emma: Neal. He was really happy in New York with our life.
Neal: You don't want him to get his memories back?
Emma: Maybe that's for the best.
Neal: (angry) But I'm his father. I want him to know who I am.

SCENE: Enchanted Forest. Past, one year ago. Dark Castle.

Belle: I don't understand. I’ve dusted every book and cranny in this place. How have our paths never crossed?
Lumiere: It's a big castle and I was woefully underutilized. Sadly, I only awaken, when my candles are lit. Those are the rules of my punishment.
Neal: Punishment by who?
Lumiere: Whom do you think? Does he even know where he is? Rumplestiltskin, of course. We made a deal long ago and when I couldn't live up to my end, he made sure, I paid the price. He's not here, is he?
Belle: No, he's... He is dead.
Neal: We’re trying to bring him back. You said you spent a lot of time here. Do you know anything that could restore the Dark One?
Lumiere: I know a great many things.
Neal: Please, you gotta help us. If you don't, I'll never see my family again.
Lumiere: Boohoo. Why should I help resurrect the man who put me in this wax prison?
Belle: The Rumplestiltskin you knew may have seemed cold and hard, but he's changed since then. If you help us, I know he'll restore you to your human form. Please.
Lumiere: The bookcase behind you. Bottom cabinet. You'll know it, once you see it. (Belle opens the cabinet.) It's a volume befitting the Dark One. (Belle takes out a heavy book, bound in leather and opens it. Neal watches her.)
Neal: What the hell kind of book is that?
Belle: This isn't a book. It's a hiding spot. (Taking out an item she examines it closely.)
Neal: What's that?
Lumiere: It's a key. (A triangle is engraved in the key’s bow.) To the vault of the Dark One.
Belle: The vault of the Dark One?
Lumiere: Where the first Dark One was made. Born out of... well, darkness. If you wish to bring Rumplestiltskin back to life, this is, where you must go.
Belle: Will you guide us on our journey?
Lumiere: If your promises that the Dark One will return me to my human form are true, then, yes, will. (Neal places the key back inside the hiding spot and then closes the book.)
Neal: We leave first thing in the morning. (Neal blows out the candles. Belle and Neal leave the room. The Wicked Witch enters.)
Wicked Witch: Nicely done. I don't think, they suspected you for an instant. Which says more about them, then it does about you. That Belle isn't as smart as she thinks. And this son of his - dumber than a box of hair.
Lumiere: They're merely desperate to bring back their Rumplestiltskin.
Wicked Witch: Not only desperate. Blind.
Lumiere: Release me. I’ve added you enough.
Wicked Witch: I'd watch your tone, Candle. There's more to be done and you shall do it, unless you desire being the wax seal on an envelope.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Blanchard Apartment. Mary Margaret opens the door. Zelena enters.

Mary Margaret: Whoa, you got here fast.
Zelena: Well, I could hear a little panic in your voice, (places a bag containing groceries on the table) but I am here to tell you, there's no need to be anxious, when you haven't felt your baby move for a while. It doesn't mean a thing. Here. (Zelena takes a bottle out of the bag.)
Mary Margaret: Orange juice?
Zelena: Trust me. See, babies move less, right before you go into labor. So, it's possible you're closer to delivery than we think. (Zelena fills a glass and hands it to Mary Margaret.) Here.
Mary Margaret: Maybe. Maybe, I'm just anxious because of everything that's going on. With getting ready for the baby, I mean.
Zelena: (nods) And the Wicked Witch. Everyone in town is talking about it. Have you found out anything more about her?
Mary Margaret: No, and I'm cooped up here, while everyone else is out there working hard to find her.
Zelena: Hey. Hey. No one is working as hard as you are right now. I mean, you're creating a whole new person. (Both chuckle.) Now, drink up.
Mary Margaret: Right. (After drinking the juice, Mary Margaret relaxes.) Oh, wow.
Zelena: Works every time. (Zelena rests her hand on Mary Margaret’s belly. She chuckles.)
Mary Margaret: You're amazing.
Zelena: The little prince or princess could be here any day. I'm not letting you have this baby without me. (She gives Mary Margaret a smile. Mary Margaret sighs with relief.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Walking down the street Regina Mills approaches Zelena's Farmhouse. A twig breaks. Hearing the cracking sound Regina turns around.

Regina: Show yourself, you winged freak.
(His cover blown Robin Hood looses an arrow at Regina and steps out of the underbrush. Regina is able to catch the arrow midair.)
Robin Hood: Apologies, Milady. I thought you were the Wicked Witch.
Regina: And I thought you were a flying monkey.
Robin: I do hope my mistake hasn't cost me my head, your Majesty.
Regina: So, you know who I am?
Robin: Your reputation in the Enchanted Forest precedes you.
Regina: I didn't catch your name.
Robin: Robin of Locksley. At your service. (Regina drops the arrow down into Hood’s extended hand.)
Regina: The thief.
Robin: Well, as we’re tossing labels around, aren't you technically known as the Evil Queen?
Regina: I prefer Regina. (glances at crossbow and arrows) You think, you can bring down the Wicked Witch with sticks?
Robin: I'm certainly going to try.
Regina: I'm afraid, we’re too late. She's long gone.
Robin: Well, perhaps she left a trail.
Regina: I was hoping the same thing.
Robin: Well then, you've got yourself a partner.
Regina: (walks around Hood) I don't remember asking for one.
Robin: You didn't.
Regina: (sighs) Just don't get in my way.
Robin: (nods) I wouldn't dream of it.
Regina: (thoughtful) Have... have we met before?
Robin: I doubt, I'd ever forget meeting you. Unless, of course, it was during that pesky year no one can recall. All the more reason to find that witch. Perhaps she can offer some insight into our lost memories.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Storybrooke General Hospital. Hook enters Neal’s room.

Hook: Thought, you could use some sustenance. (places a bowl of jelly before Neal.)
Neal: Nothing like a green blob to get the appetite going.
Hook: Well, I gather it has great medicinal properties.
Neal: They put you on babysitting duty, huh? What, no one trusted me to stay here?
Hook: Emma's simply concerned about you. She thought it best you weren't out in the cold running after your father.
Neal: Thank you, by the way.
Hook: For playing nanny?
Neal: For getting Emma the message to come back.
Hook: You would have done the same.
Neal: Yeah. What's it feel like to play the hero after being a pirate for so long?
Hook: Unfamiliar. And you? How does it feel to play the villain?
Neal: I'm a villain now?
Hook: Well, if you truly had hand in bringing your father back, I suspect you had to use the darkest of magic and paid an even darker price, though I'm sure you felt the end justified the means. (Neal gets up)
Neal: I should be out there looking for him and set things right with him and my son. Question is, are you gonna stand in my way?
Hook: I am in your way. (hugs Neal)
Neal: What the hell are you doing?
Hook: This is long overdue. Sometimes, when I look at you all I see is a man. I forget then beneath it all you're still that boy, the one I looked after all those years ago.
Neal: Yeah, I haven't forgotten.
Hook: We got caught up in so much nonsense over a women.
Neal: I need to do this, Killian. You know that, right?
Hook: (stepping aside) You've got ten minutes. Then, I alert the others you've gone.
Neal: Thank you.

SCENE: Enchanted Forest. Past, one year ago. Near the Vault of the Dark One.

Belle: Ever since it happened I haven't been able to stop thinking about Rumple's sacrifice. I mean, how he died to save everyone in Storybrooke.
Neal: You know, that wasn't it. He died to save us. His family.
Belle: At least, he died a hero.
Neal: Were you surprised he had it in him?
Belle: Of course not. Were you?
Neal: I don't know. I mean, my papa was never the most selfless guy. I know, he wished, he'd never let me go through that portal. I know, how sorry he was, but now, that I have a son of my own, I can't imagine ever doing what he did.
Belle: He regretted what happened with you so much. He was willing to do anything to get back to you.
Neal: Well, that's one thing about him I can relate to because I would do anything to get back to Henry.
Belle: It's getting colder. (Neal and Belle enter a clearing. Snow lies on the ground) Look.
Neal: Come on, lets get what we came here for. Let's get my father.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. The woods.

David: So, how was Neal?
Emma: It was hard. Henry makes it complicated. It's not just about me. He's hoping Gold can help bring his memories back.
David: That would be an added bonus to finding him.
Emma: Would it? A couple of days ago I would have thought that was true, but now...
David: Now what? How's he gonna stay in Storybrooke without them? (Emma remains silent.) Unless, you're not planning to. You think, you'll go back to New York after we break the curse?
Emma: A week ago Henry and I were playing video games and eating fruit roll-ups. Now, I'm chasing after the Dark One, hoping he can help me find the Wicked Witch of the West. (Somewhere near by Mr. Gold screams. Hurriedly, both, Emma and David head into the direction of the sound. Kneeling on the ground Mr. Gold holds his head in both hands and groans with pain. Emma crouches down beside him.) Gold, are you alright?
Mr. Gold: No! No! Not alright. Not alright. (in panic) I can't quiet the voices.
Emma: We know that you were held captive by the witch. Do you know where she is?
Mr. Gold: (nods) Yeah, she is... (Pain strikes him again) There's no room. No room. (In panic) There's too many voices. Too many voices!
David: We got to get him out of here. (Shrieking a flying monkey attacks from above. David charges him with his sword. Hurt the monkey falls to the ground. Mr. Gold gets up and flees the scene.)
Emma: Gold!
David: He's getting away. (to Emma) I hold it off. Go! (Emma heads after Mr. Gold, who’s running through the woods.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Witch Farm House. Regina scours a shelf for a hint. Robin Hood watches her.

Regina: Nothing useful here. Unfortunately.
Robin: So, none of these contain magical properties?
Regina: Well, a good witch covers her tracks, but a better one can uncover them. We'll find her. Just be patient. (continues searching for a hint)
Robin: You know, I’ve heard many stories about the great and terrible Evil Queen. But, from this ankle the „evil“ moniker seems somewhat of an overstatement. Bold and audacious, perhaps (pauses), but not evil.
Regina: (turns around to face him) The name served me well. Fear is quite an effective tool.
Robin: (stepping closer he takes a bottle of whiskey from the shelf) What about this? Is this magical?
Regina: Not exactly, but it is a liquid that can conjure courage, give strength or even act as a love portion of sorts. (laughing) It's called "whiskey“ and no, it's not magical. Especially not the next day. (Robin Hood nods. Reaching up he takes two glasses down from the shelf. He gives Regina a questioning look.) You wanna have a drink? Now?
Robin: Well, in the last few days we’ve survived a curse, (rolls up his sleeve) woken up in an entirely new realm and forgotten a year of our lives. (He pours two glasses and hands one to Regina) I'd say we’ve earned it. Wouldn't you? (Regina gives him a smile. As she notices the lion tattoo on Hood’s right arm, her smile fades away. The tattoo strikes a chord with Regina.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. A tavern. Tinker Bell and Regina share a drink.

Tinker Bell: You need love.
Regina: You're gonna help me find another soulmate?

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. Tinkerbell and Regina walk together.They stop outside of a bar. Looking through a bar’s window Tinker Bell indicates a man to Regina, who glows greenish. As a waitress refills his cup a lion tattoo can be seen on his right arm.)

Tinker Bell: There he is - the guy with the lion tattoo.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Witch Farm House. Stunned, Regina refuses to take the offered glass.

Robin: (puzzled) Is something wrong? (Without a word Regina leaves the house.) Regina!

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Somewhere in the woods. Emma is looking for Mr. Gold. Noticing someone moving through the trees she calls for him.

Emma: Gold!
Neal: Emma!
Emma: Neal, what the hell are you doing here?
Neal: You expect me to stay in bed while you're looking for my dad?
Emma: Right. I forgot, who I was dealing with.
Neal: You got a bead on him?
Emma: David and I just saw him, but he took off again.
Neal: So, it's true? He's alive?
Emma: Yeah, he is.
Neal: How he'd seem?
Emma: (sighs) Uh, I don't know what that witch did with him, but he seems a little crazy. When I asked him about her, it was like he wanted to tell me, but he couldn't.
Neal: Well, he can't be far. Come on. (Neal is about to head off, but then he notices that Emma gives him a worried look.) You wanna waste time dragging me back to the hospital? `Cause that's the only way you gonna get me there.
Emma: Fine. Let's go.

SCENE: Enchanted Forest. Past, one year ago. The Dark One’s vault. Neal lights Lumiere.

Lumiere: You found it. Thank heavens.
Neal: Now what?
Lumiere: Get to the center of the clearing. Under the ice and snow you shall find the entryway to the vault. (Neal successfully clears the vault’s entrance.)
Neal: Belle! (Belle kneels down beside Neal.)
Belle: Yeah, the key must go in the middle.
Neal: (turns around to face Lumiere) Are you sure about this?
Lumiere: I’ve spent 200 years in Rumplestiltskin's library witnessing more dark magic and sorcery than any living creature has ever seen.
Belle: I'm... I'm sorry. How long did you say you were there?
Lumiere: 200 years, at least.
Belle: (faces Neal) He's lying. (to Lumiere) Rumple built that library for me, not long before the curse. It's been there barely 30 years.
Neal: Who are you? Unless, you wanna spend the rest of eternity under a snowdrift, you better start talking.
Lumiere: I am, who I appear to be. Only it wasn't Rumplestiltskin, who turned me into this wretched form. It was the Wicked Witch of the West.
Belle: The Wicked Witch? She told you to lead us here?
Lumiere: She wants you to bring back the Dark One, so she can control him with his dagger.
Belle: We need to leave this place.
Neal: Belle, wait. It means we can bring him back. Does it matter who got us here?
Belle: Rumple didn't sacrifice his life for good, so he could return to be a slave to evil.
Neal: My father is the king of loopholes. I'm sure he'll figure out a way to deal with her.
Belle: What, if he can't? Think what she could do, if the Dark One was under her control. We'll find another way to bring him back.
Neal: What, if there is no other way? I can't waste any more time. I need to get back. To hell with the costs!
Belle: It's what your father told himself when he forged the curse that condemned countless people to misery. Don't make the same mistake he made! (Neal places the key inside the keyhole.) Neal, wait! (Neal places a hand upon the key and opens the vault. Heated by incorporated magic the key melts the snow around the vault. Ascending the fire burns Neal’s hand and leaves a triangle shaped mark on his palm. Screaming in pain Neal draws away his hand. Finally the vault opens entirely. Slowly arising Rumplestiltskin confluences into his human form.) Rumple?

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Somewhere in the woods. Looking for Mr. Gold, Emma and Neal walk together.

Neal: So, New York, huh?
Emma: I liked the pizza.
Neal: Did Henry like it?
Emma: He loves pizza.
Neal: I meant living there in the city.
Emma: Oh, yeah. I did, too. Finally had time to do all the things we normally couldn't.
Neal: Like what?
Emma: Go to the park, seeing a movie. Go to the zoo, just do nothing. Life was good. Really good.
Neal: It didn't get lonely? Just the two of you?
Emma: Henry had tons of friends in school and I had someone. Sorry.
Neal: Why are you sorry? Of course you did. It's not like we were... or you even remembered. (Emma chuckles) Was it serious?
Emma: He proposed.
Neal: Wow.
Emma: And then he turned into a flying monkey.
Neal: Sounds intense. (chuckles and gives Emma a smile)
Emma: (chuckles) Go ahead and laugh. I almost married a monster from Oz. It's hilarious.
Neal: I almost married a minion of my evil grandfather Peter Pan. (Emma laughs) So, I know what you're saying. (They walk on for a while) Hey, I'm sorry it didn't work out.
Emma: Really?
Neal: I care about you, Emma. Always will. I just want you to be happy. Even, if it isn't with me.
Emma: We were happy. Once.
Neal: We never found Tallahassee. (Emma’s cellphone rings. Emma answers the call.)
Emma: Belle, what'd you find?
Belle: The symbol on Neal's hand. It's from an ancient talisman.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Mr. Gold Pawnbroker and Antiquities Dealer.

Belle: A key, that opens the Vault of the Dark One. I think, he may have used it. To resurrect Rumple.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Somewhere in the woods.

Belle: Back, when we were in the Enchanted Forest.
Emma: Wait, so he brought Gold back?
Belle:That's where it gets unclear.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Mr. Gold Pawnbroker and Antiquities Dealer.

Belle: The vault will only restore the Dark One in exchange for another life.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Somewhere in the woods.

Emma: Whoa. Hang on a minute. What?
Belle: It's a one-for-one trade.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Mr. Gold Pawnbroker and Antiquities Dealer.

Belle: If Neal used that key, he should be dead right now.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Somewhere in the woods. Screaming in pain, Neal collapses on the forest floor. Emma kneels down beside him.

Emma: Neal? Neal! Neal, what did you do? (Neal groans)

SCENE: Enchanted Forest. Past, one year ago. Groaning Neal collapses on the clearing’s floor.

Belle: Neal? Neal? What's wrong? (Neal groans) Are you okay? Neal! Just hold on, okay? (Neal screams in pain. Belle is unaware a resurrected Rumplestiltskin watches the scene from behind.)
Rumplestiltskin: Belle? Bae? No. (Rumplestiltskin walks over to them, taking his son into his arms.) Bae. (The Wicked Witch of the West steps out of her hiding spot in the undergrowth.)
Wicked Witch of the West: Poor Baelfire. Just couldn't learn from his father's mistakes. He wanted so badly to get back to his son. couldn't see the forest for the trees.
Rumplestiltskin: (angrily pointing the Dark One’s dagger at her) You did this. You tricked him.
Wicked Witch: All I did was pass on some vital information. (glances at Lumiere) With the help of a friend. And then, your son did the rest.
Rumplestiltskin: You didn't tell him the price.
Wicked Witch: Oops. It's a sin of omission, love. Although, I thought it was rather obvious. A life for a life.
Rumplestiltskin: It's gonna be alright, son.
Wicked Witch: I do doubt that.
Rumplestiltskin: (to Belle) Go. (Belle nods) I'm not gonna let him go. (supports Neal into an upright position. The dagger in one hand supporting Neal with the other one Rumple tries to teleport both of them elsewhere. He fails.)
Wicked Witch: Sorry, Rumple. You can't hang on to both. (Struggling a few moments longer Rumplestiltskin relinquishes his hold on the dagger. The Wicked Witch picks it up.)
Wicked Witch: Wow, I didn't think you had it in you. (She chuckles. Rumplestiltskin uses his remaining magic to absorb Neal into his body.) You got your son, but you lost yourself. (Rumplestiltskin collapses)
Belle: (sobs) Rumple?
Rumplestiltskin: No Rumple. No room! No room! No Rumple!
Wicked Witch: Enough of this. Your madness is your burden, not mine. It's time to go. But before we do, kill her. (Rumplestiltskin doesn’t move, trying to resist the command.)
Belle: (shocked) Rumple? (Puffing Lumiere produces fiery ropes entwining the Wicked Witch.)
Lumiere: I can't keep her for long. Go! Hurry! Don't make me regret this flash of conscience. Get out of here!
Wicked Witch: You're going to regret this, Candle! (Taking Lumiere with her, Belle flees the scene.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Somewhere in the woods. Suffering great pain Neal kneels opposite to Emma.

Emma: I think Gold is inside you. I think that's how you're still alive.
Neal: (doubles over) I heard my father's voice in my head. He's in there. He's in me.
Emma: He said, there was no room. He meant you.
Neal: I need you to help me, Emma. (panting) Use your magic. Separate me and my father.
Emma: Really? You'll die.
Neal: I know, but you need my dad more than me to figure out who the witch is. To save the town. You need to do this.
Emma: I’ve never done anything like that before. Not that big.
Neal: Do it. To save you and Henry. Do it, please. (Emma takes Neal’s hands in hers. Focussing her magic on him there’s a sudden flash of white light. Neal collapses on the forest floor. Now, Mr. Gold kneels opposite to Emma.)
Emma: (panting) Neal? Neal, are you okay? (Emma rushes to Neal’s side in order to support him.)
Mr. Gold: (shocked) What have you done?
Neal: (feeble voice) It's okay, papa. I told her to.
Mr. Gold: But why?
Neal: So, you can tell her, who the witch is. So you can defeat her.
Mr. Gold: (promptly speaking, his eyes still fixed on Neal) Zelena.
Emma: What?
Mr. Gold: (speaking up) Zelena.
Emma: She's the witch? What does she want?
Mr. Gold: (He slighly shakes his head) What she doesn't have.
Emma: There has to be some way you can save him, right?
Mr. Gold: No. (He gets up and turns away.)
Neal: It's too late, Emma.
Emma: (sobbing) Just hang in there, please. You never even had a chance to see Henry. For him to remember you.
Neal: It's ok. (labored breathing) He doesn't need to. He just needs to know that, in the end, I was a good father. (Overhearing the conversation Mr. Gold turns around again and watches the scene. His son hands Emma a necklace.) I saved this for you to give to you again. Take it. Go find Tallahassee. Even, if it's without me.
Emma: (sobbing) Neal.
Neal: Hey, I'll be watching over you guys from somewhere. Promise me... (struggling to breath) just promise,... Promise me, you'll both be happy.
Emma: (sobbing) I promise. I promise. (hugs Neal.)
Mr. Gold: (kneeling down beside his son) No, no, no. I can fix this.
Neal: No, you can't. You can't. (labored breathing) Thank you, papa. For showing me, what it is to make a true sacrifice. It's about saving the ones that you love.
Mr. Gold: (sobs) No.
Neal: It's my turn, now.
Mr. Gold: No, I don't want to let you go.
Neal: I need you to. Please, let go.
Mr. Gold: I love you, son.
Neal: I love you, papa. (Neal breaths out one last time. Rigor mortis sets in. Mr. Gold raises Neal’s hand to his lips. Subsequently reaching out carefully Mr. Gold closes his son’s eyelids.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Blanchard Apartment. David and Emma storm into the room.

Mary Margaret: (startled) David, what's going on?
Emma: Where's Zelena?
Mary Margaret: In the bathroom. Why? (David unsheathes his sword. Pistole at hand Emma kicks the door open. The bathroom is empty.)
David: She had to know we were coming.
Emma: I'll call Regina. We need to get a protection spell around this apartment right away.
Mary Margaret: Does anyone want to tell me what's going on?
David: I'm just glad, you're safe.
Mary Margaret: (alarmed) Of course, I'm safe. Why wouldn't I be safe?
David: It's Zelena.
Emma: She's the Wicked Witch.
Mary Margaret: What? How do you know?
Emma: Gold told us. Neal brought him back before...
Mary Margaret: Before what, Emma? What happened?
Emma: Neal's dead.
Mary Margaret: (hugs her daughter) Emma, I'm so sorry. (sighs)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Somewhere in the woods. Sitting on a tree trunk, Mr. Gold fixes his eyes on his son’s corpse. Approaching him Zelena interrupts Mr. Gold’s mourning.

Zelena: That was rather ill-timed, your son coming to the surface. Staging that little escape. (chuckles) I can see, he'll no longer be a problem.
Mr. Gold: (making no efforts to suppress his hatred of Zelena) My son may be gone, but he gave his life, so I could tell the savior, who you really are, Zelena. And now, it's only a matter of time before she and the others find you and kill you. Unless, of course, I'll manage it first. (Swiftly he gets up)
Zelena: (unsheathes the Dark One’s Dagger) Please, you can't hurt me. But you're more than welcome to try. (Mr. Gold staggers backwards.) I do so enjoy watching futility wreck a man's will. (Again Zelena forces Mr. Gold to step back.) There. Much better. Now that your head is no longer cluttered, everything's working properly, it's so much more entertaining.
Mr. Gold: You may control me, but it's over Zelena. They know, who you are. You'll never get close to Snow White's baby now. To any of them. To whatever your unholy desires are.
Zelena: They may know, who I am, now, but it no longer matters. Not, when I have you, Rumplestiltskin. Not, when I have your beautiful brain. So, be a good little Dark One and get back in your cage. (Struggling one moment trying to resist the command, Mr. Gold finally turns around and leaves the woods.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Zelena's Farmhouse. Mr. Gold walks down the stairs entering the storm cellar. Sitting down on a stool, Mr. Gold then writhes in pain.

Mr. Gold: Oh, Bae.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. In the woods. Merry Men’s Camp. Standing among the trees, thus hidden from view Regina watches Robin Hood who is playing with Roland. Both of them are laughing. Unsuccessfully, Regina tries to fight back her tears.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Mr. Gold Pawnbroker and Antiquities Dealer. David and Mary Margaret enter the shop. Trying to console each other Mary Margaret hugs Belle. David pats Hook on the back trying to comfort him, too.

SCENE: Storybrooke Heritage Park. Present day. Emma Swan approaches Henry.

Emma: How was it?
Henry: It was awesome. We should take more fishing trips when we get back home. (noticing the sad expression on her face) Mom?
Emma: Come here, kid. (Both of them sit down on a bench.) You were right. I was not completely honest with you about this case. This trip. The reason I brought us here is because someone was in trouble and the person who needed help was not a client. It was your father.
Henry: This is about my dad?
Emma: Some bad people wanted to hurt him.
Henry: Is he okay? Did you find him?
Emma: I found him, but it was too late. He’s gone, Henry. (sobs) He was a good man. And he would have been a great father. (sobs) There’s one thing I need you to know about him: He was a hero.
Henry: I wish, I would have known him. (Emma hugs Henry.)
Emma: You did.
Henry: Mom, you’re not making any sense right now.
Emma: (sobs) I know.
Henry: (faces Emma once more) What happened to the person who did it?
Emma: (sighs) They got away, but I’m going to find them.

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