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This article focuses on the first iteration of the character.
For the second iteration of the character, see Prince (Hyperion Heights).

As long as I'm here, you will never go back to that life.
—Thomas to Cinderella src

Prince Thomas, currently known as Sean Herman, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts in the fourth episode of the first season and is portrayed by guest star Tim Phillipps.

Prince Thomas is based on the Prince from the fairytale "Cinderella", and the Disney film Cinderella.


Before First Curse

At a royal ball held at his father's castle, Prince Thomas' interest is piqued by a girl dressed in a blue gown and wearing glass slippers. He and the girl dance, in which she declines to give her name, so he dubs her the "girl with the glass slippers". After the dance ends, Thomas leaves to take care of something, but not before telling her not to go anywhere. He goes to meet with Clorinda, and passes her a rose that his footman Jacob, whom she is in love with, wanted her to have. Ella sees the exchange and begins to have doubts about Thomas' affections, especially when her stepmother Lady Tremaine suggests that the prince was just toying with her. An upset Ella departs from the ball, and as she flees, one of her glass slippers is left behind. Thomas, enraptured by the mystery girl, decides to look for her. With the help of Princess Snow's tracking skills, he ends up at the girl's home, but no one answers the door. Ella, unknown to him, is stuck in another room after being locked in by Tremaine. Just when Thomas is ready to leave and search elsewhere for her, Gus leads him and Snow to her. Ella apologizes for deceiving him and believes he won't want her now, but Thomas proves his feelings for her are genuine and proposes to her. She accepts, but then excuses herself to stop Tremaine from hurting Clorinda and Jacob. ("The Other Shoe")

On Thomas' wedding day to Cinderella, the couple host the celebration with many honored guests, such as Snow White and Prince Charming. Several months later, Thomas returns home one day from a canceled hunting trip to find Cinderella packing up her things. He fears his wife is unhappy, but rejoices at the news she is pregnant. However, Cinderella is miserable and finally comes clean about deal she previously made with a powerful magic user, Rumplestiltskin, to allow her to attend the ball and win Thomas' heart. As a price, she has to give up her first-born child to Rumplestiltskin, however, Thomas vows to find some way to fix the situation. With Prince Charming's help, the seven dwarves fashion an inescapable prison for Rumplestiltskin in the mines. The Blue Fairy offers up a magical red quill dipped in squid ink, and all Cinderella must do is get Rumplestiltskin to sign a fake contract with it to paralyze him. Thomas encourages Cinderella to go through with the plan. When she succeeds, Rumplestiltskin is locked up in preparation for the journey to the prison. At the sidelines, Thomas comforts his wife while suggesting they name their child Alexandra. Suddenly, Cinderella feels a contraction; prompting Thomas to sprint to the well to get some water for her. Once there, Thomas mysteriously disappears into thin air as a result of Cinderella's unfulfilled original deal with Rumplestiltskin. ("The Price of Gold")

During First Curse

After the casting of the curse, Sean becomes separated from his girlfriend, Ashley, after she becomes pregnant. His father Mitchell sternly orders him to stop having contact with her as he doesn't want Sean to bear the responsibility of parenthood so young. When Ashley disappears, Emma, on Mr. Gold's request, goes to ask Sean for information about where she could have gone. Sean knows nothing, and is further dismissed from Emma's line of questioning when Mitchell returns home to handle the situation. In an act of disobedience, he visits Ashley at the hospital after she has given birth to their daughter Alexandra. He presents a pair of shoes to Alexandra, and makes up with Ashley by apologizing for abandoning her when she needed him most. ("The Price of Gold")

After Sean reconciles with Ashley, Mitchell cuts off ties with his son and disinherits him. Because of this, Sean works to make ends meet for both himself, Ashley and their child by taking a job at the cannery. As Valentine's Day rolls around, he is unable to spend the day with Ashley because of work obligations. However, he makes a surprise appearance at the bar while she is hanging out with Mary Margaret and Ruby. In front of an awed audience, Sean hands Ashley a bouquet of flowers and proposes to her with a ring. She is visibly stunned into silence for several seconds until he awkwardly mentions that he needs her answer soon since there isn't much time left on his work break. In tears of happiness, she accepts and the couple head out to take a spin in Sean's truck. ("Skin Deep")

After First Curse
After Emma breaks the curse, all Storybrooke residents, including Sean, regain their Enchanted Forest memories. He and Ashley now live together as husband and wife due to actually being the married Cinderella and Prince Thomas.[1]

After Third Curse
One morning, Sean drops by the diner with Ashley and their daughter Alexandra. He goes to buy some food for them, while Ashley checks Henry's list of Untold Stories residents to see if she can offer free babysitting to any parents who have kids. Sean later discovers Ashley is gone, and finds a note she left for him, in which she mentions going to find her stepsister Clorinda. He becomes even more worried after realizing his hunting rifle is missing and that Ashley must have taken it. Out of fear Ashley will kill her stepsister, he reaches out to Emma for help. Emma begins the search for Ashley, and when Sean asks how she'll do it, she conjures one of Ashley's shoes to track her. After Emma rescues Ashley and her stepsister from Lady Tremaine, Sean joins his wife, Clorinda and Clorinda's beau on a pumpkin farm to spend time together. ("The Other Shoe")


The King
Mitchell Herman
Prince Thomas
Sean Herman
Ashley Boyd



Character Notes

Production Notes

  • An official piece of concept art refers to the second iteration of the character as "Prince Thomas".[3] However, it could simply be a fill-in name rather than the character's real name.

Set Dressing

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Other Notes

Reawakened: A Once Upon a Time Tale


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.

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