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Now that we're together, we'll restore this castle and our kingdom, and, as we dreamt, be here always.

—Phillip to Aurora src

Prince Phillip, formerly known as the Yaoguai, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts in the first episode of the second season and is portrayed by guest star Julian Morris.

Prince Phillip is based on the prince from the fairytale, "Sleeping Beauty"; and the character of the same name from the Disney film, Sleeping Beauty. He is also an allusion to the Beast from the fairytale "Beauty and the Beast", and the Beast from the Disney film Beauty and the Beast.


Before First Curse

In an attempt to keep Phillip away from his true love, Aurora, to prevent him from awaking her from the sleeping curse, Maleficent transforms him into a beast and exiles him to a foreign land. After some time, the beast form of Phillip gains notoriety in the land as a fearsome and tough creature called the Yaoguai. One day, a bookish woman, Belle, joins in on the hunt for the Yaoguai after seeing a poster for it in a tavern. She learns from reading a book about the environmental habits of the creature and tracks the Yaoguai to its den. Once there, it attacks her and is chased off by another person, Mulan, who has also been looking for the beast. Mulan plans to kill the Yaoguai, but, due to a leg injury, she cannot progress and hands the job over to Belle. Though unprepared for the Yaoguai's strength, Belle recalls the beast is a fire-based creature and splashes water on him. Wounded by the liquid, he collapses on the ground and begins to spell out the words "Help me" in another language. Taking out her pouch of fairy dust, Belle sprinkles some on the Yaoguai, who transforms into Prince Phillip. Afterwards, Belle introduces him to Mulan and then she departs; leaving the two to go off on their own adventure. ("Enter the Dragon", "The Outsider")

Later on, Prince Phillip searches for the whereabouts of Aurora to rescue her from the sleeping curse, and is joined by Mulan. ("Broken")

During First Curse

When the Evil Queen casts the Dark Curse, most of the Enchanted Forest and its inhabitants are ripped away. However, due to Cora casting a protection spell over their land, she protected some of the land remains with all its inhabitants including Prince Phillip, Mulan, Aurora, the Giant, and several others as well as Cora herself and Hook. The land is frozen in time for twenty-eight years, and the pair are unable to continue their journey in searching for Phillip's lost love, Aurora. ("Queen of Hearts")

After the Savior decided to stay in Storybrooke, time resumes in the Enchanted Forest as well and they continue their journey. ("Broken")

After First Curse

Prince Phillip and Mulan can finally reach Aurora at a palace. After Phillip wakes Aurora from the Sleeping Curse with true love's kiss, Mulan goes to investigate a strange noise nearby. A Wraith emerges and Prince Phillip ends up accidentally manhandling the medallion, marking him as the Wraith's prey. As the three of them travel In the forest, the three of them set up camp for the night. Prince Phillip and Aurora share a passionate kiss, and he leaves to collect some firewood with the promise to be back in few minutes. In truth, Prince Phillip sacrifices his soul to the Wraith just as Aurora and Mulan arrive pleading for him not to. He gives the two women a final farewell by saying, "I love you" and dies in their arms. They return to the palace to honor Prince Phillip by placing his body on the crumbling bier. ("Broken")

In an attempt to swing Aurora's loyalty after capturing her, Cora tells the princess that Prince Phillip's soul was not consumed by the Wraith, but merely traveled to another world, implying that there is a possibility to bring him back. Despite the temptation of betraying her allies for a chance at seeing her true love again, Aurora refuses Cora's offer. After Emma and Mary Margaret return home, Mulan returns to Aurora, who tells her about the possibility of regaining Phillip's soul. Through unknown means, the women eventually restore Phillip to his body.

At the beach shoreline, the trio come across an unconscious man. ("Into the Deep", "Queen of Hearts", "And Straight On 'Til Morning")

Taking the stranger to the castle, they tend to his wounds and nurse him back to health. Once he awakens, Prince Phillip and Aurora rush over to examine him, learning his name is Neal. Judging from his surprised reaction about being in the Enchanted Forest, Aurora realizes Neal must be a native of the land, but Mulan is skeptical, pointing out that his clothes are foreign and similar to Emma and Mary Margaret's. Neal immediately recognizes that they know Emma, and asks for their help to find her and his son Henry. Aurora volunteers to travel the Netherworld to look for them, but her attempt fails. In an alternative plan, Neal decides to go to his father's old castle to look for something that might help reach his loved ones while Mulan accompanies him. ("The Heart of the Truest Believer")

Aurora discovers she is pregnant with Phillip's child, and while Phillip is away, she tells Mulan the happy news. Mulan, having been set on confessing her feelings for Aurora, is heartbroken at the revelation and abruptly departs afterwards to join Robin Hood's Merry Men. ("Quite a Common Fairy")

Before Second Curse

On horseback, Prince Phillip arrives at a pavilion to share a romantic moment with Aurora as they look forward to an expanding family once their child is born. Suddenly, a purple smoke startles them and they see Prince Charming and Snow White, accompanied by many other former inhabitants, have come back to the Enchanted Forest. While talking to Prince Charming, Snow White and Regina, Aurora mentions the old palace is still in good condition. Prince Phillip and Aurora provide the group with horses, per Prince Charming's request, as they all head out to the palace. In private, Aurora insists to Prince Phillip that they should let "her" know about everyone's return. Prince Phillip isn't keen on the idea until Aurora expresses fears that if she discovers they hid the truth, their unborn child will pay the consequence. ("New York City Serenade")

Just as Snow White intends to make a public announcement to the kingdom's citizens concerning her current pregnancy, Belle reports that Neal sacrificed his life to resurrect Rumplestiltskin and the Dark One is now controlled by the Wicked Witch, Zelena. While everyone ponders what the witch wants from them, Prince Phillip and Aurora admit Zelena desires Snow White's unborn child, and they were forced to keep quiet on the matter or risk the safety of their own child. As soon as this revelation is exposed, Zelena arrives to turn the pair into flying monkeys as punishment. ("A Curious Thing")

After Second Curse
After Regina defeats the Wicked Witch, Zelena, with light magic, Aurora and Philip[1] revert to human form. Not long after that, Aurora gives birth to a baby boy. ("Snow Drifts, "There's No Place Like Home", "The Snow Queen", "The Bear King")


Prince Phillip


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Character Notes

  • The Yaoguai is featured in the title card for "The Outsider".[3]
  • The book that Belle uses to locate the Yaoguai is written in Chinese. It says "由他催毀之村落中的",[4] which translates as "The village he destroyed". ("The Outsider")
  • The symbols that the Yaoguai burns into the field[5] are the same words that he writes to Belle later:[6] 救我 (pronounced "Jiu Wo"), Chinese for "save me". ("The Outsider")

Production Notes

  • The casting call described him as a man who "has been on many long, hard journeys, and is a warrior from a kingdom that is no longer as well off as it once was."[7]

Set Dressing

Costume Notes


  • When the Yaoguai writes "save me" in Chinese (救我, pronounced "Jiu Wo"),[6] Belle somehow manages to read the entire message before the creature finishes writing the first symbol. ("The Outsider")


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.

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