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"Powerful Magic"
Song Information
Written by Alan Zachary &
Michael Weiner
Duration 3:04
Release date May 5, 2017
Show Information
Appears in "The Song in Your Heart"
Song Chronology
Previous Song "Only You"
Next Song "The Queen Sings"

Snow White: With music in our hearts, we'll defeat the Evil Queen.
Prince Charming: How?
Snow White: Cause love expressed through song is a weapon like the Queen has never seen. ♫

Snow White and Prince Charming src

"Powerful Magic" is a song featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It was written by Alan Zachary & Michael Weiner. It débuts in the twentieth episode of the sixth season.

This song was released on May 5, 2017, as part of Once Upon a Time: The Musical Episode.


Before First Curse
After wishing on a star the night before that she and her husband would have what they need to give their daughter her happy ending, Snow White wakes up to a bird singing to her. When she attempts to greet it, her words come out in song, much to her surprise. This effect is also true for Prince Charming, who comes into the room also singing, expressing his confidence in his voice. As he questions what happened, Snow realizes that the song was granted to them by her wish and will give them the power to defeat the Evil Queen, as the love expressed through their song is more powerful than any weapon the Queen has fought before. The song continues as Snow and Charming express that love is the most powerful magic of all and they have finally found the lucky break they needed to save their daughter's fate. ("The Song in Your Heart")

Snow and Charming later sing a version of "Powerful Magic" when they face off against the Evil Queen. However, using a Singing Spell sent to her by Zelena, the Evil Queen is able to extract the song from them and the rest of the kingdom, leaving them once again powerless to defeat her. After they return to their castle, Snow wonders why her wish didn't come true and is visited by the Blue Fairy, who reveals that she was responsible for the granting of the wish but never intended for the songs to be used against the Evil Queen. Instead, she puts all of the songs inside of Snow's unborn daughter's heart, erasing the kingdom's memories of the singing to protect them, as they will be used in the future to save Emma from the Black Fairy. ("The Song in Your Heart")

After Third Curse
After her family is frozen by the Black Fairy and Mr. Gold, Emma Swan believes that the only way to save them is to give the Black Fairy her heart. As she prepares to do this, Henry Mills discovers a page from his book showing the Blue Fairy put the kingdom's songs in Emma's heart and rushes to her, revealing as the Black Fairy fails to crush Emma's heart that the songs give Emma power. Henry returns Emma's heart to her as she begins to sing, realizing that her parents were with her throughout her life thanks to their song. ("The Song in Your Heart")



A bird is whistling to the song's rhythm
Snow White
Good morning, friend
Oh, my dear
There's something wrong
Cause all my words are coming out in song
A rhythm stirs deep inside my soul
I'm saying things in ways I can't control
Prince Charming
Ahhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhh
What's going on?
Someone cast a spell or curse
Cause what I say is coming out in verse
My voice just soars
Had no idea it could
Now I'm singing out, and my do I sound...good
What could be the reason?
Snow White
I think I know, my love
It's all because the wish I made upon the star above
With music in our hearts, we'll defeat the Evil Queen
Prince Charming
Snow White
Cause love expressed through song
Is a weapon like the Queen has never seen
Snow White & Prince Charming
There's a powerful magic, when two hearts are one
A powerful magic bright as the sun
Prince Charming
Goodness will triumph, and evil's undone
When you dare to heed love's call
Snow White & Prince Charming
Cause love is the most powerful magic of all
It's a powerful magic, when two voices soar
Snow White
I'm ever more hopeful for what lies in store
Prince Charming
Nothing will stop us, no not anymore
Watch the wish you made come true
Snow White & Prince Charming
That is what love and its powerful magic can do
Feel the song inside our hearts
That is where the magic starts
Snow White
Oh, it grows with every note
Prince Charming
Soaring sweetly from my throat
Snow White
Every line ends with a rhyme
Snow White & Prince Charming
Don't know how, but it's sublime
With a melody so strong
How can we go wrong?
With our powerful magic, we now have the means
Cause love can defeat curses, potions, or beans
And the unhappy ending, let that be the Queen's
With our daughter's fate at stake
Seems we found a lucky break
Now let our song show the powerful magic
We can make


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