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This is the treacherous area known as Poseidon's boneyard... the exact spot where your parents' ship went down. How fitting that mother and daughter will have their last regrets in the same place.
Hans to Anna src

Poseidon's Boneyard is an Enchanted Forest location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the first episode of the fourth season.


Before First Curse

During a sea voyage home to Arendelle, Gerda and her husband's ship is caught in a terrible storm. Realizing neither of them will make it out alive, Gerda hastily jots down a long note, explaining her past with her sisters. Within it, she expresses her remorse about hiding Ingrid and Elsa out of fear for their powers. Gerda also regrets letting that fear get the better of her by turning on Ingrid when she should have been there for her. She pleads for her daughters to set things right and restore their aunts' memory to the people with a memory stone she's attached to the message. Gerda also wants Ingrid free from her prison. She requests that the girls give her apologetic words to their aunt: that she always loved her and would give anything to hold her hand again like Ingrid wanted. After sealing it in a bottle, she has her husband throw it overboard in hopes it will one day fall into Elsa and Anna's possession. The ship then capsizes and sinks into Poseidon's Boneyard, along with the queen and her consort. ("A Tale of Two Sisters", "Fall", "Shattered Sight")

After Second Curse

Anna and her fiance Kristoff go to the Enchanted Forest to bargain with the pirate Black Beard for the wishing star, which they hope to use to find Anna's sister Elsa. Once the deal is sealed, the couple become surrounded by Hans and his brothers; revealing Black Beard has been working with them. The two are taken prisoner and brought to Poseidon's Boneyard aboard Black Beard's ship. Anna and Kristoff, with their hands tied, are sentenced to death by Hans and dumped into an coffer. She insists that Elsa will escape from the urn and reclaim the throne from him, but Hans reveals Arendelle was frozen for thirty years. The coffer is then shut and thrown into the sea, which sinks and fills with water. Kristoff frees himself and Anna from the binds, but she, out of fear they will die, begins reciting her marriage vows to him. He insists they won't be married until they are out of danger. Due to the power of Elsa's belief in finding her sister, and her possession of the wishing star, the coffer is transported to the shores of Storybrooke in the Land Without Magic, where the siblings reunite. ("Fall")


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