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This article focuses on the poisoned apple.
For the fruit, see Apples.

This is not just an apple. It's a weapon.
—The Evil Queen to Hansel and Gretel src

The Poisoned Apple is a magical fruit featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the ninth episode of the first season.

The poisoned apple is based on the fruit of the same name from the fairytale "Snow White", and the Poison Apple, also known as the Poisoned Apple,[1] from the Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.


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Before First Curse

Whether before or after the sleeping curse is placed within the apple, Regina is in possession of the apple when the Blind Witch steals it from her. Retrieving it with the help of Hansel and Gretel, Regina goes on to offer the apple to Snow White, asking her to willingly taste its poison, in order to save Prince Charming. After taking a bite of the fruit, Snow White drops the apple. As it rolls away, it falls into a portal in present-day Storybrooke. Snow White falls into a deep sleep, appearing to be dead until Prince Charming awakens her with true love's kiss. ("True North", "An Apple Red as Blood", "Pilot", "A Land Without Magic", "Labor of Love")

During First Curse

Wishing to get rid of Emma, Regina contracts Jefferson to fetch the poisoned apple with his magic hat in exchange for forgetting his true identity. After baking the apple into a turnover, she gifts it to Emma, who has decided to leave town permanently. When Henry sees the apple turnover, he insists it is poisoned. To prove it, he takes a bite and falls under a Sleeping Curse. While Henry is in a coma, Emma, and Regina attempt to find a cure. However, they are too late and he passes away. As Emma kisses his forehead as a final farewell, she revives him with the power of true love's kiss and also breaks the curse. ("An Apple Red as Blood", "A Land Without Magic")


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