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This article focuses on the Pixie Woods.
For the magical substance, see Pixie Dust.
For the plants, see Pixie Flowers.

This tree is the site of a very important event for me. I abandoned my boy here.
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Pixie Woods is a Neverland location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the eighth episode of the third season.


Before First Curse

When Malcolm is a boy, he spends his nights telling himself to "think lovely thoughts", and in his sleep, he travels to a world called Neverland. At one point, he learns about the pixie dust that grows in flowers atop a tree, which can give someone the ability to fly. ("Think Lovely Thoughts")

Decades later, Malcolm and his young son Rumplestiltskin travel to Neverland with a magic bean. Malcolm tries to show Rumplestiltskin the ability of flying that comes with the territory, but ends up falling flat on the ground. Horrified, Malcolm can't fathom why flying is now impossible until recalling pixie dust is necessary for it to work. He and his son enter Pixie Woods and find the tree containing pixie dust flowers. Since Rumplestiltskin is afraid of heights, Malcolm journeys up alone to retrieve the dust and sprinkles some on himself. However, the dust has no effect. The Shadow, who has been secretly watching father and son, flies to Malcolm as he's in the tree. The Shadow warns him that flying is impossible for him since adults don't belong in Neverland. The two make a deal, in exchange for Rumplestiltkin leaving the island, Malcolm can retain his youth. Malcolm goes back down to his son to tell him the dust didn't work, to which Rumplestiltskin suggests they can find another place to live together. Malcolm has other ideas, however, and he declares that he can never change from his old habits or be the father that Rumplestiltskin needs. In order to be granted the youth he longs for, Malcolm abandons his son, allowing Rumplestiltskin to be returned home by the Shadow. After severing ties with his son, he transforms from an adult into a young boy and watches the Shadow fly off with Rumplestiltskin. ("Think Lovely Thoughts")

Malcolm takes the name Peter Pan and forms a group of orphans called the Lost Boys. However, when he wishes to be alone, he retreats to the tree where he abandoned Rumplestiltskin, a tree that he dubs his thinking tree. ("Save Henry")

After First Curse
Centuries later, the special magic sustaining Pan's immortal youth is running out is running out. Pan is dying and his magic is weakened. In order to save himself, Pan tricks Henry into giving him his heart. He then flies off to his thinking tree at Pixie Woods, where the tree will protect him until his powers are restored. He leaves Pandora's Box out in plain sight as a trap. Henry's biological mother Emma sways most of the Lost Boys with the promise she will get them off the island, to which they disclose Pan is at his thinking tree in Pixie Woods. The boys inform her that Pixie Woods is just north of their camp and is where pixie dust used to grow. Emma asks Hook if he knows where it is and he says he does, and explains that the whole region is now deserted and no one has set foot there in centuries. Emma, Regina and Mary Margaret enter Pixie Woods and find Pan's thinking tree. However, when they arrive at the tree, they are ensnared to it by vines. Pan muses about the importance of the thinking tree to him as he abandoned his child at the same place, and acknowledges to them that Rumplestiltskin is his son. The trio are unable to free themselves and are further warned by Pan that the tree will attack people who feel regret. Pan pushes Emma towards that emotion by detailing the disappointment he feels in Henry's heart, which is currently in his own chest, every time she let him down. When Mary Margaret intervenes, he berates her actions of abandoning her daughter Emma for twenty-eight years. However, the only one who cares naught for anything Pan has to say is Henry's adoptive mother Regina. She admits to having done the most vile and cruel things to people, but is filled with no regrets in the least since it got her Henry. Regina snaps herself and her allies free from the tree to tear out Henry's heart from his chest. Pan collapses out of weakness as Regina also picks up Pandora's Box. With the box and the heart in their possession, the women head back to the camp to save Henry. ("Think Lovely Thoughts", "Save Henry")


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