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This article focuses on Pixie Flowers.
For the dust obtained from them, see Pixie Dust.
For the Neverland location, see Pixie Woods.

Dust from that flower has the ability to reunite anyone who shares true love.

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Pixie Flowers, also known as Pixies, are magical plants featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the eight episode of the third season.


Before First Curse
Malcolm and his son Rumplestiltskin travel to Neverland via a magic bean and go to a tree containing pixie flowers. Since Rumplestiltskin is afraid of heights, Malcolm journeys up alone to retrieve the dust and sprinkles some on himself, hoping it will give him the ability to fly. The dust has no effect, and he is further warned by a talking Shadow that flying is impossible for him since adults don't belong in Neverland. Malcolm goes back down to his son to tell him the dust didn't work, to which Rumplestiltskin suggests they can find another place to live together. Malcolm has other ideas, however, and in order to be granted the youth he longs for, Malcolm abandons his son, allowing Rumplestiltskin to be returned home by the Shadow. After severing ties with his son, he transforms from an adult into a young boy. ("Think Lovely Thoughts")

During First Curse
One day, ten years into the dark curse, Mary Margaret carries a bouquet of flowers as she is going to visit John Doe. She ends up bumping into Regina and spilling flower petals all over her. She explains her plans to see John Doe and brighten up his day with flowers, though Regina chides her for wasting money since the man is in a coma and can't tell the difference anyway. After Regina leaves, Mary Margaret dumps her bouquet into the trash, but then notices a pixie flower growing on the pavement. She places it in John Doe's hospital room, unknowingly triggering the magic in it, which allows the man to regain his memories and awaken from his coma. The man, David, tries to convince her that she is his wife Snow and holds out his hand to her as a sign of trust. After taking his hand, Mary Margaret regains her memories and happily kisses David. Mr. Gold finds out that it was the pixie flower that awoke David and Snow, and suggests that they can use the same flower dust to reunite with with their daughter Emma. Upon finding out only ten years under the curse have passed, Mr. Gold cautions David and Snow against seeking out Emma because she won't be able to fulfill her destiny to break the curse in eighteen more years, and without this, the rest of the townspeople will remain cursed forever. Mr. Gold gives a potion to Mary Margaret, telling her to recurse herself and wait for Emma to break the curse in eighteen years. The couple use the flower to view a young Emma through a portal door, but Mary Margaret convinces David that they can't go to her now knowing that the other townspeople will be cursed forever. In the end, they recurse themselves, in the hopes Emma will one day break the curse and free them all. ("Awake")

After Third Curse
As Mary Margaret records a video message to David, she doesn't notice pixie flower petals blowing in the wind. Believing the flowers can undo the sleeping curse he and his wife are sharing, David and the other heroes work to locate them, but it is with Mary Margaret's tracking skills that she and Emma are able to find a whole flower bed of them, however, the Black Fairy commands Gideon to destroy all the flowers. While Gideon follows her order, he leaves one flower untouched without the fairy noticing. After they teleport away, Emma notices the remaining pixie flower. Before the flower's dust can be used, Hook's shadow arrives to give Emma a wand to defeat the Black Fairy and implies that Hook is in danger. Mary Margaret forfeits the dust to Emma, telling her to use it to create a portal to reach Hook, before revealing she and David once used the same dust to find her when she was just a child. Despite choosing then to let Emma grow up to become the Savior, she considers the unwalked path, where they could've been a family and Emma wouldn't be facing the final battle. Mary Margaret, this time, decides to put Emma first by urging her to rescue Hook. Emma is reluctant to snuff out her parents' only chance to be uncursed, but Mary Margaret is confident she will find another way to help her and David. Creating a portal with the dust, Emma arrives in Neverland to stop the Lost Boys from executing Hook before the both of them return to Storybrooke. ("Awake")

Types of pixie flowers

Neverland type

This version grows on the highest of the branches, where they're closest to the stars. The flowers bloom at night and soak in the starlight, which is how the pixie dust within them gets its magic. ("Think Lovely Thoughts")
"Great evil" type

This kind grows in reaction to the presence of great evil, such as when Regina taunts Mary Margaret everyday over 10 years, or when the Black Fairy threatens the entire Storybrooke and Emma. ("Awake")


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