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This article focuses on Pixie Dust.
For the flowers it originates from, see Pixie Flowers.
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It's stronger. Like nuclear fairy dust.
David Nolan to Emma Swan src

Pixie Dust is a magical substance featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the first episode of the third season.

Pixie Dust is based on the substance of the same name from the Peter Pan story and the Disney film Peter Pan.


Pixie dust has the ability to reunite anyone with their true love, even if the person has not met the true love yet. When poured over the person, the pixie dust sparkles and finds its way to one's true love. According to Tinker Bell, pixie dust does not lie. She also said that she used this technique "a million times", suggesting that fairies use pixie dust to help people frequently. But it is also said that fairies are quite proprietary about pixie dust. ("Quite a Common Fairy")

It can also open magic doors and portals in the name of "finding the true love". It is so powerful that it can reverse the effects of the First Dark Curse's altered memory magic. This is what happened to David Nolan and Mary Margaret Blanchard in 1992, after Mary Margaret finds a pixie flower in the presence of a great evil, and the pixie dust sparkles over David Nolan. But this effect can be lifted through an unknown potion. ("Awake")

It also has the ability of flying the person. But to do that, the said person has to believe. ("The Heart of the Truest Believer", "Quite a Common Fairy")


Before First Curse

After coming to Neverland with his son Rumplestiltskin, Malcolm discovers he has lost his ability to fly, which he was always able to do when he traveled to Neverland in his dreams as a boy. He deducts that he must obtain pixie dust in order to fly again, and then takes his son with him to collect some at Pixie Woods. Because Rumplestiltskin is afraid of heights, Malcolm climbs up a tree by himself to find the flowers that contain pixie dust. Malcolm sprinkles the dust onto himself, but nothing happens, and he is soon warned by the Shadow that flying is impossible for him because adults do not belong in Neverland. Soon after, Malcolm climbs back down to tell Rumplestiltskin that the dust does not work for him anymore. As an alternative, however, he abandons his son in favor of reobtaining youth. ("Think Lovely Thoughts")

At some point during Wendy's imprisonment in Neverland, she gains a vial of pixie dust. ("Save Henry")

While living unhappily as King Leopold's wife, Regina strikes up a friendship with a fairy named Tinker Bell, who wishes to help her find true love again with the use of pixie dust. Tinker Bell tries to persuade her superior, the Blue Fairy, into letting her borrow the dust, but the Blue Fairy shuts down the idea, believing Regina to be evil and beyond help. Without the Blue Fairy knowing, Tinker Bell steals a supply of pixie dust and uses it to guide Regina to her true love in a tavern. The fairy points out that the dust has settled on a man with a lion tattoo, and she encourages Regina to go to him. Once Tinker Bell is gone, however, Regina flees, too scared to meet her true love. Tinker Bell later comes to check up on her, with Regina lying about the man being horrible, until the latter realizes Regina's real reason for not going through with it. Regina refuses to own up to her fears and instead kicks Tinker Bell out, despite that the fairy risked everything just to get the dust for her. After flying off, Tinker Bell runs into the Blue Fairy, who punishes her for stealing the pixie dust by taking away her wings. ("Quite a Common Fairy")

During First Curse
One day, ten years into the dark curse, Mary Margaret notices a pixie flower growing on the pavement. She places it in John Doe's hospital room, unknowingly triggering the magic in it, which allows the man to regain his memories and awaken from his coma. The man, David, tries to convince her that she is his wife Snow and holds out his hand to her as a sign of trust. After taking his hand, Mary Margaret regains her memories and happily kisses David. Mr. Gold finds out that it was the pixie flower that awoke David and Snow, and suggests that they can use the same flower dust to reunite with with their daughter Emma. Upon finding out only ten years under the curse have passed, Mr. Gold cautions David and Snow against seeking out Emma because she won't be able to fulfill her destiny to break the curse in eighteen more years, and without this, the rest of the townspeople will remain cursed forever. Mr. Gold gives a potion to Mary Margaret, telling her to recurse herself and wait for Emma to break the curse in eighteen years. The couple use the dust to view a young Emma through a portal door, but Mary Margaret convinces David that they can't go to her now knowing that the other townspeople will be cursed forever. In the end, they recurse themselves, in the hopes Emma will one day break the curse and free them all. ("Awake")

After First Curse

After being kidnapped to Neverland, Henry ends up fleeing from Lost Boys who are chasing him. Unknown to him, this is a ploy to get him to run to a supposed ex-Lost Boy, actually Peter Pan, who is testing his power of belief. The two move to a safer location, and along the way, the boy claims he stole pixie dust from Peter Pan as a means to escape the island, but it doesn't work. With the Lost Boys still on their trail, the pair rush to the Echo Caves, the one place on the island where they cannot be tracked. Nearing the cave, they are cut off by the Lost Boys and end up trapped on a cliff edge. The boy suggests giving up the pixie dust so the Lost Boys might let them live, but Henry harnesses the dust to allow both of them to fly away. After landing, Pan reveals his true name and explains Henry's use of the pixie dust has proven that he has the heart of the truest believer. Pan then calls out the Lost Boys to surround Henry. ("The Heart of the Truest Believer")

On the journey to rescue Henry from Pan, the heroes decide to seek help from the fairy Tinker Bell. Hook even proposes that Tinker Bell may even have pixie dust so they can fly into Pan's camp and get Henry. Later, David becomes hopeful his Dreamshade wound can be cured, after Hook suggests the dust might heal him. Once Tinker Bell settles her grudge against Regina, however, the heroes learn the fairy already lost her wings long ago, and she has no pixie dust. ("Quite a Common Fairy")

In a race to find Pan and regain Henry's heart from him, Emma wins the trust of the remaining Lost Boys, who reveal Pan is hiding in Pixie Woods, where pixie dust used to grow. During the trip back to Storybrooke, Wendy gifts Tinker Bell a vial of pixie dust, the very last bit from Neverland. Tinker Bell is reluctant to accept the dust, believing she has no way to use it without her fairy wings, but Wendy urges her to take it, offering her belief in Tinker Bell as further encouragement. During a chat with Regina, Tinker Bell's belief in herself causes the vial of dust to glow briefly, much to the surprise of both women. ("Save Henry")

At the welcome back celebration in the diner, Regina insists that Mother Superior return Tinker Bell's wings, especially since the ex-fairy managed to make the vial of pixie dust glow previously. When Mother Superior asks for a demonstration, Tinker Bell is unable to replicate the glowing effect because she lacks belief in herself. ("The New Neverland")

During their quest to get the Black Fairy's wand from the nuns, Tinker Bell and her allies are attacked by Pan's Shadow and unable to fight off the creature. Neal persuades Tinker Bell into using the pixie dust as their last alternative. Tinker Bell is skeptical of her own ability, but after uncapping the vial, the dust glows green, allowing her to fly into the air and absorb the Shadow into the coconut halves. After the dust's effects wear off and Tinker Bell returns to the ground, she disposes the halves into a fire, which kills the Shadow for good. This act revives Mother Superior, who is so impressed with Tinker Bell harnessing pixie dust that she agrees to return her wings. ("Going Home")

After Third Curse
Believing that pixie flowers can undo the sleeping curse Mary Margaret and David are sharing, Mary Margaret and Emma locate a whole flower bed of pixie flowers in Storybrooke. However, the Black Fairy commands Gideon to destroy all the flowers. While Gideon follows her order, he leaves one flower untouched without the fairy noticing. After they teleport away, Emma notices the remaining pixie flower. Before the flower's dust can be used, Hook's shadow arrives to give Emma a wand to defeat the Black Fairy and implies that Hook is in danger. Mary Margaret forfeits the dust to Emma, telling her to use it to create a portal to reach Hook, before revealing she and David once used the same dust to find her when she was just a child. Despite choosing then to let Emma grow up to become the Savior, she considers the unwalked path, where they could've been a family and Emma wouldn't be facing the final battle. Mary Margaret, this time, decides to put Emma first by urging her to rescue Hook. Emma is reluctant to snuff out her parents' only chance to be uncursed, but Mary Margaret is confident she will find another way to help her and David. Creating a portal with the dust, Emma arrives in Neverland to stop the Lost Boys from executing Hook before the both of them return to Storybrooke. ("Awake")


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