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This article focuses on the Wish Realm version of August Booth.

If you believe you're a puppeteer, you will be a puppeteer. But if you believe you're a master carver and as good as your father ever was... then your fate changes.
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Pinocchio is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the eleventh episode of the sixth season. He is portrayed by guest star Eion Bailey, and is the Wish Realm version of August Booth.


After Third Curse

In the Wish Realm, while Pinocchio is still a wooden puppet, he dreams of being a real boy, during which his father Geppetto tells him a story of an ugly duckling who transformed into a swan by believing in himself enough to change his own fate. From Geppetto's belief in Pinocchio, he is able to gain a human life. Pinocchio learns from his father about what it means to be a master woodcarver, and that one "must always be in conversation with his tool and his materials." When the realm is threatened by the Evil Queen's curse, Geppetto and Pinocchio create the magic wardrobe in preparation to send baby Emma to safety, but upon the Queen's defeat at Prince Charming and Snow White's hands, the wardrobe is not used. Years later, Geppetto passes away and Pinocchio eventually dismantles the wardrobe because it reminds him of darker days. ("Tougher Than the Rest")

For Princess Emma's birthday, Pinocchio carves a wooden swan for her and encases it in a small chest. After hearing about Emma being kidnapped by the Evil Queen, he becomes worried for her safety, but is relieved to see Emma is safe after she comes to him for help. She explains her unusual dilemma to him, such as while she may have Princess Emma's memories, she is actually from another world and needs the magic wardrobe to get herself and Regina home. Although the wardrobe is destroyed, Pinocchio suggests he can recreate another one with the same wood that his father once used. Emma goes with Pinocchio to the enchanted grove, where Pinocchio hopes to make his father proud by using his magic chisel. During this, Emma tells him about her sword and its destiny as the weapon that eventually kills her. A pirate, Hook, attempts to fight Pinocchio in order to return Emma to her family and secure a reward. Hook grabs the chisel to antagonize Pinocchio, but Emma ends things by knocking him out and teleporting him away. Pinocchio is horrified to see the chisel is now broken, and with no means to repair it, he cannot use it. This causes him to lose confidence in himself and that he will never live up to his father's name. Emma finds the wooden swan that Pinocchio meant for her, and from questioning him about why he carved a swan, she realizes the ugly duckling story his father told him is the same one August told her many years ago. Using the same advice she was once given, Emma persuades him into using the power of belief to change his fate. Pinocchio then uses another chisel, and it becomes infused with magic because of his belief, allowing him to chip away the wood. Once Pinocchio finishes the wardrobe, Regina and Robin rejoin Emma. Pinocchio proposes that Emma can leave the sword behind, but Emma decides against it, not wanting fate to dictate her actions anymore. ("Tougher Than the Rest")

After Sixth Curse
After the realms become united, Pinocchio and his father Geppetto attend a coronation at the royal castle, where Regina's, having been elected as Queen by the citizens of the United Realms, is crowned "the Good Queen" by Snow White. However, it is unknown if this Pinocchio is supposed to be Pinocchio from the Wish Realm who was reverted into a child or if he is August who was reverted into a child again. ("Leaving Storybrooke")


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