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These plants could use a little magic. People forget that they're alive just like they are and probably even more so because nothing from the earth ever truly dies.
Gothel src

Phytokinesis is a magical ability featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the second episode of the first season.

One type of Plant Manipulation is known as barrier spell.[1]


Phytokinesis is used to control and manipulate plants, which includes but is not limited to growth, healing, and manipulation of plants:

  • Plant growth is used to grow any kind of plants very fast, even though the plant almost faded out. When used, the plant blossoms and continues living. ("Nimue", "Flower Child")
  • Plant healing is used to heal any plants. Even though it is a type of healing spell, its use seems to be different than the other traditional healing spells. To heal her almost-dead apple tree, Regina Mills uses her mother's spell book by smelling of the written words, and the apple tree turns back to its normal healthy form. ("We Are Both")
  • Plant manipulation is used frequently by several characters. When used, the plants can be stretched out and do what the caster wishes, including capturing and holding someone from their limbs by wrapping them up, or breaking their necks or even expelling poisonous spores. It can also be used to give life and manipulate the pictures of vines and plants. One type of plant manipulation is known as Barrier Spell, which is "designed to keep someone where they belong" as Cora puts it. ("We Are Both", "Flower Child" et al.)


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Before First Curse

In the Land Without Magic before this realm lost its magic, a tree nymph named Gothel uses her power of phytokinesis to heal a plant that has fallen over. She later kills Isla, who is responsible for the demise of the other tree nymphs, by snapping her neck with a vine and causes giant flowers to expel poisonous spores to kill every other human present in the room, except for herself and fellow magic user Seraphina, as revenge against humanity for her family's deaths. ("Flower Child")

Some five hundred years after becoming an immortal sorcerer, Merlin later uses phytokinesis to accelerate the growth some middlemist seeds, making them bloom into fully flowered plants for Nimue. ("Nimue")

In the Enchanted Forest, after Regina attempts to flee on horseback from her own upcoming wedding, her mother Cora uses a barrier spell to stop her from leaving. ("We Are Both")

Later on, Regina uses her magic to control plants to capture Hansel and Gretel for trespassing on her lands. ("True North")

After First Curse
After getting her magic back by using her mother's old spell book, Regina uses a barrier spell to keep her son Henry from escaping from his room. ("We Are Both")

After Fourth Curse
Drizella kills her fiancé, Prince Gregor, with a plant to darken her heart so that her mother can not use it to bring back her sister, Anastasia. ("Wake Up Call")

After Fifth Curse
After defeating her mother Eloise, Tilly turns her into a tree. ("Is This Henry Mills?")

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