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The producers and writers gave me a lot of leeway. I was quite amazed with the life they gave me. [...] That does not happen too often in television. Often you arrive and just do what you are directed to do. It was really amazing to arrive and be given so much artistic license.

—Peta Sergeant src

Peta Sergeant is the Australian actress who portrays the Jabberwocky on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.


Peta Sergeant was born in 1980 in Malaysia and raised in Brisbane, Australia. While in high school, she had dreams of being a marine biologist, but a hobby for drama acting prompted her to audition and receive acceptance at the National Institute of Dramatic Art. She graduated in 2000 at twenty years old. Despite landing television roles and even producing a play fresh out of drama school, Peta decided to abandon the industry and travel overseas for eighteen months, which helped her gain a commitment to acting.[1] Her notable television credits include British science-fiction and drama series Jeopardy, Headland, and numerous Australian drama series such as Last Man Standing, All Saints, Canal Road and Satisfaction. She starred in the films Iron Sky and Crawlspace.

Peta has been married to actor Rohan Nichol since 2008.[1]



Year Title Role Notes
2003 George of the Jungle 2 Attractive Woman Video
2005 The Bet Lila Movie
2009 Early Checkout The Body Short film
2010 Kanowna Osarno Short film
2010 Litost Anita Short film
2012 Iron Sky Vivian Wagner Movie
2012 Alphamum01 Alphamum01 Short film
2012 Crawlspace Wiki Movie
2013 Patrick Nurse Williams Movie
Year Title Role Notes
2001 Head Start Nicole 1 episode
2001-2002 BeastMaster Yamira 2 episodes
2005 Jeopardy Dr. Sharpe 3 episodes
2005 Last Man Standing Janessa 4 episodes
2005-2006 Headland Rachael 10 episodes
2006 Two Twisted Isabelle Dempsey 1 episode
2006-2007 All Saints Bianca Frost 6 episodes
2007-2009 Satisfaction Heather 20 episodes
2008 Canal Road Holly Chong 13 episodes
2012 Winners & Losers Cat Johnson 8 episodes
2012 The Selection Commander Gaia Woods TV movie
2013 The Selection Gaia Woods TV movie
2013–2014 The Originals Francesca Guerrera 6 episodes
2014 Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Jabberwocky 5 episodes
2015 House of Hancock Rose Porteous TV mini-series


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