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It was so fun being part of the Brave story on that show. It felt like we were making our own wee sequel. We felt proud to be presenting Scotland on such a big show.
—Paul Telfer src

Paul Telfer is the Scottish actor who portrays Lord Macintosh on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Paul Telfer was born on October 30,[1] 1979[2] in Paisley, Scotland.[3] His parents encouraged him to watch television from a young age to calm his hyperactivity Through this, his hopes to be an actor sparked. He later preformed in school plays and attended children's drama workshops at his local television station.[4]

Telfer studied film at the University of Kent[5] with a first class degree in film studies. He was also active within the university's drama club and performed in many plays and festivals.[4] His first break into acting was for the British television film, Is Harry on the Boat? before he moved onto such projects as; Spartacus, Hercules and Hotel Babylon.

He moved to the U.S in 2008[5] and starred in many American television shows. His notable credits include; NCIS, The Vampire Diaries and more notably Days of Our Lives, where he played Xander Kiriakis.

He is married to American musical theater actress, Carmen Cusack.[6]


  • Has been practicing martial arts since he was ten years old and has been weightlifting since fourteen.[4]


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