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Paul McGillion is the Canadian actor who portrays the Knave of Hearts on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Paul McGillion was born on January 5,[1] 1969[2] in Paisley of Refrewshire, Scotland. His family moved to Ontario, Canada when he was only two years old. When Paul turned eleven, they returned to Scotland and resided in Barrhead for three years where he attended St. Luke's High School, and arrived back to Canada at fifteen.[2]

He worked as a coaching instructor in scene study at the Vancouver Film School in 1998 and 1999. In 2004, Paul took a role on the science fiction series Stargate Atlantis as the Scottish medical doctor, Carson Beckett. He was initially cast as a recurring guest, but his character appeared so frequently in the show's first season that he was promoted to main character for seasons two and three, and reverted to a recurring character for seasons four and five where he appears as the clone of his deceased character. He also played the part of young Ernest Littlefield in Stargate SG-1s first-season episode "The Torment of Tantalus", the first Tau'ri to have passed through the Stargate after its burial, and a guest star as Dr. Levinson in an episode of 24's seventh season.

Initially, Paul expressed great interest in auditioning for the role of Montgomery Scott in the eleventh Star Trek film, saying, “I grew up watching Star Trek and Scotty was my favorite character. It would be a great honor to follow in James Doohan’s footsteps."[3] Though the role eventually went to Simon Pegg, he still appeared in the film in a different role.


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