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Pan's Campsite is a Neverland location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the first episode of the third season.

Pan's Campsite is based on the Lost Boys' hideout from the Peter Pan story.


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Before First Curse
After First Curse
After Third Curse




On-Screen Notes

Filming Locations


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  1. Once Upon a Time: Visit to the Lost Boys hideout. Vancity Filming (July 27, 2013). Archived from the original on April 16, 2016. “Actually, there were two sets there, one was an Enchanted Forest flashback scene with Robert Carlyle and Ginnifer Goodwin and the other was the Lost Boys' hideout. (...) Tagged with (...) Robert Burnaby Park”
    Gittins, Susan (September 22, 2013). YOUR SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME in Vancouver as Neverland. Hollywood North. “But we're not familiar with Once Upon a Time’s Neverland yet. Most scenes have been filmed on studio sets with few public shoots. Larry and other fans did find a couple of temporary sets in public parks around Vancouver but filming happened after dark. For example, Once Upon a Time filmed for two nights on this Lost Boys set in Robert Burnaby Park.”

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