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A very special pendant. Each of the witches in the sisterhood wears one. Guard it with your life because, in many ways, it now is your life.
Glinda to Zelena src

Oz Pendants are magical items featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They first appear in the twelfth episode of the third season.


These pendants have two purposes; catalyzing a witch's power, but if she loses the pendant, she will be powerless as long as the pendant exists. If the pendant gets destroyed, the certain witch gets all her un-catalyzed power. ("Kansas")


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Before First Curse

In Oz, a sisterhood of witches forms, with Glinda the Good Witch of the South, and her two other sister witches, the Witch of the East and Witch of the North. As protectors of this land, each witch receives a pendant to harness and grow their powers. From a prophecy in the Book of Records, Glinda learns the fourth witch, the Witch of the West, is destined to arrive in Oz by cyclone and unseat a great evil. Believing the witch to be the vengeful Zelena, Glinda encourages her to join their sisterhood and change her ways. Gifting Zelena a white pendant, she then shows her the western area of Oz, where both women witness a raging cyclone. From the wreckage, they rescue a young girl, Dorothy Gale, who Zelena begins to fear will take her place as Witch of the West, with her worries seemingly confirmed after she reads the Book of Records and learns about the second part of the prophecy. Glinda insists the future is shaped by whatever Zelena chooses to be, but the latter decides to stage her own death at Dorothy's hands to prove the prophecy is not wrong. Shortly after Zelena's "death", Glinda declares Dorothy to be the true fourth witch and asks her to join them, though the girl only wishes to go home to Kansas. Masquerading as the Wizard of Oz, Zelena sends Dorothy home with silver slippers and then reveals herself to Glinda before banishing her to the Enchanted Forest. After embracing herself as a wicked witch, Zelena's pendant gives off a glow and morphs into a green color. ("Kansas")

At some point after banishing Ginda, Zelena also manages to do the same to the Witch of the East and the Witch of the North to eliminate them as her competition as the most powerful witch in Oz. She later learns about another witch who lives in a Gingerbread House and kidnaps children to eat them. When Zelena shows up intending to finish her off, the witch launches a surprise counterattack by dropping a chandelier on her before magically tossing her out of the home. The greenish glow of Zelena's magic then suddenly appears to be siphoned back into her pendant as she stumbles away in pain, but eventually loses her strength and passes out in the woods. Later waking up in the cottage of a stranger, Zelena quickly notices her pendant is no longer around her neck. The man introduces himself to her as Ivo, and when she demands to know what he did with her necklace, he explains that when he found her in the woods, the clasp on it was broken so he mended it. As Ivo holds out the pendant to put it on her, Zelena realizes he is blind and cannot see her. She then leads his hands to the back of her neck, where Ivo sets the clasp. Zelena wears the pendant for the rest of her time spent in Ivo's cottage as she recovers from her injury, as well as when she leaves to try and rescue his children from the witch, and when Ivo dismisses her from his life. Ivo's son, Hansel, attempts to make her pay for what she put him and his sister Gretel through, but an enraged Zelena harnesses her magic to manipulate flames from the fireplace onto his wrists, scorching him. ("Breadcrumbs")

Before Second Curse

At some point, Zelena returns to the Enchanted Forest and takes Regina's castle as her own. Whisked back to their homeland since the first curse has been undone, Regina and many former Storybrooke inhabitants arrive to the Enchanted Forest. After discovering her castle has been claimed, Regina and Robin Hood break in order to bring down the fortress's outside barrier. Deciding her life has no meaning without Henry, Regina prepares to enact a sleeping curse on herself, but Zelena stops her. Garbed in black attire paired with her green pendant, Zelena confirms she is Regina's half-sister and threatens to take away everything from her. ("Witch Hunt")

Snow White, looking for a way to stop Zelena, whose goal is to steal her unborn child, she and her allies learn about Glinda's whereabouts from Rumplestiltskin. When Glinda proclaims someone possessing light magic, namely someone born from truest love can defeat Zelena, they realize only Emma can save them. As Snow White casts a second curse by sacrificing Prince Charming's heart, Zelena sabotages their plans with the addition of a forgetting potion to erase everyone's memories of the last year in the Enchanted Forest. While wearing her pendant, Zelena ingests a potion to retain her memories when the curse comes into effect. ("A Curious Thing")

During Second Curse

Brought to Storybrooke by the second curse, Zelena masquerades as a midwife, whose services are enlisted by a pregnant Mary Margaret. As like before, Zelena is never without her pendant, which is the source which helps to grow her powers. In a plan to change her own past, she needs to collect ingredients; a sword, heart, brain and baby to cast the spell. After nabbing David's sword, Zelena's cover is blown by Mr. Gold, who reveals her true identity to the townspeople. During a funeral wake for Neal's death, Zelena storms the diner, confronting Regina with the truth of their familial ties, and challenges her to a fight at sundown. Prepping for the battle, Zelena changes clothes for the occasion and reapplies her pendant. During the stand-off, she soundly defeats Regina by hurling her straight into the clock tower. However, when Zelena moves to rip out her sister's heart, Regina smugly admits she already took it out earlier. ("Witch Hunt", "Quiet Minds", "The Tower", "It's Not Easy Being Green")

After Second Curse
Shortly after Regina breaks the second curse, Zelena steals Mary Margaret's newborn son as the final ingredient for her time travel spell. In her farmhouse barn, she places each of the four ingredients on a drawn symbol and begins casting the spell just as David, Emma, Hook, Regina and Robin Hood enter to stop her. While Emma's light magic has always been a threat to Zelena, it is Regina's surge of light magic that defeats the sorceress. While Zelena is immobilized from this magical blast, Regina rips off her sister's pendant; rendering her completely powerless. Instead of allowing Mr. Gold to kill Zelena, Regina has her locked up at the sheriff station. Later, Regina heads into her vault and locks up the pendant for safekeeping. Mr. Gold, blaming Zelena for his son's death, uses the dagger to stab her. Her body freezes into a statue, which he smashes into pieces. Only after he leaves, the rubble dissolves into dust and vanishes. From the vault, the pendant airs out a greenish smoke, traveling to the barn, where it engulfs the time spell symbol. ("Kansas")

During Fifth Curse
Through unknown means, Zelena's Oz pendant ends up in the evidence room of Hyperion Heights 42nd Precinct Police Station. ("Chosen")


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