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3 16 Whilst walking along the yellow brick road, a woodcutter and his wife witness a cyclone and a small baby fall through from it. The woman wishes to raise the baby as her own, but her husband is frightened of the child after seeing the baby move a tree with just a wave of her hand. After much persistence, the wife manages to persuade her husband to take in the baby with them to Oz. Along the way there, the wife decides to name the child Zelena.
A gap in the timeline of a few years.
5 19 Zelena's mother passes away while her father raises her alone. One day, Zelena is visited by Cora who requires Zelena's help in curing her daughter. Cora takes Zelena to the Enchanted Forest, where she helps Regina, Cora's daughter and becomes friends. When Zelena finds out that she is Cora's first born and Regina's elder sister, Cora removes Zelena's memories of her time in the Enchanted Forest and sends her back to Oz.
6 18 While walking down a street, Zelena notices a fallen tree and a guy next to it. He shows her a nest with an injured egg. She saves it with her magic but is harassed by the bullies who injured the bird's egg. The guy, whose name is revealed to be Stanum, scares them away with his axe, leading to a bond between the girl and him.
Time passes as Zelena grows into a teenager.
3 16 Zelena is reduced to helping her father and shaving her father. During one shave, she accidentally cuts him and uses magic to produce a cloth. This angers the woodcutter who declares that she is wicked and that he only looked after her because Zelena's 'mother' wanted the girl. He then reveals that Zelena is actually adopted to which she responds by walking out on him and going to ask the Wizard of Oz for help. Arriving at the Wizard's palace, she explains her situation to the great Wizard. She discovers that her birth mother was Cora and that Zelena was originally from the Enchanted Forest. At Zelena's request to visit this world, the Wizard supplies her with silver slippers that allows the wearer to visit any location so Zelena could find out more about her birth family.

After meeting Rumplestiltskin, Zelena learns how to use her magic but also discovers that her younger sister, Regina is being taught magic and that she will cast a curse for Rumplestiltskin. Jealous, Zelena discovers that she isn't allowed to cast the curse so returns to Oz before Rumplestiltskin can get her silver slippers. Zelena goes to visit the Wizard so he could help her change the past. The Wizard refuses to help which only angers Zelena more. The young witch removes the Wizard's curtain and discovers that he is just a mortal named Walsh. She transforms him into an obedient flying monkey, before spying on Rumplestiltskin telling Regina that she is his greatest student. This causes Zelena to be jealous of her younger sister and her skin turns green with envy.

3 20 Shortly after, Glinda, the Witch of the South, recruits Zelena into a sisterhood of witches. Along with the Witch of the East and the Witch of the North, the trio believe Zelena is destined to join them because of a prophecy foretelling of a sorceress arriving by cyclone and becoming the Witch of the West. Zelena is still obsessed about changing her past, but with Glinda's encouragement, she decides her own future as a good witch is more important. After receiving a pendant to harness her powers, Zelena views the western area of Oz, which she will be responsible for watching over.

She and Glinda approach the wreckage from a cyclone to rescue a young girl named Dorothy. Fearing this child, who also arrived by cyclone, is the actual Witch of the West, Zelena researches the prophecy in the Book of Records, discovering that the sorceress will "unseat the greatest evil the realm has ever seen", which she believes is herself. Even with Glinda's advisement that her fears may be not true, Zelena plots to get rid of Dorothy by attacking the girl with fire. However, Dorothy counters her assailant with water, causing Zelena to physically melt away. Despite being seemingly dead, Zelena reemerges at the Wizard's Emerald City palace. Glinda offers Dorothy to join the sisterhood, but she declines since she only wants to go home. Assuming the Wizard's voice, Zelena sends Dorothy back to Kansas with the silver slippers, and then reveals herself to a shocked Glinda. Zelena reaffirms her goal of changing her own past, and to keep Glinda from finding another sorceress to fulfill the prophecy, she banishes the Witch of the South to the Enchanted Forest.

4 17 With the Wizard under her control and the Witches banished from Oz, Zelena takes dominion over the Emerald City and its guards. At some point, she acquires the elixir of the wounded heart.
Following Rumplestiltskin's orders, world traveler Jefferson goes to Oz to steal the slippers but they are no longer in Oz and he instead brings back a crystal ball(mentioned in "The Doctor")
5 16
6 18
4 17 One day, a thief known as Robin of Locksley travels to Oz to acquire a potion called the Elixir of the Wounded Heart. He meets a young man named Will Scarlet, who helps him break into the Wicked Witch's palace. Zelena catches Robin, who narrowly escapes with some of the elixir. However, rather than taking it with him, Robin chooses to give the elixir to Will.
7 17
6 20
There is a gap in the timeline here of a few months.
The Dark Curse is cast
Time is frozen for 28 years
There is a gap in the timeline here of 2 years.
5 18 Sometime later, Mulan and Ruby comes to Oz from Fairy Tale Land. During their search to find any remaining werewolves, the two stumble upon Toto, who begins barking at them. Dorothy then appears and claims that Toto only barks at witches, to which Ruby clarifies that she is a werewolf and the reason why Toto is barking at her. As Toto runs away, Dorothy, Ruby and Mulan chase after him. During this time, a cyclone hits Oz and brings back Zelena to this land, after she is banished by Regina from Storybrooke. Hoping to get back to her daughter in Storybrooke, Zelean kidnaps Toto and demands Dorothy return the silver slippers to her or else she'll never see her dog again. That night, the trio formulate a plan to regain Toto. While Mulan stays at camp, Dorothy and Ruby go to gather poppies for putting Zelena to sleep. Before they can head back, a Flying Monkey sent by Zelena attacks them, but Ruby transforms into a wolf and helps Dorothy escape to safety. Arriving back at the campsite, Dorothy pretends to go to bed, but instead leaves Mulan and Ruby to the palace of Oz to save Toto from Zelena. Meanwhile, Ruby admits to Mulan that she has feelings for Dorothy. Arriving at the palace, Dorothy sees Toto trapped in a cage. Zelena then inflicts her with the Sleeping Curse, putting her to sleep instantly. Sometime later, Zelena escapes from Oz and returns to Storybrooke using the slippers.

Later, Ruby uses a tracking spell and follows Zelena to the Underworld. Once there, she finds out that she can break the curse on Dorothy by giving her true love's kiss. Using the slippers, Ruby arrives back to Oz with Mary Margaret. Ruby kisses Dorothy and breaks the curse. After the two declare their love for each other, they passionately kiss as the munchkins, Mulan and Mary Margaret look on happily. After this, Mary Margaret uses the slippers to return to her son in Storybrooke.

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